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Dranar Silverscale
Original Character


Dranar Silverscale

Green Scales
Lawful Good
"The Impression That I Get" - Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Dranar stands at an average Mobian height, topping off around 3’3”, although he is a bit heavier than most due to his extra limbs (wings and tail). His body is covered by green scales with a lighter shade on his snout, stomach, tail bottom, and the insides of his wings and fin-like ears. There are small yellow spikes starting a bit above his brow and run down to the back of his tail. His fingers and toes end in claws that he doesn’t keep particularly sharp due to the nuisance of accidentally scratching someone/thing. Golden irises sit on top of his relatively short and angular snout, which usually displays a slight smile. Despite the toughness of his scales and his reptilian regenerative abilities, he still bears some faint scars of battle here and there, most notably one along his left thigh, earned when he was impaled by shrapnel from an exploding tank.

As for apparel, Dranar follows the traditional male Mobian style of wearing almost nothing at all. He does have some clothing, though. Firstly there are his anklets, inch tall metal bands with spikes and clasps in the back so Dranar can take them off. Attached to these is a pair of brown leather spat-like footwear that covers the top of Dranar’s feet and also wrap around underneath them to protect the softer part of his sole.

However, Dranar is cold blooded, and when the weather's getting colder, Dranar changes into his set of winter clothing. First off is a set of heated clothing, jacket, and pants. Both are a pale, dark olive green and have holes for Dranar's wings and tail. Next is a pair of brown leather boots with holes in the front for Dran's toe-claws. He also received a golden yellow knit scarf from his mother, the color matching that of his back spikes and his backpack, which he replaced after his old one got torched in the explosion caused by Dongle's final attack.

When walking around town, he keeps all his equipment (guns, holsters, ammo, and other miscellaneous stuff) in a single-strap dark green backpack. He wears it diagonally, the strap coming over one shoulder and across his chest, where the buckle is, and down to his opposite hip. There’s a small pouch on the strap near the front to hold rings in. When on a mission, though, Dranar finds somewhere to stash it and just wears the holsters and guns in an X with the guns resting at his sides under his arms.

While one might not expect someone as serious and sometimes dry as Dranar to be one for jewelry, despite the stereotypes leveled towards dragons, Dranar does sport a few pieces. First is the circular, red and white pendant. It bears no special significance; it is just a trinket that caught his eye one day, colored glass in a circular metal frame on some black string. The person that sold it to him stated that it was an abstract representation of the sun. In addition to that, Dranar has also received a pendant from Ronia. It is one that Adair carved, and is in a somewhat tribal design. Ronia wears a matching one, signifying their love and their commitment to each other. Of course, there is one more piece of jewelry that signifies that better than any other: the simple golden wedding band Dranar wears on his left ring finger.
Dranar’s a relatively easy going guy, or at believes himself to be. While he was saddened by the loss of the Silver Guns, he didn’t take it nearly as badly as his father did. He’s relatively smart, and well seasoned by years of experience, but still has a tendency to be more trusting than some would say he should. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand, unless the person has done something horribly nasty against him, his family, or his friends. However, he is easily frustrated, and will resort to anger when the situation pushes one too many of his buttons.

The first thing on Dranar’s priority list is family. He loves his parents very much and would do anything to protect them and to make them happy, doubly so for his wife, Ronia. This does make him a bit of a momma’s boy, however. Dranar would also never knowingly do anything to hurt or break up a family of any kind. Some would think that this would put a bit of a crimp in his given profession, but Dranar has spent quite a bit of time meditating on the morality of what he does, and believes he has found a suitable middle path. Dranar also knows that his father started the Silver Guns based on honor and integrity. They would never take a mission unless they thought it was for a good cause. Following in this spirit, Dranar would never take on a mission he considered evil.

As one can expect from a person in his situation, he has gone through his share of ups and downs. His tendency to over-think situations tends to cause him the most worry, as he will spend a lot of time antagonizing over whether he made the right choice, or the smart choice, and whether or not he will come to regret his actions. Of course, he also has to deal with the classic issue of making the ‘right’ decision versus the ‘smart’ one.

Like most people, Dranar’s experiences in the Other Mobius have left a mark on his psyche. The sudden jolting change of memories from the months of time spent and coming back, along with the lingering out-of-body and out-of-mind feelings towards people both familiar and strange still stands as a slight shadow at the back of his mind. Dranar fights back against these feelings with both meditation and by attempting to keep the ‘other Dranar’ as a separate entity in his mind. The latter is helped by the fact that he did not start to have his normal self start to crack back to the surface like many others.
Silver Guns, headed by L.W. Silverscale, was a fairly well respected mercenary group on Mobius. They were known for their honesty, loyalty, and their dedication to getting the job done as quickly and as cleanly as possible. Their main office was in Station Square, housing a deployment area, training facilities, and some apartments for the higher ranking members. However, no amount of training or people could prepare them for what happened that day, nearly a decade ago.

Many of the members were standing around in the lounge or in one of the training areas. A few were already up in their apartments cleaning up after the earlier events. Eggman, having been beaten once again by Sonic and company, had launched a missile at Station Square. The members of Silver Guns were quick to mobilize, but by the time they got there Eggman was already engaged by the young genius Tails. They quickly spread out among the crowd and herded them away, relegating themselves to shepherds. Tails’ battle was short lived, and the mercenaries decided to leave the scene and let the young sidekick revel in his glory.

However, that revelry was short lived. Chaos, the god of destruction unleashed by Eggman, had just consumed its seventh Chaos Emerald. It made its entrance in a grand, if horrific, style, flooding Station Square with its aqueous form. The Guns on the lower levels and in the training areas were crushed and drowned almost instantly from the crashing wave. Those that were in the upper levels were much luckier. The force and pressure of the water was greatly lessened and the worst that happened was getting dragged out and having to tread water for a while.

The luckiest one, in both a good and bad sense, was L.W. himself. He and his family had taken a vacation in their summer house in Emerald Coast. As soon as the situation had died down in Station Square and the police were letting people in, L.W. rushed over, leaving his wife, Angela, and son, Dranar, at their summer home. The area looked grim; there were millions of rings of damage easily, not to mention the lives lost. It was even grimmer at the Silver Guns HQ, where L.W.’s second-in-command, a hawk named Zephyr, was busy leading the few other survivors from the apartments in a clean-up effort. They were franticly searching the entire building for any survivors or anyone who might still be saved. Unfortunately, their search was for naught. Everybody they found had either been crushed by the force of the wave or had been knocked senseless by it and drowned trying to make their escape. The survivors arranged the bodies, neatly laying them side by side in the lounge. After paying their respects with a moment of silence, L.W. sent the other three home to check on their families and friends. Zephyr, saying that he knew nobody in the area, refused. He wanted to stay with L.W. and help him through the heart-wrenching task of informing the next of kin.

Over the next few weeks, L.W. grew more and more depressed and mopey, having attended many funerals for his fallen friends and compatriots. Zephyr visited a few times to console him and ask about the future of the Silver Guns, though L.W. clammed up whenever he brought them up. Eventually after enough asking, he snapped at his second-in-command, telling him that the Guns were dead and buried.

Enter his son, Dranar. Seeing his father so saddened by the loss of his compadres, Dranar vowed to cheer his father up. He started simple, trying to play games or make him laugh with some dumb jokes and balancing tricks. He was used to getting at least a chuckle from his father when he did them as a kid. Despite his efforts, L.W. was still deeply depressed. Dranar talked to his mother, who was also very worried about her husband’s condition. Unfortunately, she had little idea other than to let L.W. sort through it himself. Respecting his mother’s wishes, Dranar stopped trying to cheer his dad up. He moved on to getting ready for the upcoming school year.

And so life went on for the Silverscales. Dranar continued his schoolwork, L.W. moped around the house all day, and Angela went back to work as a doctor at a local clinic in the Emerald Beach area (She had been the Gun’s medical staff.), since L.W. wasn’t doing much of anything anymore. Years passed, and Dranar was faced with the decision of what to do when he left school. Much to his credit, the young dragon had already come up with a plan. During the summer when he was 17, he sought out his father’s old second-in-command. His plan: To try and re-found the Silver Guns. He figured that not only would this cheer his dad up, but give him some good scratch to start something else with once he gets his dad back on his feet. After some nonchalant questioning of his mother and some digging in his dad’s files, he finally came up with the place, a small hut located in the Wild Canyon zone. He left under the guise that he was going to hang out with some friends, and instead made his way towards the house. When he got there, his father’s friend was sitting on a rock spire jutting out over the ocean, meditating. Dranar landed behind him, and before he could ask about his plan, Zephyr and announced the beginning of training. Apparently, Dranar had been expected. Zephyr had figured that his son would come to try and repair his father’s legacy. The rest of that summer was spent with Dranar sneaking out to his new mentor’s hut and training in such things as basic marksmanship and simple martial arts. This was hard for Dranar, as this was all very new to him and he was easily frustrated. However, he was determined to see his plan through and kept with his training. When school started back up, he still managed to make time on the weekends to go and train. His mother had her suspicions, but couldn’t figure out quite what he was doing. She dismissed her worries thinking that every kid has their little secret adventures. Dranar had a few close calls with poor performance in class, but managed to kick his scaly butt into gear enough to keep his secret from coming out. After the year had ended, and he had graduated, he redoubled his efforts in training. At this point, his parents were getting worried. Any questions as to what he was going to do now that he was out of school were met with silence or a segue. At the end of the summer, though, all their questions were answered when Dranar announced his plan to restart the Silver Guns. His mother seemed worried about his safety, but his father reacted much differently. L.W.’s eyes lit up for the first time in years, and he quickly dashed off to his study. He came back with a present for his son, a silver pair of pistols, the namesake of the Silver Guns, still sitting in their holsters. Dranar hugged his father and thanked him. He then received a hug and a kiss from his mother, who was holding back tears. He returned the hug and said some comforting words before grabbing his backpack and heading out the door and down the road to Capitol City.

Since then, Dranar has been through much and learned even more about the nature of being a mercenary and a hero. His adventures have taken him across all of Mobius. He’s made many friends and enemies, and due to the nature of his profession – and some may argue his nature and his personality – some of those enemies turned friends. Along the way, he also found out more about his heritage and family, about life, and love. Speaking of love, he is currently married to the love of his life, Ronia Talontide. He has also graduated from college with a dual major in History and Literature.
Dranar currently resides in the small seaside village that Ronia grew up in, in her childhood home that had been given to them by Ronia's parents.
-Smart, book wise, with an emphasis on History and Literature, but also quick to pick up other subjects.
-Strong sense of justice
-Good reflexes and resilient.
-Martial Arts training – Dranar’s style is mostly defensive, relying more on counters than straight-up attacks, though he has a few good kicks in his repertoire.
-Gliding, swimming, and fire-breathing ability.

-His love of his family would make him very susceptible to someone taking them hostage
-His morals and values may get in the way some times.
-He can get impatient with some people and is easily frustrated.
-He is very weak to cold.
-He is not particularly strong.
Twin Pistols – A pair of silver pistols that belonged to his father and are the name sake of the Silver Guns that he founded. ((Think silvered colored Berettas if looking for a RL example)). They were etched with names, “Bahamut” on one, and “Freya” on the other. Early on, Dranar hadn’t practiced with these weapons at first, but now that he has some experience under his wings, he has gotten much better with them. They are small caliber pistols with good sized magazines and a fast firing rate, designed more for accuracy than damage.

Heated Clothing - Described in detail in the appearance section, these are basically articles of clothing with heating elements running through them. They aren't that flexible or light, but the alternative for cold-blooded Dranar is freezing to death. He's just going to have to put up with the lack of mobility. There are also dials for controlling just how much heat the elements give off, one inside the jacket's left breast, the other in the right pocket of the pants.

Martial Arts Training – Dranar does not subscribe to any particular school of fighting, instead following his mentor’s teachings to find what works best for him and practice being the best Dranar he can be. Overall, his style is not one of power, but instead attempts to work with Dranar’s speed and cleverness to be able to read and react to an opponent’s moves before dodging and countering.

Gliding – Dranar has worked on his flying endurance and can glide almost indefinitely in the right conditions now. Still can’t carry too much, but he can manage a lighter Mobian.

Swimming – Dranar can swim fairly well, having taken lessons while living in Emerald beach. He can give himself a burst of speed by flapping his wings, but only so often.

Fire Breathing – Due to the potion he received from the trial he endured in the desert, Dranar is now able to exhale blasts of flame. He’s been practicing with it and can use it for an extended period of time, however, he’s honor-bound to use it sparingly, and only when the situation demands it.

Silver Streak – The Extreme Gear board he got as part of Eggman’s EG tourney. A Tier 3 flying type, it is actually more green than silver, and has fan shapes on the back which are shaped similarly to his ears.

Energy Magazines – A gift from Doc Cruller, the weapon smith who crafted the two pistols his father used, these magazines allow Dranar to use his pistols to fire chaos-energy blasts. Each of these four magazines has a different function, different color, and a different shot capacity. The white mag fires basic energy shots and requires a recharge after 10 shots. The red mag fires a heated burst of energy capable of melting parts of armor or setting things ablaze. The blue mag fires a super-cooled blast capable of freezing things. The yellow mag fires a burst of electricity capable of stunning living beings or scrambling electronic ones. Each of these three require recharging after three shots. In order to be recharged, all Dranar has to do is attach a chaos drive to it and wait 10-20 seconds.

“Logic Laser” – Not a laser in a literal sense, but the combination of his smarts and his attitude, along with his practice discussing and debating in his classes, has led to him developing this “ability.” This is the name for when Dranar gets a flash of insight when presented with a “stupid” or flawed argument. Using this, he burns a hole through his opposition’s argument, sometimes also targeting their weak spots for massive rhetorical damage.
Thanks to Liz for the drawing. :)

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