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Mobius Roleplay - Frequently Asked Questions
Mobius Roleplay's Mission Statement

What is the purpose of Mobius RP?

      The purpose of Mobius Roleplay is to hang out and have fun playing stories inspired by and based on those of the characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Table of Contents

This document has a lot of information. This section lists the info it contains.

  1. General Q&A
  2. Character Creation Guide
  3. Sonic Canon in MRP


What type of roleplay is Mobius RP?
Mobius RP is an IRC game that takes place in #mobius on In general, it is turn-based in real time and written out in prose style. Multiple scenes can (and will) occur at once, so try not to get them or their turn orders confused or mixed up. Colors are used to distinguish characters from one another, but multiple characters will end up sharing the same colors. If you are having problems connecting, contact us through e-mail or AIM (if you have our contact info, anyway.)

How long do posts have to be and how long do I have to write them?
Since Mobius RP is played in real time, players are expected to enter their posts as soon as possible. However, don't let this pressure you into rushing yourself. Take as much time as you need, but try to be mindful to other players and not get distracted with unrelated affairs for long periods of time without notifying them first. The average length of a post is approximately three sentences, but can sometimes reach several paragraphs or more depending on the player. Feel free to make your posts as long as you want them to be, but be sure to keep it clean while entering them. If you are using a modern (7.0 or newer) mIRC, you can make them as long as you want. Otherwise, you'll want to upgrade your mIRC (if you use mIRC) or type your posts into a text file before entering them, lest they be cut (not fully paste into the channel). If they are cut, other users will notify you where it did by posting the place it cut at in the OOC channel, so that you may paste the rest of the post in.

Am I allowed to double post or break the turn order when roleplaying?
Generally, an order is maintained to keep the scene under control and prevent collisions between posts. Do not make edits or additions to your post at the last second without notifying the person whose turn it is next. Keep the turn order to the best of your ability. If you absolutely need to break it, make sure the other players involved are all notified and agree first.

Is grammar important here?
Yes. Please attempt to spell correctly where possible, and use some semblance of correct grammar. However, we will not shun you based on grammar alone, if you are at least trying to get it right.

When do you roleplay?
It depends on the schedule of the players. We have multiple players in multiple time zones. It's best to ask everyone when they're available to roleplay, then plan scenes ahead of time. Note that most players are in Pacific Standard Time or Eastern Standard Time, so if you're in a far away time zone from those, you will have difficulty finding people to roleplay with here.

How often do you roleplay?
Rarely, due to the increasing schedule issues of the players. However, we welcome anyone who wishes to help us roleplay more often.

Why is the room so quiet?
Generally, when there is not much going on, the room is entirely silent. Please do not spam to try to make it "not quiet"--this quiet is wanted. Only post if you have something relevant to actually say.

Where do you roleplay?
All roleplaying is done inside the #mobius IRC channel on

What is the #mobius_ooc channel used for?
#mobius_ooc is used for chatting while RP is going on in the main channel. Players are encouraged to remain inside both rooms during RP sessions.

How do I start up a scene?
First, you must pick a player to have a scene with. Then you have to ask if they're interested in one. Then you should ask when would be best to do the scene. After you and the player agree as to when to do it and what the post order is for the scene, then you wait for the appointed time, and check that the other player is there. Then you start the scene, posting in the order you agreed on.

I can't think of any ideas for a scene, what should I do?
Stop thinking. Pick somebody who's on when you are, and ask to do a scene with one of their characters and yours, regardless of how far-fetched it might seem for those two characters to encounter one another. Excessive thought on making a scene tends to lead to not having any at all; it's better to try for any scene, regardless of how odd it might turn out.

How do I get involved with the main story?
GM-led plots are open to all, but require that you are around relatively routinely, otherwise they can and will leave you behind--simply because if they waited for everyone, then nobody would actually get to do anything and the plots would never go anywhere.

I have an idea for a character plot, how do I get it started?
If it's your first time doing this, ask the GMs about it before doing it. Next, you have to legitimately get the plot started by having scenes with people. It is then up to you to keep it going--not the GMs. But above all, you need GM permission to do anything more major than what could be considered a 'minor life event' for your character.

Where does the majority of the roleplay take place?
There is no central point. Roleplay scenes occur wherever they happen to make the most sense. Or if there's no specific one needed, it can take place at any random unused zone as needed.

How is my character expected to travel all over the continent to meet other characters?
This is a roleplay. Characters can go wherever the plot or you need them to go, only limited by whether doing so would hamper some pre-existing plot or amount to metagaming (using out of character knowledge to do unfair things in-character.)

What is the policy on playing NPCs?
GMs play most NPCs. If you absolutely have to have your own for your character or plot, ask for permission first. Old NPCs that predate this update are not grandfathered in and will have to get approval as well. It can be tempting to bypass the bio submission process by just creating a bunch of wacky NPCs; this behavior is no longer tolerated.

Can I enter into a scene that is already happening?
Generally you can't. You can only do this with the explicit permission of the players involved AND you must have an approved bio. It is EXTREMELY rude to try and butt in otherwise, you either aren't allowed, aren't expected, or in general wind up throwing off the other player's RP. So, when in doubt, DO NOT ENTER A SCENE YOU ARE NOT ALREADY IN.

I want to play a Feature Character, but the storyline here is confusing. How do I adapt it to fit this RP's canon?
Mobius RP does have a unique canon established, as the RP was founded in 2002 and obviously a load of new Sonic games have been released since then. Because of this, we've had to adapt certain canons in different ways. If you want to know exactly which games we've adapted, and how they fit in with our canon, refer to this. Afterwards, it is advised that you talk to the GMs in order to establish exactly how the character you wish to play will fit in. It's a lot better off that we figure out everything first before you submit a bio and end up having to alter the entire backstory.

I'm currently playing a Feature Character that has appeared in the RP before, how do I handle his/her past roleplay history?
The FCs have had so many backstory resets that you shouldn't worry a lot about it. In the end, nobody is going to care if you skip a bunch of backstory that isn't even remembered anymore.

Looking back, I have a problem with (x issue) in my bio. Can I change it?
If you simply wish to rewrite what is already written, feel free. If you plan on making any additions or edits to what we've already approved, contact us to be sure. We will have to approve any major changes you wish to make to your character's bio. Whether this be a change in backstory, change in abilities, or whatever. The only exeption being your character's appearance. If you want to change minor details in there such as attire, you can feel free to edit that as you see fit.

Am I allowed to link fanart as a Feature Character's picture?
If you have permission, yes. If not, you can either attempt to get permission or find another image to put up. We don't really want any artists storming in our channel angry that our site has their art up without their consent. Also, please make sure it isn't racy. If you even think this might be an issue... don't link it.

I'm too occupied in real life to keep up with major roleplay events, am I still eligible to play here?
That depends. You have to be here at least once a month to keep in good standing, since as time passes, everything changes here. If you are continuously away, your characters will eventually be deleted, any privileges such as GMship will be revoked, and whatever plot you were doing in the game is likely to fade or be forgotten entirely. This isn't personal, but rather required to keep the game working--prior to the instatement of this policy, over 60 inactive characters and their plots made the game's lore so crowded and confusing that no new plots could occur, and multiple Feature Characters were rendered unplayable while we waited in vain for their players to return.

I have a problem with a roleplay situation or one of the players, what should I do?
PM the GMs. That's Violet, Metal_Man88, or BigFinale, to be specific.

I'm roleplaying in a fight scene and someone is powergaming, what should I do?
Pause or stop the scene entirely, then PM the GMs, as noted previously.

I dislike one of your rules and don't want to follow that rule.
Don't join the game if you don't like the rules.

Character Creation Guide

So you want to make a bio. Great! Bios, especially your first one, add to the roleplaying atmosphere of Mobius Roleplay. But first, you have to do a couple of things to make sure it'll fit. Think of it as paperwork. The first set of things you must do are mostly reading a few things.


A lot of people skip this step, but they wind up having to do it anyway. It's real simple. First thing, is your character a Feature Character or Original Character? Feature Characters are characters such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and comic characters like Kragok and Scourge. Original Characters are made up just by you, and have not existed in the Sonic world prior to you creating them. An Original Character can just skip the next two paragraphs; but for a Feature character, a number of considerations must be made. Also note, you can only have two Feature characters in your possession at one time, tops.

Feature Characters Only: First, who's the character? What canon do they come from? There's a number of 'canons' or, in layman's terms, 'media types' they come from. Number one on the list is SEGA games: if the character generally appears in a game or you're using their game background, then you're using this canon. Now here's the problem--games made after Sonic Heroes don't really apply to MobiusRP anymore, so you'll want to avoid mentioning them in your backstory. But if you have a newer character made AFTER Sonic Heroes, you'll need to get special GM permission to make them. Next up, we have the comics. There's a lot of comics, and I don't particularly remember them all, but here's the info: comic characters all have to be adapted to fit the RP because there is no Knothole and there is no alternate dimension stuff going on. So when you get the itching to write some magical character from the comicverse, just know that their powers aren't likely to survive the bio approval process intact.

Feature Characters Only: Next, and most important, is concerns about roleplaying. Have you been roleplaying a while? Do you have a semi-decent ability to separate characters from yourself? Do you understand the character you're apping enough to properly run them? In the past, many FCs were played up like they were just costumes for their player to wear. These FCs then contributed to a lot of weirdness which derailed an entire set of FCs, and wound up in their collective fates being reset so new players wouldn't have to learn an alternate history of Sonic just to play. Thus, if you have some idea where Tails becomes a hermit living under a bridge or Rouge suddenly becomes moralistic, you'll want to shelve that. While slight deviations can and will happen, if you can't properly roleplay the FC, it will be rejected.

Now, of course, your character will be in our world of Mobius, so you'll need to prepare by studying this world. While this isn't schoolwork, your bio WILL reflect how much you have looked at our vast array of data, so without adieu, here is the important stuff:

  • The Rules - While not directly useful for making a character, they'll help warn you against behaviors which will get you banned. Since you can't have a character if you're banned, this may be good to read if you feel like you're walking on eggshells, or have no clue why people are being annoyed by your behavior. Also notes how you shouldn't bug GMs to look at your bio.
  • Get on IRC - This may be the most important part of all. The IRC room is of infinite use to someone trying to app a bio. Many times we won't accept a bio unless we know you're on the IRC. So get on the IRC, if you wish to help ensure your bio being approved. Just note--sometimes it is in IC mode, and in that case, you should join both #mobius and #mobius_ooc .
  • Canon Info - Says which games are canon. Not 100% updated all the time, but basically, if it isn't in this list, and you want to include it in your backstory, you should ask about it.
  • The Map - Shows what zones are in the game. You'll be using these to help determine where things are. You CAN add new zones in your bio, but no more than 2, and only if they make sense.
  • The Story - Gives you a rough idea of the overall RP backstory. Note that these events are fairly old, and nothing that gets written in here is actually recent.

Now that you've either read all of that, skimmed it, or even just picked a couple to read, you're ready to go on to the next step. Just keep in mind that you may be going back to these documents while making your bio--there's all kinds of little issues to check when making any bio, after all. Also, please do this step in a text editor first--the bio system is not there for you to submit an unfinished bio to. It is meant for finished products only.

Writing the Bio

Should be a piece of cake, right? Well, it might be, or it might not. The first thing of note is that you have to write a certain length for certain sections to get in. This was implemented to stop spammers from spamming junk bios at us, but it also makes each bio have to have a certain amount of detail to it. There's some other filters as well, so don't try to get around them--bios which try that usually get deleted. Although occasionally, bios set off the filters by accident--please tell us if that happens. Now, I'll go into the bio writing process, step by step. Of course, for brevity's sake, I will only explain the complex segments to you--simple fields like 'hair' need no explanation.

Character's Name: Just plunk a name in here. Don't make it too long or wacky, though.

Type: FC or OC. Pick the one which makes sense. For example, Sonic is an FC, but *Insert your name* the whatever is an OC.

Height: Just a note; Mobians average 3'5", while humans average in the 5-6 foot range.

Alignment: Lots of fun choices here. This doesn't have to fit 100%, but it's basically a hint at your character's overall personality. I've included a list of descriptions so it makes more sense.

  • Chaotic Evil - A villain bent on causing evil to everybody they encounter, including other villains. They also dislike law and order, destroying that whenever they encounter it.
  • Chaotic Good - A revolutionary figure who fights for principles of good--regardless of what laws are in the way. The archnemesis of, say, evil lawyers. They also generally run afoul of royalty, at least the corrupt kind.
  • Chaotic Neutral - Unpredictable people who tend to go whichever way they feel is right, regardless of the consequences. Good, evil, it's all the same to them--they just do what they feel like. Bounty hunters, mercenaries, etc. tend to have alignments like this.
  • Lawful Evil - A vile being who chooses to play by the rules when being evil--two possibilities. Either they have their own moral code for their evil, or they subvert existing laws to excuse their evil. Vigilantes and corrupt policemen are good examples of these. This may be subjective--be sure to choose based on what YOU think is right, not how others will see the character.
  • Lawful Good - A good citizen who upholds the law, and fights for the spirit of it as well, at least the good ones. The true policeman of the bunch.
  • Lawful Neutral - Those who believe in the law foremost. Played mildly, it's a civilian or an honest policeman. Played a bit heavier, and you get paladin-like law-worshipers, who go as far as necessary to enforce their 'laws', even if those laws might contradict a little with the established ones.
  • Neutral Evil - An evil person who is not picky in their victims. Your traditional villain.
  • Neutral Good - A good person who does so regardless of law or chaos, and simply out of the good of their heart. Typical hero alignment.
  • Neutral Neutral - Switzerland. A self-concerned type of person who acts regardless of the morality, good or bad. They only care about their thoughts, yet are not evil, good, lawful, or chaotic. They just do their thing. Often are mercenaries.

Appearance: One of the more important bio fields. You need a minimum of 400 characters (that's 400 letters and numbers, not including spaces) to get into the system at all. What does this mean? Your character's physical makeup, the sound of their voice, how they move, and their common clothes/tools should be described here. A poorly described character cannot really be made sense of in the minds of other roleplayers, so, that's why this is so important. Also, having a picture does not excuse you from this field; it must be fully done. Shooting for the minimum will simply get your bio rejected. Similarly, saying 'Like Sonic' is not a description, and will not count towards your bio being approved.

Personality: Another big field. This requires 350 characters. Again, describe many things--different moods your character tends to be in, the behavior which flavors their actions, and how they make choices. Again, shooting for the minimum is not going to serve you well. Additionally, no one is 'mysterious' to the extent that these bios cannot tell something about their personality. Everyone has one, whether or not they want it. Even machines have quirks to them--or, alternatively, their lack of a normal personality is a personality unto itself. A final note--be careful with nasty or evil personalities. Your character WILL become hated for it, and you WILL wind up roleplaying the aftermath. You can and should write these if the character requires it, but just be prepared.

Backstory: This one is the mother lode, folks. The most important single field in the bio. While you can post only 200 characters and get it through, it won't last long under scrutiny if you do. The field is simple in execution--just write everything you know about your character's history in it. But wait, there's more to think about. First thing, if your character is one you used elsewhere, don't bring the old backstory in, as it won't fit. Adapt it to fit, yes, but don't copy paste it in and expect it to work. Next, your backstory has to respect the canon of this place. Look up and read all the canon and story information again if you're not sure--it'll help a massive amount.

Backstory, Cont: Once you have that in mind, then remember there's also some canon-specific issues not mentioned anywhere else, which will be noted here. First, don't apply any more GUN experiments--there aren't any left. In the game, all the ones which were ever made have already been found, and GUN isn't making any more. On the other hand, the less moral factions out there might work for it. Another thing to avoid is randomly killing off your character's parents: if they have no real parents, how do they learn anything? How can they act normal when they have such a gruesome event on their conscience? They can't, most of the time, and assuming your character can just ignore that will just annoy the other players.

Backstory, Cont: Some other considerations go in here. Your character's backstory can't be an all-positive narrative which screams "I AM THE BEST EVER AND WILL PWNZ JOO" because, well, it's obvious. Nobody's number one in MobiusRP's world, at least, not everywhere. Another thing to avoid is linking your character to other characters or organizations without permission first--saying your character was Sonic's best friend without making some reason they haven't appeared until now is doubly bad. For your character cannot drastically change the world of MobiusRP just by appearing--the technology and knowledge they have must be justified, and if it is brand new, there must be a reason it was never seen until now.

Backstory, Cont: This is getting a bit long, but, here's the rest of the considerations. As much as you may think it is cool, having a character that learns from an old master like Karate Kid is so overdone that doing it will actually go a long ways towards making the other fighting characters think your character can't fight. In the world of MobiusRP, there have been too many of these, and adding any more will just work to your character's detriment, UNLESS you have some new and original twist which is not boring or predictable. Another big thing to avoid is creating huge new factions or villains just around your character--unless you have GM permission, you simply aren't allowed to do that. Finally, if you work in old events, you'll want a character who's kinda old, as those events happened a while ago.

Residence: A nice little field to put where your character lives. Only use it if they have a residence, otherwise leave it empty.

Abilities: This one gets a bit tricky. First thing, there's a number of abilities your character can't have: chaos control, magical powers, time travel, teleportation, mind control which automatically works even if the target is resistant, and anything else too close to those. The next part is that your character's abilities don't all have to be fighting, and can include modest things like cooking. Finally, having a zillion abilities is against the rules and unfair--while Sir Swiss Army Knife may be able to unlock all doors, draw a sketch of someone he saw for one fourth of a second, and shoot someone while stabbing them and doing a Judo move, no one else will be interested in being remotely near such a show-off. Oh, and if your bio has more ability info than everything else... you may want to stop writing the bio immediately, as that's generally a very bad omen and indicates you should talk your entire concept over with the GMs first.

Strengths/Weaknesses: These are for little one-liner things about your character. If you feel they would be good to add, do so, but you don't have to. Also, this field should not just duplicate the ability field--we don't need to see the exact same thing twice. This field can sometimes help in showing when you have too many negatives or too many positives on a character bio.

Custom Fields: We miss something you have to add? Put it in these. Note that duplicating pre-existing fields in these is redundant... naturally. Also, having a 'Super Form' field is frowned upon, as odds are your character will NEVER touch more than one Chaos Emerald, let alone all of them.

Comments: Anything else we need to know, like, how you got the bio, the history of the character's use outside MRP, art permissions, etc.

Checking Before Submitting

So you have a bio. But that's not the end of the process! Yes, before you send in the bio, there are some more concerns to address. First one is PURPOSE. What is your character's meaning for existence? What is their overall goal? What kind of scenes will they get? If you can't fill this out in your head, then you're not going to be able to find many scenes after being approved, and all this work will be in vain.

Then you should think of WRITING QUALITY. We want bios which are easy to read, so please make your text in paragraphs instead of giant blocks. Also, constant misspelling in your bio or later on in your roleplaying will get you in trouble--this place is supposed to be literate to an extent. It's hard to get into a story where no one capitalizes words and all the punctuation is randomly thrown out the window.

When you have that in mind, another thing comes to mind--ENTERTAINMENT. You can have the nicest looking bio in the bunch, but if your character bores you, it doesn't matter. Make sure to throw in some traits which may help you get scenes, or make it interesting for others to see your character. After all, the name of the game is to have fun.

Finally, when you've got the lesser concerns done, you might want to make sure your character is MEMORABLE, as many characters come and go, but a truly well-done character will often burn its presence into history rather than become a featureless part of it.

Changing the Bio and GM Feedback

Once it's submitted, the GMs will check it over. If it's cool enough to approve instantly, they'll do that. But in most cases, it'll need some changes. The GMs will make comments, and you'll be told to change certain aspects which clash with the above rules and other issues which may come up. In this situation, you may change the things mentioned, or wait for other GMs to check it and go with what they say instead. You need 3 positive votes if it's an FC, and 2 if it's an OC, so remember not to alienate all the GMs--especially since only 3 of them are likely to be active at one time. And don't bug them to look at the bio--otherwise your bio's voting will just be put off entirely.

Finally, be timely in updating your bio once they comment, as otherwise it may be marked as inactive and deleted; your bio's supposed to be more or less finished when you upload it, so, keep this in mind. Then, with enough luck and skill, you will eventually get an approved bio. You may have some difficulty at first, but keep at it--eventually if you keep trying and learning from your mistakes, you'll get one through.

Some Additional Considerations

Even after apping a bio, or before apping another one, there's some things you should know about. First, apping one bio after another with the intent to create a huge forest of characters for you to play will just bog you down and prevent you from developing any of the characters individually. Another thing to consider is NPCs and inter-character relations. The rule of thumb is no NPC should be used in a way that would make them readily confused with a player character. This includes consistently getting scenes for this character and only this character (the person they're linked to being nowhere to be found), having them repeatedly pop up in every single scene with the original character (such that they may even overshadow the character they're supposed to be in the shadow of) and otherwise treating them as an exclusive character.

Inter-character relations is another biggie. Simply put, you cannot app two characters which clash with one another. By clash, I mean that they would be indispensible to eachother's backstory, like Sonic and Tails (as friends), or Sonic and Eggman (as enemies). Whether they be an OC or an FC, if they clash, you can't have both of them; only one or the other.

Another problem I see commonly is some nifty ideas people add to their bio without realizing the real consequences of those ideas. For example, many people may think at one time or another that having a split personality is great. They then proceed to play both personalities for their good sides, and ignore their character's bad sides. So, instead of playing a truly split mind, they are simply playing a double-sided Mary Sue. This wears on most people and gets the person's character branded as some sort of weirdo; thus, the player usually drops one of the personalities, or makes one of them into another character.

Having seen so many of them wind up like this, however, I suggest the would-be bio maker only include a split personality if they are prepared to have it switch entirely at random (perhaps a coinflip before each scene) and have negative traits as well as positive ones to each side. While this idea can be pulled off, it is rare that anyone WANTS to use it once they've found out the truth.

Another favorite of the bio makers I've seen is to make their character isolated from the main canon and live in some sort of niche or group/culture which has, until their first appearance, been mysterious to everyone else. This idea, done well, can be very cool, but comes with a number of issues. First, the new world niche must be sufficiently hidden, and two, it shouldn't drastically unbalance the current world order. Thirdly, it must be approved by the GMs. Finally, you should know this sort of backstory has a way of isolating your character from others due to a lack of a common culture, so you should be ready to address this.

The last thing I'll mention is just some ideas which should be obviously problematic, but you might not think are problems due to being in the moment and thinking creatively and such. The first is time travelers: while you might be able to justify them, or claim they came from another time, the breaking up of time by their existence basically unravels the plot. Only time traveling explicitly planned and executed by the GMs is allowed.

Another issue is sophisticated robot characters and supertech. This world's tech is only light scifi--you can obtain laser guns and genetic modification does happen, but nanite-based machines beyond mindless drones are impossible, intergalactic space ships don't exist, and full on cyborgs are rare and experimental. Roboticization has been outlawed by all the powers that be after a scientist named Dongle used it for evil, and mind-control tech followed it into the garbage bin after a group named Klein Toys almost took over the world with it.


Above all, stay calm, and be ready to rewrite and edit your bio constantly. Even when you've got an apped bio, you can update it, and as time goes on, your old character may need to adjust to current times. Don't worry--if you need to change something major, just ask the GMs. Alternatively, if the GMs find you need to change something later, they'll tell you first. And remember: not all characters are useful forever. If you find yourself done with a character or, heaven forbid, MobiusRP itself, and you've used the character a good deal, try setting it to Inactive rather than deleting it outright--you'll find it much easier to pick the character back up, should you change your mind.

So, with that in mind, good luck on creating your character.

Sonic Canon in MRP

Sonic the Hedgehog - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episodes 1 and 2 - Not Canon, although for some strange reason our backstory of Nanite Metal Sonic agrees with their backstory in Episode Metal.

Sonic CD - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Knuckles Chaotix - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic R - Canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic the Fighters - Partially canon to Mobius RP.
Information can be found in Nanite Metal Sonic's bio.

Sonic Adventure - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic Shuffle - Not Canon to Mobius RP.
Void has been adapted to fit the RP once before the FC reset.
Lumina could be adapted to fit the RP.

Sonic Advance - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic Advance 2 - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic Advance 3 - Fully canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic Heroes - Almost completely canon to MRP.
(The exception being Shadow never lost his memory here)

Sonic Battle - Fully canon to Mobius RP. Emerl is not allowed to be apped due to his incredibly overpowered abilities.

Shadow the Hedgehog - Entirely NOT canon to Mobius RP.
Black Doom, Shadow's alien past, etc. will most likely NEVER be adapted here; do not ask.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - Entirely NOT canon to Mobius RP.
We adapted some things from this game to the RP, but their players are pretty much inactive. Blaze could be re-apped, but not Silver; additionally, Soleanna exists, but it has no real ties to the 06 one except that it looks the same.
Elise, Mephiles, Iblis, Solaris, etc. will most likely NEVER be adapted here; do not ask.

Sonic & The Secret Rings - Not Canon to the RP.

Sonic & The Black Knight - Not Canon to the RP.

Sonic Riders - Not Canon to Mobius RP.
The Babylon Rogues have been adapted before but never found much usage here.

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity - Not Canon to Mobius RP.
(See Sonic Riders for the adaption of the Babylon Rogues)

Gravity Control and the Arcs of the Cosmos will most likely not be adapted to the RP.

Sonic Rush - Not Canon to Mobius RP. Blaze was adapted and could be apped again; Eggman Nega is not adapted and won't be.

Sonic Rush Adventure - Not Canon to Mobius RP. Marine could be apped, but only if for some reason more important FCs have all been taken first.
Captain Whiskers has not yet been adapted to fit the RP.

Sonic Rivals - Not Canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic Rivals 2 - Not Canon to Mobius RP.

Sonic Chronicles - Not Canon to Mobius RP.
Shade, etc. have not been adapted to the RP.

Sonic Unleashed - Not Canon to Mobius RP. Pieces of it could be adapted but given the game's heavy real world influences and its own unique world map, it will never fully make it here.

Sonic Colors - May be used in a plot in the future. Currently not Canon as none of the events of it have happened yet, if they do happen at all.

Sonic Generations - Not Canon, however a similar plot idea has been done, only using MRP's past instead of the normal Sonicverse's past.

Sonic Boom, Sonic Lost Worlds, And Generally Anything Later- Don't even bother asking. The current shift of the sonic universe has been away from what this RP tends to do, and therefore is unlikely to ever be adapted. This will be updated should a game that we are interested in trying to adapt gets released--but don't hold your breath.

Comic and Other Adaptions:
The Archie comics, SatAM, Sonic X, Sonic Underground, etc. are generally not canon, but we do make adaptions.
(Don't ask about adapting Chris; won't happen)

Given all the lawsuits and other stuff about things in said comics, we are unlikely to be accepting much from the comics anymore. The information below gives an idea of what we accepted in the past, but generally, given how the comics have been bleached clean of most of their actual story, it's best to stick to the handful of marquee characters and not bother trying to app anything too exotic from the comics.

The Dark Legion were adapted to the RP, but found to not fit. They are not going to return.
Mammoth Mogul is in the same boat as the Dark Legion.
Sally Acorn has been adapted to fit the RP.
Bunnie Rabbothas been adapted to fit the RP.
Antoine D`Coolette has been adapted to fit the RP.
Scourge was adapted once but has ultimately been banished from being apped ever again.
Fang the Sniper has been adapted to fit the RP.
Snively has been adapted to fit the RP.
Honey the Cat has been adapted to fit the RP.
Tails Doll has been adapted to fit the RP.
Mina Mongoose and Barby the Koala have been adapted.
Bean the Dynamite has been adapted.
Manic and Sonia from Sonic Underground have been adapted to fit the RP.

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