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Pitus D
Original Character


Chaotic Good

A black furred Fox who, from a distance, resembles Tails. Upon closer inspection, several features stick out. First, his right hand ends in a curved hook, similar to Captain Hook's. His right leg is longer than his left one, and he wears large and heavy shoes to correct this imbalance. He also wears sunglasses with severely scratched lenses over his face, and appears to have a smug grin on his face at all times.

To augment this bizarre appearance, he wears very baggy acidwashed jeans and a strange armor-like vest. The vest has shoulderpads with bent spikes on them, which appear to have been primitively added by the wearer's poor metalworking skills. This crazy character also wears a very long yellow-and-green striped scarf, which often trips him up and gets stuck in various doors. On his remaining left hand is a single white glove, with the fingers cut off (as if by scissors) and the number '2' drawn on the palm with a black magic marker.

This mobian's teeth are crooked and one of his eyes are wall-eyed. He wears the glasses to hide this, although his terrible accuracy confirms the lack of vision he has. He also wears a red lizardskin belt, holstered into which is a very primitive looking blackpowder pistol, which has a variety of strange, unrecognizable runes on it. (None of which actually represent anything.) Loaded into it are a variety of dagger-like projectiles. On this same belt are several compartments containing these projectiles, the powder needed to fire it, and a watch which ticks backwards.

He also has a single scar running vertically from the top of his forehead down to where his nose starts. His hook is attached rather primitively to his wrist by a series of metal joints and surgical fusions. Upon it is marked the old logo of G.U.N., and a tag hidden inside his sleeve indicates it is for 'experimental usage only.' Naturally, it is coated in rust and squeaks loudly when moved by the user.

Rounding off the generally unstable character is his boots. They're black and shiny, with lead soles. While these soles prevent Pitus from running too fast and injuring his legs, they occasionally come in handy as weapons or anchors. A good kick from one of these CAN be dangerous, however this is a rare thing to be threatened by. In the boot of the longer leg is an extended compartment on the ankle, where often a bottle of alcohol is stored. Other sorts of bottles and devices can be concealed within.
A very unstable, fickle, and delusional character, Pitus does not take stock in the status quo. Rather, he wishes to be far above it. Due to his horrible past and bleak future, he refuses average life for one of constant fighting, drinking, and the occasional good deed. He is highly reckless, and one to charge head first into dangerous situations without concern for his own life. Furthermore, he is prone to insulting whoever he targets with a variety of strange insults he picked up on the internet, such as 'YOUR MOM', or 'STFU.' Along with his, he occasionally announces his love of pie to everyone, even though it is rarely warranted.

He believes himself to be the best fighter in the world, and also to be superior to all of the 'Sonic Heroes.' Anyone who challenges this notion is immediately considered a foe and attacked; however he seriously lacks in the combat aspect. To reinforce his delusion, he often drinks and even more often attempts to cast 'spells' at the enemy--although they never work. When beaten, he insists that it was Eggman's fault, and then escapes. While he is quick to fight, he is also quick to run.

If that wasn't bad enough, he claims to be superior due to his body, which was supposedly made from 'The DNA of all the Sonic Heroes'! However, this is more delusion. He is no more stronger than a wet sock, and, in fact, likely to be beaten by common civillians. His ability to confuse and distraction people, though, is unmatched, as his loud and callous insults combined with his unstabilized body tend to annoy everyone within a few meters.

He also strongly hates all organizations which have committed any measure of evil. To this end, Klein Toys, G.U.N., The Eggman Empire, and most mercenaries are considered enemies of the 'Sonic Heroes' whom he worships. He even believes himself to be a 'Sonic Hero' himself, and will loudly proclaim this in every battle. At the same time, he seems to always trip or run into something, which may be some sort of disorder. While mentally inept, he seems to have a small amount of awareness that he is living in a dream world. As a result, he sometimes temporarily halts his insanity to say something, usually a stereotypical message said by the heroes he loved on television, like 'Don't try this at home, kids!' before then continuing his inane banter.

His life is completely aimless, and he sticks to no one area. Rather, he relentlessly pursues all of the famous figures in the world, attempting to either beat them down or find out everything he can about them. Despite countless failures, even the smallest success gives him enough confidence to continue. That said, he never seems to put any stock in himself, except when in relation to those he keeps on calling 'Sonic Heroes.'

While this person is strongly hilarious, his persona is highly influenced by his lack of parents and dreadful history as a G.U.N. lieutenant. He searches for authority figures and copies them in an attempt to give himself an identity, while in truth lacking any such thing. Some day he may realize his clowning around is an identity of itself; but for the time being, he remains posessed by his fandom.
Born to his parents, both of whose identities are top secret due to their involvement in an even more secret G.U.N. project, Pitus was intended to be the result of a genetic project. Having seen the abilities of the various 'Sonic Heroes', the nefarious geneticists at G.U.N. wished to have their own superhero to triumph their way over all others. While it is unknown exactly who his parents were or who did the research, the definate plan was to mix together the good qualities of all of the influential good guys in order to create a super-clone of sorts.

But, to the contrary of what one might hear from Pitus, the project was relatively routine, and failed just like the others. He had a walleye, one leg was longer than the other, and his mental ability was considered 'below average.' His parents, however, still loved him, and for a short time he lived with them outside G.U.N.'s watchful eyes. This time was what made sure he had the capacity to live; enough normal life to make him a somewhat functional member of society. However, at the early age of 3, his parents were killed. Both of them.

Again, Pitus would be quick to claim Eggman killed them both, however the truth is far different. During the events of Sonic Adventure, the Egg Carrier 2 was shot down by Chaos. To the heroes, it appeared to have simply crashed--but they didn't seem to care that it had crashed in the midst of Station Square. It, in fact, hit a number of homes in the higher areas of Station Square, killing many people on impact. The resulting fires burnt down the house Pitus was raised in and burnt his formerly silver fur to pure darkness, and his parents were said to have lost their lives in the destruction.

Now an orphan, he was picked up by a travelling hermit, who taught him the way of Kickboxing. But his aim was not noble; no, he turned Pitus into a common thief, who became notorious for stealing items from poor grocers. A couple years as a pickpocket went by, and he began to realize the horrible nature of his conditions. He first heard about Sonic and Tails around this time, and how they had saved Station Square. Due to the fragile and warped nature of his mind, he took it to heart that, had he been more like them, he could have saved his parents.

At the age of 7, he experienced yet another shock in the merry-go-round of disaster that was his life. The hermit wound up stealing some important G.U.N. documents instead of a briefcase of money one day, and was detained, later to be mentally conditioned and released with no knowledge of Pitus or the documents he stole. Pitus was confiscated by G.U.N., and summarily put into their ranks as an officer. Despite his lack of effective combat skills, he managed to make his way up by distracting the enemy while his more skilled colleagues finished the mission.

Having to constantly eat at a cafeteria in his barracks, he started eating nothing but pies, apparently having a taste for them that may have dated to his ruffian days. He gained the nickname 'Pieface' from his older peers, and the name stuck, mostly because he was always eating them. Despite being younger than many of them, his distraction and escape skills were so handy that he eventually made his way up as a lieutenant. It was with this promotion he received boots he still wears today--ones made specifically to allow him to walk normally despite his abnormal legs.

This position was both precarious and accidental; a computer error as well as Pitus's records being confused for that of one of the more successful genetically altered beings allowed him to assume a rank which had nothing to do with him. Wearing full G.U.N. regalia, he bravely showed the enemy how G.U.N. lacked quality control with their soldiers. In truth, he was overshadowed by the other soldiers, who defected or died. He stayed with the group even after a variety of important commanders and leaders left it, and insisted that he would die first before leaving his post, despite actually leaving his post repeatedly to escape enemy attacks.

It was in one of his many escape attempts he lost his right hand. Distracting a variety of criminal syndicate members, one of them actually shot at him first and hit him in the hand. This was a minor injury, but it was to be complicated by the fact that Pitus has an abnormal immune system. Within days, his hand was rendered useless. Dramatically, he proclaimed he would live without it; but, needing some sort of implement to grasp with, he requested the oddest replacement limb known to man and mobian-kind: a hook. The baffled researchers quickly attached one, although none of them believed it would be useful.

But it did come in handy; against a particular group of sword-wielding mobians who had been attacking the outskirts of town, he managed to hold his own. Well, sort of. He foolishly charged head-first into battle, and his forehead flew straight into his enemies' sword, giving him a massive cut. This shocked the barbarians so much that his supporting group captured them all without a single drop of blood shed (by them). Despite his questionable abilities, Pitus remained lieutenant, and for a time, again, he lived a good life.

This would all change, of course, on the day he had to investigate his hometown. Some sort of uprising had occurred there; the general union strikes by the train workers, which got out of hand every so often. On his way there, he discovered none other than an aged and forgetful version of his thief mentor. He turned from the battle and spoke to him, only to be shocked to find the mentor unable to recall his face. He began to doubt his credibility, wondering if he had merely hallucinated his past and that he was somebody else.

Walking into the wreckage of his former house, just nearby (developers cited the area as 'worthless' and thus never rebuilt), he found more stunning things. First, he found a gun with weird runes on it, apparently made for him. It was, in reality, a cheap toy, but he clung onto it. He also stumbled upon a half-burnt book about operating antique guns; apparently, one of his parents had collected those. This, along with some strange spear-like projectiles, all assumed their places in his arsenal.

But what sent him over the edge was when he found the burnt remains of his papers. There, he was labeled 'Failed Test Subject' and 'Unfit for Service.' He had called himself Pitus for as long as he could remember, but found on this form two fields: one for the project, which was named 'Project Pitus', and a second for his real name. His real name, however, had been lost in the fire; it was illegible. To add to his anguish, his last (or middle) name of D. was actually the grade his body received from the researchers.

Fueled with anguish, armed with a mockery of a gun, and with the only sure thing in his mind being the fame and perfection of the Sonic Heroes, he snapped entirely, renouncing his G.U.N. position and consigning his uniform to lay in the place where he found his papers. He immediately took his papers and went to a nearby thrift store, where he quickly improvised a new outfit. With some paperclips, a lighter, some old armor from a pre-G.U.N. era, some worn out pants, and worthless sunglasses, he pretended to be the next member of the 'Sonic Heroes', and resolved to destroy evil just as they had done.

G.U.N., dismayed at finding his desertion and realizing they had been duped, began to send their men after him, only to be interrupted by the events of the Klein Toys storyline. As a result, they never got to the bottom of Pitus D., and to this day Pitus D. roams the world, searching for a fight--and, perhaps, his true identity.
Pitus lives in the streets and steals money from his foes, presumably to give this money to the poor. However, he is poor, so he conveniently gives it to himself, allowing him to live comfortably anywhere in the world. Due to his way of stealing only from immoral people, he manages to evade the wrath of most authority figures.
A major part of Pitus' persona, but also a part of his backstory, he deals in a special form of fighting considered 'Drunken Kickboxing.' In this, he often drinks to excess and then attempts, in vain, to hit anyone he can with punches and the rare kick. He also has a tendency to attempt to cast 'magic' on the foe, although the only possible result is him making dramatic gestures and nothing more.

The only known injuries caused by him are accidental; occasionally he steps on his opponents toes or trips on them. He may also punch objects in the background, accidentally causing them to hurt his foe. Any knowledgeble fighter can avoid these, though, and typically he is beaten to a pulp. At which point, he dramatically vanishes in a small explosion. In truth, he hurls a mixture of blackpowder and liquor to the ground with a small fuse, and leaps very far as it explodes. This explosion will do no harm other than possible eyebrow singing. It has also occasionally knocked wigs off of people's heads.

In the unlikely event he fights sober, his aim is still weak and his technique abysmal. But his kicking is likely to hit and cause some serious pain, as his boots are lead-soled. He moves too slowly to chase anyone, though, and will still attempt to escape, even if he has his foe nearly beaten. He does, however, succeed often in stealing objects. For this reason, one should not fight Pitus with anything of value near or on them.
Should he obtain the chaos emeralds, or even one of them, his special ability with them is to create a mindblowing show of power: he fires an insanely powerful deathray straight up, away from all possible targets, possibly hitting something in outer space, before then collapsing and causing the emeralds to fly away at near supersonic speeds. While this attack is worthless in direct combat, a stray emerald can seriously harm whatever it accidentally hits.

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