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General History

Originally, it was all about Sonic and his friends. Over the course of many battles, they defeated the evil Dr. Eggman time and time again. But if that was all that happened, there wouldn't be a story for you to read here, would there? Things started to change when Sonic fought against Dr. Robotnik to try and prevent him from taking over the world with the ARK...

GUN vs. Eggman

An organization named GUN (Guardian Units of the Nation) began to interfere, and not in a good way. These militant humans, led by their President and advised by General Thane, had been plotting something sinister for 50 years. Eggman and Sonic's friends were in the way, so they resolved to remove both from the picture. Over the course of many battles (including an instance where the ARK and Gerald Robotnik's old program nearly destroyed Mobius) Sonic and Shadow eventually gained the trust of the President--but not Thane. It became more peaceful after that, but Thane refused to let go...

Thane's leadup

A series of events took down GUN not too long after this. General Thane engineered the rebellion of GUN's numerous robots and caused a worldwide catastrophe. Sonic and his friends fought to restore order, but when it was all over, GUN was weak and the President was gone. In this atmosphere, Thane manipulated GUN from behind the scenes to create evil projects and new cybernetic weaponry. At least, until even Thane himself vanished in a mysterious incident involving the very robots he had sabotoged.

Rebuilding of Casinopolis

With most of GUN's cities in ruins, the people of GUN had to make tough decisions. One of them, Anthon Tark, worked to rebuild his city. Other elements of GUN did not like this, and so it became rather common for him and his city to be under attack by various mercenaries. Fueled by grudges that past GUN had helped create, Sonic and his friends also fought against Anthon. Eventually, though, the conflicts subsided and most of GUN's cities (Casinopolis included) rebuilt.

Thane's plot

General Thane wasn't dead, however. He returned and revealed that GUN's passivity was all his doing. It was a cover for his insane conspiracy to rule all of outer space. He attacked with flying cities, cyborgs, and even an appearance of an alternate-universe Eggman named "Altbotnik." In the end, he was unable to comprehend that anyone would sacrifice themselves to defeat him, and was defeated by a group of various heroes.

Other Mobius

All this while, Dr. Eggman had a new plot of his own. He would suck everyone into a virtual world and rule that world instead. Several were warped in from across Mobius, and confused by his virtual reality. But Sonic and Tails stepped in, and the world came crashing down around Eggman. Everyone was warped back as Eggman's dream world faded from existence as quickly as it had appeared.

Downundan Intrigues

With General Thane dead, and Eggman recovering from his last plot, most of Mobius was a peaceful place. But a new threat was on the horizon: Mysterious agents from Downunda were attacking. Anthon Tark and some other concerned people went to Downunda, where they found a conspiracy to cause instability and destroy Downunda's monarchy were in play. The group stopped the conspiracy and, in the process, stopped the agent attacks on the main continent.

A New World War?

But the chaos has only just begun. Eggman has taken over Capital City and renamed it "Robotnik City", while mystery militants have conquered Starlight City. A battle is waged by Sonic and the heroes for the fate of Mobius... as some question whether GUN should even exist. Who knows what lies in store for the heroes and villains of Mobius?

The Birth of the UMN

Station Square has been mired in reports of cyborg demonstrations and entire neighborhoods disappearing. And with Soleanna quickly becoming isolationist and its leaders violently paranoid, things do not look good for Mobius even if one doesn't count Robotnik City and the Starlight City takeover! The Remnants of GUN launched an assault on Robotnik City, but were decisively repelled as the GUN Legion reemerged as the city's defenders. At the same time, Robotnik launched an invasion of Angel Island and managed to pry most of the Master Emerald from the grasp of Knuckles and a group of allies sent to assist him. The Prime Minister of Casinopolis, Violet, then proposed a radical idea to the battered and bruised GUN and Downundans: The creation of the United Mobian Nations. International law would soon become a reality as the three powers came together to reject isolationism and nationalism. The largest war in Mobian history is about to begin, but what will set the powder keg off...?

The ongoing Mobian War

Having been under siege by the cyborg Rebels who had been cast out of Downunda earlier and took over Starlight City, Soleanna was finally liberated by a combined force of UMN troops and a local politician named Brian. The previous government was thrown out, and their defenders banished as a new government was formed. The revived Soleanna then joined the UMN. Shortly afterward, with the help of captured ships taken from the siege of Soleanna, the blockade erected around the waters of Casinopolis fell to their security forces and agents. Now with the Starlight Rebels on the run, an ongoing spy operation is being conducted against the occupied Starlight City for its eventual liberation. Meanwhile, a being named Scyll plots to challenge Casinopolis and the UMN using his vast stores of wealth, power, and experience...

An unexpected arrival

Following strange dimensional readings detected by a scientist's equipment, two armored mobians appeared on the outskirts of the occupied Capital City. One disappeared within the city and is said to have caused quite a stir in the GUN Legion's regime...

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