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Nanite Metal Sonic (Destroyed)
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Nanite Metal Sonic (Destroyed)

Robot / Nanite Collective
Blue and White armoring, along with some Silver, Black, Red and Yellow
Digital Red
Chaotic Evil
Sonic Heroes - Metal Sonic, The Ultimate Overlord

==NOTE== This bio is for reference only, as this character self-destructed and split into two halves; one is Scyll, the other the 'normal' Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic is a machine of many faces; over time he has changed dramatically. Despite originating from a primitive design based on a bunch of steel plates and a spinning saw, he has managed to morph into the fearsome deathmachine seen today.

His exact weight and height is unknown; although it is very obvious that his current form is somewhat tall and imposing. It is probably in the neighborhood of 4'5, and weighs over a whopping 275 pounds.

The first thing one would notice when looking at Metal Sonic would be the distinctive angled appearance. Almost every part of him, even his somewhat rounded shoulderpads, ends in a point. Besides that, the majority of his body is colored cobalt blue, just like Sonic's. He also has a passing resemblance to Shadow, if he wasn't so colorful.

His mouth, and in fact his entire mouth area, is merely a silver color, and rounded off. Not even a trace of an actual mouth can be seen. Two large and sharp looking spikes jut out of the edges of his mouth area. His arms and legs, pipe-like and skinny, have almost the exact same dull metallic finish on them.

His feet have reddish shoes and his ankles are blue, but that's where their similarity to Sonic's ends. His shoes are big and bulky, probably equipped to handle high speeds. The tips bend up, almost like elf shoes, except instead of a curve it's more like a spike. His ankles are boxy and bulky, made to support the rest of his heavy body with ease. They also contain many boosters, used to speed up whenever someone like Sonic has the upper hand.

His hands and wrists are equally dissimilar; he has large blue cones over his wrists, which give him the appearance of having sleeves. His hands are bulky and black, yet simple in appearance.

The middle of his body is one of the oddest parts to boot; right in the center is a jet-engine shaped intake which allows Metal Sonic to reach high speeds. The middle of the indentation is painted a bright yellow, which has white trim on the edges. He appears to be wearing a black belt studded with bolts, however it is a part of his body. Hanging from that belt are angular, almost dagger shaped plates that are colored cobolt blue; they look almost like some sort of skirt. And jutting out of his shoulders are two curved and black shoulderpads, which seem to be more stylish than functional.

Atop this mountain of mechanical mayhem is the head, with its fierce, glowing red eyes. The "Whites of his eyes" are actually black, and his eyes themselves are almost like a massive clock, capable of displaying many different expressions. His black eyes are rimmed by yet more white. His ears almost look real; save for their angular nature, they are closely modeled after Sonic's, looking like triangles with sort of tan insides and blue outsides. In fact, the entire top of his head is blue, in the same sort of pattern as Sonic's. At the back of his head are many spiked quils, which stick upright and have white trim atop them.
Despite being a machine, Metal Sonic exhibits a clearly distinguishable personality. He is relentlessly goal oriented. When he wants something, he will fight until it is his or until he cannot possibly do anything more to get it. His voice is cold and metallic, his aims ruthless. He wants nothing more than to show his superiority to everyone.

Another notable feature is his endless arrogance. Not only does he want to show he is the best, but he also wishes to rule the world, as seen when he said "I am the master of all living beings!". In pursuit of proving himself, he will stop at nothing. No one who gets in his way will be spared from his wrath. Especially those who seem to always try to stop him.

At the very top of Metal Sonic's hatred is Sonic. He was created to destroy this meddling hedgehog, and to date, has never succeeded. Even though he no longer serves Eggman, just the thought of Sonic existing can drive Metal Sonic into a rage. It is illogical and impossible! No mere being of flesh can defeat the Metal Overlord! As a result, Metal Sonic is almost always on the march to destroy Sonic.

But Sonic is only one of many people who have provoked the wrath of Metal Sonic. Eggman, despite having created him, draws almost the same ire as the hedgehog. Why? To Eggman, Metal Sonic was nothing more than a tool. He rebuilt Metal Sonic over and over again because he thought he could be controlled, and never realized the sort of sentience he had created until it was too late. The vengeful Metal Sonic repeatedly betrayed his creator, citing the incompetance and foolishness which often followed Eggman as the reason. To this day, Metal Sonic has not returned to his master's control and probably never will.

Besides Eggman and Sonic, Metal Sonic hates just about everyone who stands for good, but refuses to stick to their goals. Recent events have made him realize both good and evil are wrong; he now hates them equally. Desperate to make sense out of his twisted existence, he will reach out only for the truth.

With this comes a mind made for treachery. When he isn't outright attacking those who get in his way, Metal Sonic is deceiving others. Aided by his shape-shifting abilities, Metal Sonic will stop at nothing when it comes to trickery. Despite his evil ways, he is likely to betray other evil doers, if it serves his purposes. He has no alliances to anyone but himself, and refuses to accept most help. He does, however, make a few true alliances in times of need.

This extends into his fighting style. He often attacks alone, at any time or place, for almost any reason. His style usually consists of a relentless advance, rarely repelled by bullet fire. For what he can't dodge does not damage him normally. Unless he distinctly wants to take out a target, though, he doesn't focus on any one enemy. But when he does get angry... he will throw everything he has at his enemy and then some. Anything convenient for combat purposes will be immediately used that way, not restricted to objects designed for it. Often times he will use people's own attacks against them; always devious, he doesn't let any weaknesses go unpunished. And even when in the face of superior opposition, he does not let down his pride. He will almost always fire a parting shot.

In summation, Metal Sonic is a confused machine who lashes out at the world in an attempt to find the answer to his problems. Anyone who gets in his way is in great danger--and those who try to stop him even more so. He takes orders from no one and is prone to having deep grudges about those few people who are actually connected to him. He'd rather be above them all.

Recent events have fractured his consiousness, and he is unsure as to the effectiveness of his personality. Choosing to explore both sides of the coin, he now has replaced his more vicious qualities with patience. Given the right foe, however, it is likely all his maleovence will spring to life.
This monster of a machine was created by Dr. Eggman himself. The true date of his creation, like many other facts, are shrouded in mystery. No one can quite understand why Metal Sonic acts how he does today. But we can glean some information from his past, in which he evolved into the treacherous weapon he is today.

Before Sonic CD

Before Metal Sonic, there was Silver Sonic. He, along with the Death Egg, were constructed shortly after Eggman's first defeat. Both were mere prototypes, unlike the fierce mecha Eggman employed later on. Constructed rather cheaply out of steel and some circuit boards, this Silver Sonic had almost nothing in common with his rival. He was huge, unpainted, and bulky. Even with rocket shoes, his movements were jerky and predictable. Not even the threatening chainsaw-like apparatus he had instead of quils was enough to keep Sonic from smashing him into tiny bits. Almost as quickly, the Death Egg was destroyed, and Eggman had to rebuild everything.

Sonic CD

In the aftermath of that destruction, Eggman began anew. Attempting to replicate his rival's features in steel as opposed to reinventing the hedgehog, he was far more successful. After many months of hard work, his new creation was complete: Metal Sonic. And just in time for his latest scheme too.

Every four years, a small planet named "Little Planet" passes next to Mobius, right near Never Lake. And Eggman, feeling that his conquest of Mobius had been too difficult, decided to settle for a smaller planet instead. Using the Time Stones, he went back in time and placed various machines which would, over time, turn all of the planet's inhabitants into machines. To ensure they obeyed, various hologram projectors of Metal Sonic were placed to intimidate the inhabitants out of resisting.

Metal Sonic was a key component in that plan: in the present, he was to capture Sonic and keep him out of the way. So, he immediately flew onto Little Planet and encountered Sonic in Collision Chaos zone. There, he also saw Amy Rose, who had come following advice from some sort of tarot cards. Wanting to draw Sonic immediately into chasing him, he took Amy and flew off.

Sonic, naturally, chased the machine. Along the way, he went back in time and undid Eggman's evil deeds. For when Eggman opened up a way into the past, he unknowingly made it possible for Sonic to undo everything he did. Metal Sonic, of course, did not care; he merely wanted the defeat of Sonic. After a little while, Sonic reached Stardust Speedway zone's end; a race track had been set up, and Metal Sonic was waiting. Eggman close behind, with a deadly laser to destroy anyone who fell too far behind.

Sonic, always eager for races, decided to race his metallic doppelganger. However, the race was a tricky one; spikes had been set everywhere. Metal Sonic was able to just float over them and even through them, giving him an unfair advantage. Furthermore, Metal Sonic posessed a speed boost which allowed him to make Sonic's attempt to win even harder. However, Sonic outsmarted the robot by taking various shortcuts, and ultimately won. Eggman, in his incompetance, had not made a failsafe; when Metal Sonic lost, he was blasted off the course by Eggman's deathray. Sonic, unmoved, continued on his merry way and stopped the evil genius once again.

Before Knuckles Chaotix

The finale of the race had disastrous consequences for Metal Sonic. He had been blasted down quite a ways, and was trapped in the future. Thanks to Sonic's work, though, that future was no longer ruled by Eggman. Trapped in a place where he was too weak to do much and far away from any help, it would seem as if he was done with. By some strange luck, though, he found a portal into the Special Zone. He limped his way inside.

And once inside, he was greatly pleased to realize that this was the place where many items of power rested. He could immensely strengthen himself here. But before he could do anything, he passed out. The damage from the fall had been too much, so much that it mangled his very form. But once again... he was not dead. He woke up a while later, feeling... different. Not only was he alive, he was good as new. He had gained new power... but what, he was unsure. Somehow, his greatest wish to be stronger had come true. Not wanting to test the limits of existance in the Special Zone, he quickly exited via another convenient portal.

Knuckles Chaotix

He reappeared near one of Eggman's old bases. With his newly empowered body, he took over and began building an army of his own. He threw off all ties to Eggman and even imprisoned his former master. He demanded power and wanted Sonic to be defeated at last. But he had a problem: while his plans evaded detection by Sonic, they were almost immediately discovered by the Chaotix, a meddling group of detectives. They and Knuckles invaded the land he had taken for himself and destroyed their way to Metal Sonic with pinball-like speed.

Angry and vengeful as usual, Metal Sonic took on the Chaotix, sitting on a throne he had fashioned for himself. From there, he used some sort of slot machine to activate various traps, ranging from a deadly saw to some mundane spikes. Unfortunately, the machine was unfinished. And, since it had been built with parts left over from Eggman's rule, it had some of the same incompetant flaws in it. So when the machine triggered an unfinished trap, all it did was explode. And with this, even the super-powered Metal Sonic was defeated. But this time, he wasn't going to just crawl away.

Instead, he accessed his new power. For the first time, he realized what he had gained. No longer a mere robot, Metal Sonic could change his shape! And change he did. Into one of the tallest, most imposing machines ever seen. All thanks to the fact that his body was now made out of millions of tiny nanites, all of which obeyed his command.

He soon grew to the height of a building. With his increased power, he attempted to destroy the Chaotix again. Relentlessly, he tried to crush them into powder. It had to work! He had used so much energy to become this way. But in spite of his will, his body was unable to take the beating the Chaotix gave him.

Destroyed, he fell into his normal form. However, the nanites stopped responding, and he lost all of his new powers. Almost everything was broken. Eggman eventually broke out and fixed him up, though. It is debatable as to why Eggman wanted to rebuild such a violent and treacherous machine.

Sonic Drift 2

He returned to consiousness just in time for the second racing tournament which conveniently involved chaos emeralds. While most of his previous intentions had been glossed over or modified by Eggman, he remained somewhat sentient, managing to be a difficult competitor. However, besides being able to beat Eggman in races, his ability to act for himself was very limited. Anything he did would help Eggman, and thusly he was unable to resume his previous plans. Cautious as to avoid any reawakening of Metal Sonic's personality, Eggman deactivated him at the end of the races.

Sonic the Fighters

Once again, Eggman reactivated Metal Sonic. However, he added a whole lot of extra stuff to him. He did the same to the Death Egg, which he called the 'Death Egg II' and once again threatened the world. To ensure this upgraded model would not betray him, he kept him strictly in and around this new Death Egg, despite the fact that this new Metal Sonic version had the ability to morph into a rocket and fly in outer space. When Sonic broke into the Death Egg II, this improved model went to work. Tougher than he had been since the last fight with Sonic, he could have almost won. However, his distinct lack of ability to react when Sonic dodged his attacks did him in. This was, unfortunately, almost exactly like the Silver Sonic fiasco. Metal Sonic escaped, but the Death Egg II was destroyed as fast as it had appeared. It was almost as if it had never existed. Meanwhile, Eggman deactivated Metal Sonic yet again, frustrated with yet another failure.

Before Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Tantalized by how close Metal Sonic had come to defeating Sonic, Eggman decided to give his creation another chance. He went to work, restoring as much of the old Metal Sonic as possible, then adding on new armor, real quils, laser blasters, and all sorts of new features. As before, he kept this Metal Sonic aboard the under construction Death Egg. This one, unlike the relatively small and weird one from the fighting tournament days, was the real deal, and wouldn't be destroyed so easily. His newly rennovated machine ready for service, Eggman went on to continue his plans, unaware of the return of Metal Sonic's desires for conquest.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Eggman's plans, as usual, were faulty at best. Sonic and Tails infiltrated his base on Angel Island. Despite help from Knuckles, Eggman was unable to prevent them from infiltrating the as-of-yet unfinished Death Egg's launch site. Afraid for his own life and his plans, Eggman started to launch his space station immediately. But it was all in vain. Sonic and Tails blasted it out of the sky.

After the Death Egg's crash-landing in the Floating Island Volcano, Eggman only had one way to get the large floating base back up: the Master Emerald. He decided that rebuilding would take too much time, so he activated Metal Sonic, who followed him.. for a good ten minutes, if not less. Metal Sonic quickly understood that he no longer had his shape-shifting power, so he decided against instantly trying to challenge Eggman. Right away, the two went to steal the Master Emerald, and once they did, both Sonic and Knuckles ran after them to get it back. Metal Sonic.. disappeared for a while.

When he was seen again, it was to block Sonic and Knuckles' path. Metal Sonic didn't care about Robotnik, who had just been defeated and was getting ready to retreat. He claimed the Master Emerald for himself and fought the two.. and lost. Enraged, Metal Sonic did the only thing he could possibly think of doing.

Using a technology that Eggman had just installed into him, Metal Sonic, thanks to the stolen Master Emerald, was able to access his Super Form; He fought Knuckles, who also had the ability to use the Master Emerald to access his Super Form. The battle was difficult, and even thought Metal Sonic was stronger and more skilled than the Echidna, he still lost and was utterly destroyed; his basic chips, however, survived and were retrieved by Eggman when he took back the Emerald.

Sonic Adventure

The remains of Metal Sonic were quickly recovered. Eggman, wanting to some day revive his master creation, rebuilt Metal Sonic as his original form. It was more of a display model, though; he kept it deactivated in a tube on his base, Final Egg. Many people managed to get a peek at it while they were wandering through the base, but none of them knew what purpose it served.

Before Sonic Heroes

A while passed; Metal Sonic remained in suspended animation, without anything to activate him. He slept through all of the events relating the ARK. But after that, Eggman came back. It seemed that his experience with his grandfather and Shadow had given him ideas. New, terrible ones. So, he went to work and rebuilt Metal Sonic completely. Then he went to activate this new piece of art.

The minute he released this Metal Sonic, he regretted it. Before he could do anything, he was punched out by Metal Sonic. Just a few minutes later, Metal Sonic had firmly incarcerated his creator inside his own flagship, and took control of every robot remaining to Eggman's name. But this was not enough... he had to get revenge!

His power weakened by Eggman's inferior work, he quickly found a portal to the special zone. Once there, he repeated the process that he had encountered in his earlier defeat. When he woke up, he was whole again. With this, he felt unstoppable. Unfortunately, when he left, it appeared that he had broken something in the process; the portal stopped responding the minute he left it. But it was nothing to him. He quickly used his regained shape-shifting powers to set his plans in motion.

Metal Sonic copied Dr. Eggman's appearance and used the nanites to turn himself into the good doctor; he took control of the rest of the Egg Fleet, sent a letter to Tails, kidnapped Froggy and Chocola and finally, gave Rouge fake indications as to the location of "Eggman's secret treasure". Everything was going along perfectly; Team Sonic would try to stop him thinking he is Eggman, and so would Team Rose. He had planned for Rouge to awaken Shadow so that he could copy his data. But there was one thing he didn't plan for. Eggman had a radio device in his cell, which allowed him to hire the Chaotix to free him.

Sonic Heroes

The plan complete, Metal Sonic's conquest began. Soon enough, three teams had assembled to defy "Eggman", and the Chaotix, who defied Metal Sonic. No one knew what to expect, however, which is how Metal Sonic was able to do so much in so little time.

His first task was to appear to the teams as Eggman and battle them in various large robots; the Egg Hawk, the Egg Albatross, even the Egg Emperor. He made his first move on both Team Dark and Team Sonic after the Egg Albatross' defeat.. The first thing he did, after the destruction of his machine, was fall to the ground and take the appearance of a "fake" Eggman. A robot, if you may. Both teams approached it and seemed rather angry; in the background, the Egg Fleet could be seen deploying. But none of this bothered them.

As soon as the teams "left" the fake Eggman to go after the Egg Fleet, it started melting into a silver liquid, which reformed into Metal Sonic; "Ultimate life form data.. has been copied!" and "All life form data.. successfully copied!" This was bad news. Metal Sonic had not only copied the real Shadow's DNA structure, but also Tails', Sonic's and Knuckles'. He now had the power of four of the greatest Mobians of this world within his database,; and the trouble was only starting.

After the defeat of the Egg Emperor on the Egg Fleet, it seemed as if he had lost. Many ships began to fall out of the air, almost for no reason. But Metal Sonic still had a plan of his own. Yet again taking the form of a "fake" Eggman, he bid his time in the ruins of the flagship; Team Dark, Chaotix and Sonic did nothing about it; they didn't care, and neither did Metal Sonic. Team Rose, approached it, though; the fake Eggman turned into silver liquid, freeing both Chocola and Froggy. But Metal Sonic had more in mind; he had scanned the Chao for a certain gene, and then scanned Big, Amy and Froggy in order to know what Chaos was exactly. "Chaos data.. has been copied!"

This is where things got extremely messy. Metal Sonic finally revealed himself as the Chaotix freed the real Eggman; the "robot" laughed, and then started mixing everything he had scanned together. Perfect Chaos' DNA, Shadow's DNA, Sonic's, Knuckles', Tails', Amy's, Big's..

The result was an abominable monster known as the 'Metal Madness', but more specifically as the 'Metal Overlord'. Both of his forms were rather similar; he began by fighting all four teams at once with various weapons; from his very large dragon-like tail to his claws, to that large saw-like mechanical arm. When he was defeated, however, things got even worse. The real Eggman arrived on the scene, explaining everything to them; that this was Metal Sonic and that he had Chaos', as well as most of the Teams', data. Quickly enough, the teams put together their seven Chaos Emeralds; Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, carrying Tails and Knuckles along.

Metal Sonic, however, had more in mind; he was winning before, but now, Super Sonic was here and he was outnumbered despite his size. Gigantic wings appeared on his back and he flew off, where the final battle took place; eventually, however, Super Sonic managed to take him down. Metal Sonic was vanquished; both he and Sonic ended up falling on the main ship's deck, where Metallix reverted back to his original form.

"Why can't I defeat Sonic?!" he exclaimed; he was MADE to do that, yet kept failing! Sonic told him that he was always up for a rematch and left; Metal Sonic passed out and was taken away by Omega who discarded the metal hedgehog along with what was left of the Egg Fleet. Everything, including the Shadow 'clones', was destroyed.. yet, within the ruins, Metal Sonic was recovering..

Nine Years Later..
Within the buried debris of the Egg Fleet, a single, very loud explosion was heard almost ten miles around the landing site itself. The green Chaos Emerald had crashed into the rubble and hit the puddle of nanites, feeding them with Chaos Energy.. which activated their regeneration rate.

One hour later, a second explosion was heard; this time, it was Metal Sonic. He may have run out of energy last time by maintaining his most powerful form for so long, but this time, nothing would stop him! He had, however, lost every single amounts of data he had acquired previously.

He left the ruins and the Emerald behind, which means that yes, he did not take it, and no one actually found it yet. Then he dashed off across the lands in search for his adversary..

"You promised me a rematch.."

Deadly Promises

After wandering around Mobius for a while, Metal Sonic eventually encountered Debt, who offered him Eggman on a silver platter if he did a few chores for her. He agreed. After all, G.U.N. making a clone of him was bad. In order to get to the bottom of this, he was told to find MetalWing, whom Debt referred to as a geneticist.

In need of more information, he used appearance data of Eggman to be arrested by G.U.N.: once inside, he morphed into a pool of liquid and snuck to the main computer, off of which he accessed some files about his intended target. Using this, he tracked down Metalwing to Tails's house and attacked; but he was unsuccessful.

The files he stole also referenced a former G.U.N. agent named Camerok; so, naturally, he decided to go after him too. Somewhere during this Beangirl attacked his base and destroyed one of his generators... but he managed to smash her into tiny pieces in the process. He continues to brood over these events and other things, never quite at peace.

After a while, he realized his data had become outdated. So, he disguised himself as Tails, and decided to infiltrate G.U.N. HQ. However, he found something better when he saw a G.U.N. agent near a skyscraper. He followed this agent to the top, and then tricked him into taking a disk full of information-stealing viruses to G.U.N. HQ and allowing it to be used. This gave Metal Sonic the information he needed; he also saw a very strange sight hanging around with the agent; an ex-Eggman robot named Gemel. He noted this character down for later and continued on with his plans.

In his search, he ecountered the same G.U.N. agent again, Izzi, and Julie-su in the Windy Valley. After sinisterly hinting at some sort of prior knowledge about this officer, who was named Frantz, he proceeded to viciously attack the trio. Of course, he decided to do it with Frantz's form. He managed to defeat Frantz easily, but took plenty of damage from a Kendama Izzi was wielding.

Before he could really show his power, though, Killer showed up and crashed the party. Metal Sonic barely managed to escape from his wrath, but managed to leave a path of destruction in his wake. He flew back to his base and recharged, newly filled with wrath. After brooding a bit and studying the data he stole, he took off for Casinopolis.

There, he knew, existed some of the most notorious mercenaries. After just a few minutes of prowling around in the back alleys, he found none other than Nack the Weasel. Eager to get help in his errands, he enlisted the mercenary and plied him with ample amounts of rings--and promises of even more. Hopefully two heads would be better than one... right?

Continuing to haunt Mobius with his prescence, he tracked down Gemel down at Emerald Coast. There, he surprised the robot with the fact that he had conned Frantz into helping him, and that he could shape-shift. Then he fought to a standstill, infiltrated the machine's circuits with his nanites, and stole Sonic's attack data.

After that, he returned home, only to be confronted by Debt, who had news for him. That is, new plans. According to Debt, some guy named Ashen had a chaos emerald, and Metal Sonic could get it by extracting information from one of his apprentices. After that, Debt added to this with another job; Debt would infiltrate Eggman's empire. Metal Sonic could then use her form (Which Debt let him copy) to waltz right in and destroy Eggman. The machine gratefully accepted both offers... but what actually happens when they are put into practice has yet to be seen.

Not to be outdone, Metal Sonic continued wandering about and encountered a mysterious machine and a woman. These two were apparently related to GUN; he talked with them. Apparently they wanted the data he had obtained from various people he had fought. Since this data was easy come, easy go for him, he agreed, but with one caveat: knowledge of Metalwing. Sure enough, the lady agreed; she got her data, and Metal Sonic discovered that there was something fishy about what Debt told him a long time ago.

While he is serving a variety of people's interests, his true motives related to this voluntary service is unknown; Metal Sonic has never been a philanthropist, and is usually a loner.

Doing as he was told, Metal Sonic tracked down the general area where Sam lived. He drew her out by attacking a policeman, and demanded information on Ashen; he got none. Angry as usual, he proceeded to beat the sense out of Sam and make a mess of the general area. He transformed into Debt's form to finish the job, but Dranar interfered. The form allowed him to appear neutral, though; he turned back, fakely appearing to be working for G.U.N.. Then he called the ambulance; he had found out from the policeman's car computer that Sam was a wanted criminal; so by calling the ambulance, he would ensure she was jailed, appear to be a good guy for doing so, and then possibly draw out the elusive Ashen. However, he is unsure of how this will bode with Debt.

He encountered his most common annoyances again in Capital City, while disguised as Frantz. The real Frantz failed to make it evident that the other one was fake until after Emerl's questions failed to determine anything. Skarty the android was seen near the scene of events; Metal Sonic noted him down to be investigated later. Needless to say, Metal Sonic frustrated his foes again and got away scott free.

Continuing his search, he knocked into Amy on the outskirts of Capital City. There, he made a rather shaky deal which involved him copying Shadow's form in order to hurt Eggman. It involved an elaborate scheme using pay phones and untracable phone numbers. He had earlier set this possibility up when he was luring Sam out with the random disturbances, hacking into the phone network.

In order to help complete his "Metallix" form, he used the G.U.N. data to track down the club of a special mobian named Genken. He came into the club using Frantz's appearance data, but found getting upstairs elusive. So he wandered outside and tried to get in while in liquid form. That failed. He finally leaped atop the building itself, liquified himself, and appeared in the room of his target. While he quickly copied the information, he found it rather confusing. Genken also made a point to beat Metal Sonic around with his ability, which eventually forced Metal Sonic to flee. But he still had the form.

Finally, the day came when he could get Shadow's form. Amy called him up, and he went to Shadow's house. There, he tried to look through a window to copy Shadow's form... but was foiled by some blinds. So he went inside and tried to look... but it was too dark! So, he went to leave... and then Amy attacked him, thinking he had a trick up his sleeve. The truth was, Metal Sonic had no trick up his sleeve for this, and Shadow soon awoke to give him quite a beating. But he revealed the deal to Shadow. In saying so, he made it clear that Amy had betrayed both him and Shadow... causing untold psychological damage to the couple.

Metal Sonic lost that fight, but he had a new item to obtain on his list: nightvision. That way, he could copy Shadow's form while he was in the dark, presumably sleeping. Who knows what new tricks he might try?

While brooding in Green Hill Zone, he encountered the mysterious G.U.N. robot again, this time being offered some high-tech weaponry. He took the deal, planning to not only capture Amy, but heavily injure Shadow as well. This would be accomplished with a laser machinegun and a regular one. Unfortunately, he needed some Chaos Drives.

So, he went on up to a G.U.N. warehouse, guns blazing on his way in. BLAM! He broke in and began robbing the warehouse blind; his power and aura of danger scaring away most of the G.U.N. soldiers. However, he didn't expect Tails to be there, or to drop a huge box of scrap metal on his head. Metal Sonic got out his guns and wildly shot around a bit, but then saw something far more valuable: Tails's rocket shoes. Laughing, he looked at them closely, and then combined his thrusters and propulsion technology together in his feet to give himself equally advanced shoes.

A fierce battle began in the air, with flaming crates, pieces of the roof, and even chaos drives being thrown around with abandon. A mysterious onlooker aided Tails in the fight, though, allowing Tails to get a few more hits in than usual. Metal Sonic intercepted one of these attacks, though, and used the webs on it to launch Tails at the attacker. While Tails got un-stuck, Metal Sonic robbed a huge pile of crates worth of Chaos Drives. Now all he had to do was get away!

Tails chased after him, though, not to mention he saved his mysterious helper from Metal Sonic's grenades. A short aerial chase occurred, watched by many, many news crews. Then Metal Sonic flew into a building. There, he hid, while Tails searched about in vain. But Tails didn't give up, and Metal Sonic wanted nothing less but complete frustration for Tails. So he ambushed Tails from behind, ultimately failing to defeat the fox, but rather damaging him and nearby objects.

After a short battle in an office room, Metal Sonic got fed up and left--but Tails made sure to nail him with a huge blast of energy powered by a fake Chaos Emerald on his way out. Regardless, Metal Sonic continued on with his plans, carrying hundreds of priceless Chaos Drives in his body.

And much terror he wreaked with those. By luck alone, he tracked Sam to Ashen's hideout, and there began an epic battle. For Ashen was an amazingly powerful opponent, an even match for a soulless killing machine. Metal sonic fought to a standstill with his fists, losing out to the more experienced wolf in that area.

So, he attacked with newly integrated laser weapons, and failed to impress his opponent. He pulled out the stops and decided to copy Ashen's form, and then the real battle began. Ashen's apprentice, Sam, managed to get in the way and hinder the machine, but he didn't notice too much.

Metal Sonic fought heavily enough to make Ashen throw off his heavy gauntlets, which was a feat in itself. Sure he was going in for the kill, Metal Sonic revealed his chaos drives and powered up into Metallix form, using the strength of Ashen to complete it. For the few terrifying moments that form was active, he sent Sam flying and blasted up the island with blue cannonballs. Ashen fled from this, setting the island ablaze in response.

While this would only encourage Metal Sonic's ego, it destroyed his Sonic data and revealed that, besides his incredible and amazing fighting prowess, Ashen had no emerald. Metal Sonic secretly vowed vengeance of some kind--he needed an emerald to take things to the next level and start seriously destroying opponents.

And he was close to getting one too... Debt appeared at his newly rebuilt base, somewhat congratulating him. She gave him what appeared to be an emerald... but it was really a sinister EMP bomb. He was blown away by it, saved only by the fact of his construction and the fact that his throne was powering himself up at the time. He reformed, a frightening skeletal version of himself, and lunged at Debt in turn.

It was in vain, of course... he was unable to harm her. The mysterious G.U.N. robot appeared as well, ignoring appeals to aid and Metal Sonic's want for his old data. All he did is, in effect, let Debt escape. Metal Sonic, now bitter beyond words, began to plot anew... leaving behind the vestiges of a want for direction in order to focus on the destruction of those he called "The Traitors." He rebooted for once, and it all came to him... why trust anyone?


To start off his round of vengeance, he snuck into the sewers and found his way to Nack. Thanks to an unintended backup he made (a radio made of nanites), he was able to restore countless amounts of old data as if nothing had happened. Then he sent Nack on his way with some more rings and a command to find Metalwing and Camerok and tell them of Debt's plans to have them both destroyed. He himself then faded back into the sewers, feeling reinvigorated and newly vicious. He was going to get the most bloody and destructive revenge imaginable if all went well.

Wandering around, he just happened to stumble into his old target, MetalWing. Of course, this encounter made Nack's purpose somewhat obsolete, but Metal Sonic didn't care. After getting MetalWing to stop shooting at him, he explained that Debt had tricked him into chasing her around. And then went on to say how he vowed revenge against Debt.

Metalwing didn't believe him at first, but footage of Debt attacking Metal Sonic with the fake reward was very convincing. He then mentioned the lies that MetalWing was a geneticist, and discovered the truth: G.U.N. had no plans to copy him in any way, shape, or form. The news was too much for MetalWing, and it would soon drive her to insanity again. Metal Sonic didn't care, of course; he just walked away as usual.

He wandered to the Emerald Coast, searching for Gemel, for Frantz, for someone to take his frustrations out on. Instead, he encountered Genevieve, the giant, roboticised Dragon. He heard her out, and explained his own plight in less-than-true words. After some conversation, and a bet (which Metal Sonic won handily), it was unearthed that what Metal Sonic wanted had a basic good to it. And he was set straight once more... that he should not only fight for the liberation of machines, but to bring equality to them all should he rule.

He continued on his way, having a newfound respect for then dragon, and curiousity about this being named Dr. Dongle. Some time... he would have to find out what, if anything, he was up to, if he was even alive.

But before he could do that, some strange events went by. Somehow, he rebuilt his ship into a larger, tougher, functional version, and launched it. Then he flew over Angel Island. There, he imitated Sonic and proclaimed he was stealing the emerald, to "party with it at Shadow's house" and then hide it in his backyard. Knuckles woke up quickly and tried to save the emerald, but it was fiercely guarded by four laser cannons. Even worse, the emerald-grabbing box on a chain was electrified. Knuckles only got shocked for his troubles.

The ship took off towards Capital City, leaving Angel Island to fall. Luckily, Knuckles had made a gigantic parachute for it, so it wouldn't fall with such devastating force as usual. Things were going to get nasty for the good guys...

But first, Metal Sonic had to investigate Dongle. Using the power of the Master Emerald to aid his search, he tracked down Dongle's base. It was a strange one; a cube suspended in the air, surrounded by all manner of obstacle courses and the sort. Metal Sonic walked right in and kicked the door in.

Once inside, he looked around. The place was rather low-security, so he easily managed his way to the elevator. There, he went down three floors, to the main lab. He walked out, and was astounded to see two SWAT-Bots which merely let him pass. He walked on into some sort of stadium... and there, Dongle walked out.

"Vel! Ve haf zee eenzrouzer, eet zims. Verhapz ye vud razer zeescous zee vouseenis vyl een zee areenau? Eech vin grinz yoo vone zentins. Houw avoot eet?"

Using the best in heuristic technology available, Metal Sonic tried to translate the speech. He deduced that it meant "Well! We have the intruder, it seems. Perhaps we would rather discuss the consequences while in the arena? I will grind you into croutons. How about it?" It was weird, but passable. Metal Sonic accepted the challenge, and another barrage of strange speech began.

"Ee haf nien ize vat yoo rivor zo. Eech vin grinz yoo vone zentis zoo ezvlayn yoor vrizeenze. Ve miy reej zee ouzerstindinks avtour."

Metal Sonic translated in his mind, hearing instead "I have seen is that you rather so. I will grind you into courtons to enslave your friends. We may reach the outstanding honor." Confused, Metal Sonic was still able to get the gist of the challenge: fighting. An impressive but inferior Mini-Egg Emperor (who looked almost like a miniature Optimus Prime) came up and was quickly crushed. Strange eyes watched the battle, turning green as Metal Sonic brutally destroyed his opponent.

Dongle smiled, for this carnage was helping him. He then offered Metal Sonic (via a sheet of paper with writing on it) a chance to talk with him in a way that could be understood. Though it would be one sentence. Or, Metal Sonic could fight again and double his gains. Obviously, Metal Sonic decided to continue the fighting.

Out came some silver Mecha Knuckles, who put up a decent fight but failed to resist the awesome power of Metal Sonic's claws. The eyes lit up some more. The doctor clapped and offered one last battle, this one having the prize of unlimited discussion. Needless to say, Metal Sonic accepted this, too.

Two robots, one with a shield, one without, attacked. They soon proved to be intelligent and difficult; the shield one even could absorb all sorts of hits and give energy to the other, gun-wielding one! But Metal Sonic brute forced them into a million pieces.

At last, Metal Sonic got what he wanted; and those eyes lit up yet again. Metal Sonic asked Dongle about the Roboticisation technology, and got a negative answer; that stuff was gone and would never return. Yet this did not disappoint Metal Sonic; he merely asked for a piece of Dongle's amazingly powerful technology, so that he could get revenge on proven enemies of Robotnik.

Dongle thought, wondering about the plausibility of such a deal. But he agreed, and then said some more mysterious stuff.

"Oovz, ee haf vin zeifited und haf zeroped zee souver seekrit ziel allois."

It appeared to mean, "Ooze, you have been gifted and have developed the super secret shield alloy." Metal Sonic was given a strange shield, which he absorbed... and gained even stranger powers from. And with that, he left; Dongle's Phi bots had been revealed to him, too. But it was a fair trade; the bots got some techniques, and Metal Sonic got a new ability.

Tails and Dranar momentarily spied on the mechanical mastermind as he exited the base, but decided against fighting him. Yet. They flew off about the same time Metal Sonic did.

Later on, Metal Sonic happened to walk in on some weird gathering of people. Emerl, Amy, Shadow, Cynojia, and Skarty were there. He beat around some people, but was soon overwhelmed. Amy stole his emerald right out from under him and ran with Shadow. Despite a Master-Emerald powered deathray attack, he failed to get the emerald back, and they escaped.

He was subsequently attacked by an insane Emerl and Skarty; so he did his thing and became super, thanks to the Master Emerald. In his rage, he knocked Skarty out. Emerl continued to ram head-first into the area where the Master Emerald was, but was eventually repulsed by Metal Sonic's obsessive defense systems.

Metal Sonic had captured Skarty in the process. He got himself an exact duplicate of all the android had to know, and then upgraded him with some missiles and a third eye. He discussed with the android about his mission, and the android soon volunteered to join him. Metal Sonic, satisfied, went about his next order of business: getting the emerald back. Through sheer luck, Skarty said Tails's name and Metal Sonic immediately fixated on that. He made a plan, but he'd never get to use it.

For Tails and Shadow had already been planning to attack and destroy the massive flagship Metal Sonic flew. They got themselves a bunch of explosive chaos drives and teleported aboard; but a previous hack attack by Tails had eliminated the element of surprise. Metal Sonic and Skarty fought as hard as possible, wounding Shadow and Tails in the process. But it was almost for nothing, as an entire wing was destroyed, and so was most of the bridge.

Only Metal Sonic's backup Master Emerald levitation systems prevented total destruction. But that was all he needed; with repair droids, himself, and a time, his ship would soon fly again, likely to relentlessly attack Tails and his friends until something drastic happened.

Knowing his opponents were wounded, Metal Sonic used Skarty's data and some random screenshots of normal people to sneak into a hospital. There he looked for either of his opponents, randomly checking through doors using a forged ID. However, just as he was about to give up, he encountered a heavily wounded Dranar. This was too good to be true.

He scanned and gained Dranar's data. However, he woke up his foe, and got a book to the head to show for it. Despite that, Metal Sonic quickly took over the area and grabbed Dranar's stuff, taking both him and his equipment into the still-floating battleship of his.

Out on a misguided search for an old ally, Metal Sonic knocked into his old enemy, Frantz. Angry and wanting to end the cat-and-mouse game, he quickly transformed his right arm into a flamethrower and burnt his foe. He continued fighting until he had blasted the right arm off of Frantz. He turned to leave, but wound up being attacked by Phi robots instead.

He fought back, but soon discovered they were just misguided; Dongle just didn't want anyone to be in his area of control. Metal Sonic finally understood and jetted off.

His plan ready, Metal Sonic flew on near Tails's house, and seized control of all the nearby radios, computers, and televisions in the house. He then broadcasted that he would kill Dranar if they didn't give over the chaos emerald. Shadow, commenting that it was a boring show, changed the channel. Metal Sonic had failed pretty quickly.

But still, Shadow and Amy chaos controlled their way up to the still-battered ship. They managed to make short work of all the remaining security systems, even though the entire ship had been electrified and the air was exceedingly thin. With little work, they freed Dranar and appeared to have destroyed the Master Emerald. The ship dissappeared within the cloud of an explosion...

...One which was non-fatal. The ship had survived, and Metal Sonic was about to try one more desperate strike. His ship self-destructed and crashed into Sand Ocean, drawing the attention of Shadow, Amy, and Dranar. Metal Sonic rose from the debris, using even the Master Emerald itself to power himself up; but this utterly failed. While he torched Dranar, he was hit by the very emerald he wanted and warped high into the sky, whereupon re-entry destroyed him and the Master Emerald.

Sonic Riders

The bits and pieces rained down, split apart, supposedly dead. However, Shadow had forgotten about the nanites used to form Nack's radio. Those disintegrated back into their original form, and eventually picked up all of the remaining (useful) nanites. This, combined with redundant backups spread across the globe at strange locations, allowed Metal Sonic to return.

And return he did. Not dead, nay, far more than that, he oozed out of the sewers of Capital City and bugged various pay phones, scaring off Izzi and swearing revenge. It was a fateful day, as he met the Blue Armored Guy there. The armored guy proposed a company of toys... and an evil plan to take over the world using factories. Metal Sonic, vengeful, joined the plan. Then he wandered off, mangling pay phones in his path.

Then the time came for the Sonic Riders tournament began. Everything was set... Eggman was about to start the races... BOOM! The city was heavily damaged, and the races ended. Mysteriously, the Mysterious man from the races also vanished.

Klein Toys

They next appeared in the office of Kevin Klein the Third, whom Metal Sonic and the Blue Armored Guy intimidated into giving him the company. After moving him away and literally 'firing' the secretary, the evil plotting was finally in motion.

He recruited Emerl quickly, the robot wowed by Metal Sonic's ability to shift into a copy of the original Emerl body. It was looking good for Klein Toys.

The master plan was founded; Metal Sonic created mind-control toys, which would subvert people to the will of Klein Toys, in conjunction with powerful radio towers. The enslavement would be blamed on lax regulations on companies, and then it would follow that Klein Toys was the real good guy, proposing freedom for machines, AND people.

Big Armor Guy added that there were four plants to make the toys; one near Casinopolis, one near Flicky Island, one near Windy Valley, and another directly in Capital City. They both followed this by laughing for 2 minutes.

He later recruited Minox into the fold, although he was unsettled at how the Dark Emerald energy machine had just wandered into the factory he guarded in Capital City. He made a deal and finished recruiting him, simultaneously subduing and mind-controlling Izzi. Izzi having tried to enter the factory. With the help of a horde of toys and nanites, he subverted Izzi into the first mind-controlled subject of Klein Toys; he supplemented this with nanites, and sent him on a mission to recruit more possible freedom fighters via mind control.

Things moved quickly. Metal Sonic soon had some access to GUN soldiers and brainwashed children. He also was apparently allied with Metalwing already. Planning to get revenge, he fought Debt with everything he had... and got beaten. Even though Debt was blind. Not even a lethal lightning attack could take her down. He left in a rage.

Wanting to harm something, or -someone-, he arrived via a GUN convoy to an area where Skarty and Emerl had been talking. He sent them to capture James, who had interfered in Klein Toys' plans... somehow.

Metal Sonic and his ships flew out into the desert, where he took over a GUN base using its own machines. He triumphed... only to be attacked by Sam, one of Ashen's students. However he fought her, and infected her with his evil nanites, taunting her free will with his vile machine powers.

After that, he went to his base in Aquatic Ruin zone. Quickly building it, he thought no one would interrupt him.. until he was joined by Ashen, who demanded he stop attacking his students. At first Metal Sonic seemed annoyed, but eventually revealed that it was Debt's ploy that sent him there. He promised not to attack Sam again, and in return discovered the location of an unstable bat mobian.

While bored, he wandered some more and discovered Tails fighting with someone disguised as Sonic. When that person left, he morphed into Sonic too; but unsuccessfully. For Tails knew his voice. A massive fight ensued, with Tails using all the chaos energy he had to wipe out Metal Sonic, even though Metal Sonic had hordes of troops, and even blew up the area of the city they were in. Noentheless, Tails was also KO'd, and for a while, lost to the other heroes.

After being repaired by his trusty troops, Metal Sonic moved on to a meeting at the Capital City branch of Klein Toys. He learned of Tails' teleportation project, and how it sent whatever used it into the air, and into a million burning pieces. He gave Minox a new body (he lost his old one in the attempt), and then made a plan with the Blue Armor Guy to make Tails look bad.

Then Gen, the unstable bat, came on in and told Metal Sonic he had interfered with his attempt to make Sonic look bad. Metal Sonic realized this, then teamed up with the bat and the Sonic impersonator (Ashura) in an attempt to discredit Sonic as well as Ashura. He also offered his services to them.

He also revealed that Debt was alive to Gen. This originally sent the Bat into a tirade, but he eventually realized he could find Debt again. Metal Sonic sent him on the right way.

Then, of course, he was accosted by someone else. Four. The white iguana mobian was a match even for Metal Sonic; the two of them ripped the base apart hurling things at one another. Metal Sonic was at a massive disadvantage; he was inorganic. Four posessed many of his powers without being magnetic.

He fought Four, and even MetalWing at the same time, using all the power he could muster. They both escaped... he did, however, acquire Four's abilities... but they were useless in that fight. Four warned him he was not going to win; that is, his plans... were flawed. He noted the Blue Armor Guy... a critical thing.

He then finally went through with the scheme; he and Ashura played through that Metal Sonic revealed the people of Mobius to be evil. But when it came time for the 'Sonic' impersonator to agree with him... the real Sonic appeared. Metal Sonic first claimed he was Shadow, but eventually gave up and flung metallic objects at him. The fake Sonic aided him... but it was no use. The real Sonic revealed their ploy and escaped.

Metal Sonic revived himself again after that, and quickly rebuilt his factory before a confused Blitz. It became a domed fortress, to which only machines could enter and exit. The same process... began to effect the city itself.

But Juli-su would have none of it. She bravely attacked Metal Sonic, onyl to become the victim of a massive onslaught from him and Blitz. After the fight, he gave Blitz a disk containing information on a special floating attack pod which previously terrorized James and MetalWing.

But he was still working hard. He gave Frantz a new arm, and a mission: to destroy the house of Tails. He handed him a bunch of explosives and walked off, not actually expecting Frantz to succeed.

He went to his factory on Flicky Island, expecting to be able to plan in peace. Instead, Blitz clumsily broke into his base, getting lasered ans gassed until he was no longer a threat. But the real problem was a disguised GUN officer... it was Killer, and he was ready to fight.

They fought to the death, Metal Sonic hurling himself and Killer outside the factory, where they constantly hit one another until Debt finally took Killer out of the fight. One very weak Metal Sonic fled inside the factory, the area outside completely busted.

Meanwhile, Metal Sonic had a shuttle send Blitz to Downunda. Blitz was trapped there, as the ship which sent him exploded.

Then he took Blue Armor Guy on a field trip to the ruins of one of Dongle's labs, where he stole fragments of his 'Roboticisation' technique. But not the parts which had been destroyed. Something more useful; the ability to make auto-regenerating metallic flesh. Blue Armor Guy insisted they test it on his assistant first, though. Also, a weird ghost named Seth haunted him. He went in and out, and blew up the base in his wake.

But, then, a strange transmission was heard nearby his island. Unlike a sane person, Metal Sonic flew out to the island... where Debt held an inhibitor device. Made to control Metal Sonic, it seemed dangerous enough... Metal Sonic promptly attacked Debt, smashing up the device. But he was fooled! Dranar chucked the real inhibitor device into his back!

...It didn't work as planned. Reverting to Eggman code, he ruthlessly tried to kill Dranar. Debt used the old codes on him in an attempt to control him, but recent data stolen from Dongle caused him to lose his mind, thinking every one of his own nanites was his enemy. Soon he became a strange replica of the roboticised Sonic, and from there he blew up everything around him.

However, before things could get too desperate, the inhibitor was accidentally destroyed by Dranar. Metal Sonic reformed, before then walking off into the ocean. Once again, he had injured his attackers... but he was getting seriously frustrated at his constant battles.

Things got worse. Soic, Tails, and even Juli-Su attacked his base, eventually breaking in and damaging it all. Despite a frantic attempt to kill them all involving guns, helicopters, and magnetism, and even blowing up Flicky Island... none of it worked. They escaped; Metal Sonic angrily Chaos Controlled his way from them.

He returned to the base in Green Hill Zone, where he tested out the new Dongle technology, and succeeded. He was chided for losing the two factories as he did by Blue Armor Guy, and attempted (but failed) to receive permission to use the technology he had acquired by himself.

Then he discovered a new relic: a functioning Eggman base. Inside was Rocky, whom he quickly forced to join his side. He scanned the technology inside, and quickly left... chuckling at how old it was.

Then he went to an abandoned GUN base... and found Killer. The man, the only person capable of fighting him and winning, was going to try to take him down for good this time. Metal Sonic fought with everything he had, flinging every ability and every thought. He heavily damaged the man, and himself. But it turned out he was a victim of a trap.

Killer explained that he expected this to happen... and for Metal Sonic to die with him. They were hopelessly matched. He made one last attack, hoping to deal the killing blow... but! The Dongletainium recharged Metal Sonic. He stood victorious. He went to kill Killer... and malfunctioned.

"This... is not my purpose. I must destroy Sonic... who you are not. The resources of a nation are not enough to destroy Sonic... no. I succeed at fighting that which is not Sonic... but it is ultimately empty. Logic.. circuits.. damaged. Code 15 Eggman error. Unknown program in progress."

He had contradicted his programming for the last time. He exploded... taking down Killer, but also losing all his energy. He appeared to be dead for real this time.

Final Fight

But... he could not die. He revived.... Seth, the ghost who haunted him, yelled at him. He got up, about to argue with her, until Genevieve appeared... and told him the truth. He had lost everything; he had proven himself inferior to Sonic. And he was going to die if he tried to start up the Klein Toys plan again. He repented... but it was only Seth's testimony which made Genevieve stop crushing him.

Weakened, and emotionless, he wandered off to restart something more true to himself.

Much time passed... yet he never escaped the desert. Building a little vain tower of debris, he ranted about the curse of immortality on him. It seemed like he would never escape... but he glanced Izzi in the distance.

A Lonely World

He wandered into a forest, where he found Skarty... and immediately began making plans to get revenge on the Blue Armored guy. Skarty followed him along as he began wandering to somewhere else.

He found somebody he hadn't intended to; Blue Armor Guy's assistant. Only she was against him, now. She had been sent to finish Metal Sonic off... but betrayed Klein Toys. The two formulated a new plan, and flew off... to get Metal Sonic repaired.

They reached an old Eggman base, where one of the doors snapped off and nearly crushed Metal Sonic. The Windy Valley base, however, wasn't too hard to explore, and Metal Sonic soon found a repair machine. Soon enough, it began repairing his heavily damaged programming and nanites.

He later wandered out, fully repaired. However he found none other than Tigor outside, and proceeded to attack him as usual. Something seemed... off, though, as Tigor escaped and he failed to copy him.

A Not-so Lonely World

He became bored as it became obvious he would have no further visitors, and the assistant took forever to make a plan. So he wandered out to power up, finding the Music Plant.

...He found Amy right there... but, desperate for help in his battle, he explained to her his situation, showing that Killer had seriously damaged him. After initially being reluctant, Amy called up Shadow. He came, although he also forced Metal Sonic to cover up his eyes.

They soon made a plan; Metal Sonic gave them blueprints to his EMP explosion device as well as a way to take out all the GUN people behind Klein Toys. They then plotted for him to go to Tails' house, but he'd need a disguise... a Mobian? No. An old man, indeed.

But why? Mainly, to keep Tails from freaking out at seeing him. He went to leave, and suddenly was accosted by a Silver hedgehog... named Silver. The two fought, Metal Sonic easily beating him down, although he was unnerved to discover Klein Toys would destroy the future without Silver's intervention. ...Then he walked on out to find a target to copy for a disguise.

Along the way he walked by Aquatic ruin zone, where he grumbled at the remains of a base he had built there. Then he argued with the ghostly Seth again, speaking of good and evil... it was like he couldn't make up his mind. Eventually, though, he lost Seth and made his way into the city.

There, he snuck into a 'no-good medical clinic' and took the identity of an elderly man there for his own. At least, his appearance. He ran off and then met with Shadow--he was already late, though... he spoke more of ghosts in his head before morphing into his new form. With wild white hair, a lab coat, and abnormally large glasses, nobody would suspect him of being Metal Sonic.

And he went the extra edge to maintain the illusion. He and Shadow walked off to Tails' house, where things became sort of dicey. He hid his identity well, even adding to the illusion of him being an escaped scientist... he spoke on and on about other researchers, death, and being chased. He made a very complex story as to how he stole plans for an EMP generator from Klein Toys, too.

Then Tails took him to a room. All was fine, but when Shadow decided to talk to Metal Sonic, he used an ultrasound frequency in order to keep Tails from listening in. Rather than make it inaudible to Tails, though, he practically deafened the fox, leaving him suspicious as Shadow told Metal Sonic to avoid Silver and also 'The Gizoid', and also that he could contact Shadow via an old Eggman Empire frequency.

Later on, Tails spoke to Metal Sonic (still disguised). Interestingly, Metal Sonic managed to keep his illusion throughout, mentioning how Klein Toys (truthfully) used people, including his 'comrades.' This included their standard practice of imprisoning and starving people until they would cooperate. He also mentioned when he was a teacher at a University in Capital City. When all was said and done, Tails had begun to be more suspicious of Shadow himself than the seemingly old and frail 'man.'

Later on, he saw a beaten-up, and fought-out Shadow, Blaze, and Silver arrive at the house. Playing a minor part, he helped wake up Shadow by hurling water at him. Having not seen Blaze before, he asked where she had come from, before then mentioning his progress against Klein Toys and going back to his room.

A day or two later, he encountered Emerl, and lead him outside. He took him far enough away from the house to become his true self, and then explained what had happened to the Gizoid, re-promising the parts and then setting up an EMP device and several other devices to use against Klein Toys, away from prying eyes. Then he turned back and wandered to the house, making it appeared he as the old Man had actually walked a long distance around instead.

The first attack on Klein Toys soon came, and he set his little toys to destroying helicopters and robots and such. He also personally shot a handfull of men as they attacked his outpost with the other 'good guys.' He also used a bunch of turrets to fight. After hearing Blitz ironically declare he would get revenge on Metal Sonic to him (while he was disguised), the battle was over... for the time being.

Back at Tails' house, he typed up some programs outside, and encountered the Dragoness Ronia, who nearly discovered him for who he was. However he quickly tricked her by discussing a conveniently-formed bullet proof vest and how working for Klein had made him feel 'inhuman.' The discussion ended quickly, with him offering Ronia a flight to the shore in a jet he would develop. Of course, she never took him up on that offer, although she did hint at throwing in the towel on fighting against Klein Toys at that time.
He is a homeless nomad, one who prowls the streets and skies looking for the pieces to his problem with Klein Toys. Somewhere his ship lies in ruins; some day he may return to it. But for now, the closest thing to home may yet be the house of his former enemies.
Basic overview of his "innate" abilities:

Regular skills and abilities

  • Land speed, on foot, very slightly superior to both Sonic's and Shadow's
  • Fastest acceleration rate on Mobius
  • Fairly high resistance to damage and overall endurance
  • Very high reflexes
  • Above average intelligence and wisdom
  • Physical strength sufficient to lift and throw cars
  • Insane auto-repair systems; require much energy (see: The Nanites)
  • Normal vision; Thermal/Night/X-Ray available on activation
  • Ability to shape-shift at will (see: The Nanites)

The Nanites: As said in their own section, Metal Sonic can almost instantly copy the data of anything which 'lives', and as such, any of his 'stats' could go up and down as he wishes; the most blatant example here would be to say that if he copies Knuckles' data and uses it on his arms, heck are you in for a lot of pain.

Stomach Laser: He can shoot bright blue energy beams from that hole in his chest; it should surprise no one, actually, but if you are, then you might get hurt in the process. The hole in his chest, however, is also a part of his acceleration system, since it allows to "collect" the air in front of him and spit it out behind for some additional speed.

Black Shield: This is one of Metal Sonic's most intriguing abilities; his defensive systems can kick in and create a perfectly round, black transparent sphere around his body; whereas it drains energy very fast, it has one particular characteristic that makes people scream: it blocks anything. It's rather unsure how this is done; perhaps the sphere isn't made of energy, but instead rips through space and time itself, which would explain why abilities "used" to "stop time" such as Shadow's Chaos Control and Sonic's Timestop don't affect him if the Shield is up. It, however, vanishes after taking one hit of anything; combo attacks, if they're fast enough, however, will most likely be entirely blocked.

"Weather Control": Metal Sonic can, at the very least, control the sky's rage when it's cloudy (dark). He can cause enough disruptions in the air with his hands that lightning itself will come down crashing toward his targets. It's all the can do, though, although it's likely with enough disruptions, he cause cause more minor things, such as snow and rain.

Chaos Energy Channeling Systems: Metal Sonic has within his body a system which makes him unique (aside from the nanites themselves): the ability to channel Chaos Energy as well as Knuckles can. Using this, he can actually use the Master Emerald to turn "Super", but he can also use the regular Chaos Emeralds (or anything related; Chaos Rings, Super Emeralds, Timestones..) with much more ease and power than your regular robot or Mobian can. This said, he still needs all seven Emeralds if he wants to go Super without the Master Emerald, though.

Super Form: Unlike everyone else's super forms, Metal Sonic's is rather weak; it does not make him "invulnerable" to harm, it simply boosts his speed and power outputs, which is still something to worry about. For the duration of the form, the blue armoring on his body will turn golden. He cannot access his Super Form /AND/ use the nanites to alter his form at the same time, however.

Rocket Shoes: These are, ironically, neither Tails's nor Shadow's type of shoes; they are completely alien, except for a similar appearance. A rather simple job to do; created with his own propulsion systems merged together in his shoes, they allow him to skate on thin air and light things on fire. With these, he can move around quite freely. His jet booster allows him to fly up into the air and continue to move around as he pleases, at the cost of energy.

Dongletainium: Metal Sonic's skin has absorbed the properties of an unknown material Dr. Dongle had used to power up his own robots. As a result, there's a good one-in-three chance that any energy shots that hit him will just be absorbed. It can also take the bite out of physical attacks. But it's rather unstable...

Absorbed Data: Since Metal Sonic can absorb about anyone's DNA structure with nothing but a scan, it's obvious there should be a section listing whose data he has; note that EXTENSIVE damage can, sometimes, cause the data to randomly be discarded/damaged/corrupted/destroyed.

Shadow Data: Appearance only; it's permanently being used in his 'normal' form, which is why he looks like Shadow so much when it comes to the head.

Jes Data: Complete

Izzi Data: Complete.

Tails Data: Complete.

Frantz Data: Complete.

Debt Data: Complete.

Genken Data: Defense Data Only.

Ashen Data: Complete.

Skarty Data: Complete (Includes memories).

Four Data: Complete
Metal Sonic has one thing in particular which makes him an unique being on Mobius; he is not alone in his body. In fact, he does not have a body. What you see has nothing to do with what he is; Metal Sonic is not a single entity, he is a few MILLIONS of entities.

Nano-technology hasn't been researched very often on Mobius; in fact, even Gerald Robotnik only managed to scratch the surface. Back on track, let us explain what exactly Metal Sonic is made of, and how.

During his first trip to the Special Zone, his entire body was horribly disintegrated by the overexposure to the Chaos Rings; each and every molecules of his body turned into a very fine liquid, but somehow, he didn't die. The problem was that, unlike Mobians, Metal Sonic did not, at the time, have any means to use or at least channel that energy. During his stay as a puddle of Metal Sonic, the powers of the Chaos Rings and the zone itself modified the 'chemical' make-up of the molten 'robot' and, soon enough, he was entirely rebuilt by those powers; every single drops of Metal Sonic turned into thousands of very, very small drones called 'nanites'. They form a single collective mind, which is Metal Sonic's; this means that there is only one source of intelligence for the entire body, it just isn't visible, unlike Chaos' brain.

These nanites are not only too small for the naked eye to see, but they also have the ability to link with each others in order to turn into a single "solid" form (which explains why Metal Sonic can, just like Chaos, change between being a liquid 'organism' and a solid, combat-capable robot at other times), including the ability to replicate someone else in design, such as how Metal Sonic was able to 'transform' into Dr. Eggman.

The drones are so complex, however, that it's almost impossible to analyze them, much less figure out how they were made. That is a secret only Metal Sonic knows and will not reveal; so, yes, in short, his entire body is actually a massive blob of very, very small robots. This, however, does not mean that any of his functions are effected; he can have those nanites form into an energy blaster, for example, a voice recording device, clothes.. He can do about anything with them, so long as it's realistic. This means that no, he cannot form Chaos Emeralds or anything of the like with the nanites.

Of course, this is not all there is to them. Metal Sonic has the ability to instantly scan, decode and reproduce anyone's DNA structure so long as they are a LIVING being. For example; if he sees Knuckles, he could very well duplicate Knuckles' physical strength, or his entire appearance, for the matter; the one problem with this, however, is that unless Metal Sonic personally knows the person, he has difficulty to mimic the personality of others, so it's virtually useless to try and, say, transform into Tails in order to kill Sonic.

Another detail to note is that it's pretty much impossible to destroy Metal Sonic; as long as there's at least one nanite left, it'll be able to use materials to multiply itself and, within less than an hour, you'll have a new Metal Sonic who will be more than willing to shove something pointy down your throat.

There is one flaw, however, in the nanites; staying in any form which is not "his own" requires more energy, and can't be done eternally. Every modification he does to his body cost more energy if they're more powerful.
This bio was given to me by Drium, so a lot of the credit for it goes to him. Some portions of the text are mostly his, such as the bottom portions talking about Nanites, and the Sonic Heroes storyline. It took me all day to get it ready for submission. @_@

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