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Chaotic Good

Being a precursor to the somewhat successful E-100 series, Rusty has a bit of the past robots and the robots to come in him. He is primarily blue and silver, with yellow palms. He also has an'E' painted on his front and back. Since he was created before the E-100 series, he has some very old parts, combined with the 'newest' parts of the time. He has silver eyes, which seem to operate in strange ways. He could possibly emulate the E-100 series, but it would require some parts that have become rare, not to mention stealing them from Eggman. He is bulky as well as literally rusty. His right arm has an oversized sleeve on it. He was full of holes, dents, and has a siren stuck to his head, as well as part of a light pole stuck in him, acculumlated through two battles with some sort of mutant mobian and some others. However, with the work of a nearby mechanic and Jules, he was restored to mint condition. A few more battles, though, wound up turning the rather bright orange paintjob into a darker orange. He seems to be able to repair damage to his appearance now, so it's no longer an issue.
Rusty seems to be an unfeeling machine. Everything must be decoded into a logical format for him. When in battle, he prefers for the quickest, cleanest way to finish things. This is due to his need to be fast and efficient--even though Eggman is no longer in control. He is highly defensive of those that are on the 'protect' protocol, and will attack all who attempt to harm them. He is fairly indifferent to others, and sometimes downright cold. However, thanks to his acquisition of new technology, he has some basic etiquette knowledge. He is also a loner, and prefers to be alone or with only a few people than a crowd. For some reason, he is always on the lookout for the newest upgrade.
He is also unintentionally goofy, buying strange objects and mimicking various other objects, when he isn't crashing into mailboxes. He even seems to have some strange sense of humor... no one knows where this came from.
A creation of Eggman to begin the new generation of humanoid-like robots, Rusty had a lot of promise for his future. However, due to failure of critical tests, and glitches, he was shelved. He sat in a small storage facility on Mobius for a long, long time. Rain and weather seeped into the facility, and wore down integral memory chips. (This was over a long period of time, if he walked in the rain it would not effect him like this) A lot of his operating data was corrupted. Upon a reboot sparked by a short in his power system, he began attempting to move... but due to extensive damage, that was nearly impossible. After many, many attempts to backup all the corrupted data, he managed to throw together a functional layout. His basic commands were in place, but due to his data being heavily damaged, he literally had no clue as to what was going on. After restoring his data from a backup, he began to restore data. Eggman's commands had to be filled... however, Eggman was also the one who had ordered him destroyed after he failed multiple tests. His basic survival programming stated that he must destroy those who seek to destroy him, and anyone who attacks him is generally an enemy. So, this got Robotnik on the enemy list. However, this left another question: Why protect Sonic and company? There was no revenge programmed into the robot, let alone the difficulty of overriding these programs. It would take dedicated hacking to modify this.... however, as it turned out, it was pretty simple. The data for these programs had been corrupted, thus they didn't exist. As it is, he is still checking his programming. A while has passed, and Rusty's frame has been heavily upgraded. His data has been stabilized. Furthermore, he has acquired the latest data from his new house. As time wore on, Rusty's true function became apparent. He was made to absorb other technology and make it apart of his frame. As it turns out, this ability was far more useful than originally thought. After painstaking work, Rusty managed to restore higher function to this ability--though it still works slowly. It's rarely used, though.

Of course, now, his ability has come in handy many times. He has integrated a variety of objects into his frame, including a light from the top of a street light, some parts of a police siren, and the best yet, some stolen pistols. These stolen pistols are highly powerful, but unwieldy and have a huge recoil. Nevertheless, they are highly useful.

Rusty has fought many times now. He has survived being shot at by Uzis, and even taken on Beangirl twice. Unfortunately, each time, he was all but destroyed. However, he has found out that a direct electric attack is highly effective against most robots. Thus, whenever he can repair that unsightly hole in his chest, and make his right arm work correctly, he may just find new and dangerous things to use electricity with.
He lives in Jules's garage, now, masquerading as a trash can. While he might look somewhat suspicious, the only indication that he's up to something is when the so-called "trash can" is missing. As of yet, no people have actually tried to use him as a trash can... and no garbage trucks have actually tried to pick him up. Let's just hope it stays that way.
Microwave Cannon: This new creation, made from a rifle, the anti-grav system of a hoverbike, and various joints, hinges, a junked out microwave gun and cases of junk weapons, can easily destroy anything that runs afoul of Rusty. Thanks to Dr. Execrable's microwave gun, Rusty has been able to make the weapon heat based. It can melt stuff, set things on fire... oh yeah. It also makes a mean taco! Due to the more efficient setup, the weapon also uses slightly less power. However, it is far from being more than a nuisance to the trained enemy.
Fists: Rusty's fists are good enough to punch the average person around. The problem? They move really, REALLY slow. It fits right in with the theme of slow and powerful.
Electric Punch: Should things get desperate, Rusty will burn a lot of energy in order to quickly nail someone with a punch. This punch will both knock them back and zap them some.
Dualcannon: Using two pistols stolen from enemy E-100 series 'bots, Rusty opens fire, spraying lasers of purple death about. They aren't too accurate, but when they do hit, they usually lay on the pain, for sure.
Rusty can take a TON of damage without being completely disabled (I.E. unconsious without a chance of self-repair or basic movement), but the problem is, he doesn't work for Robotnik. So while Robotnik knows how to repair his own robots... car mechanics and electricians can only do so much. As it is, there is still some lingering damage which cannot be repaired by anyone but someone skilled in repairing E-100 series robots.
Rusty was once just a normal E-bot, sitting in storage, waiting to be used or otherwise utilized by his creator. Unfortunately, a mysterious flood wiped out the storage facility he was in. When Rusty woke up, he essentially had amnesia! He didn't know what he was... where he was... or what purpose he had. The water had destroyed countless files which would have given the wayward bot a clue. Over a period of several days, Rusty eventually restored his systems, and wandered about, gaining his bearings. Even after being repaired, his only ties to his previous existance is some old components and basic-level databases on various Eggman Empire projects. Even that is heavily outdated.
Rusty is a strange character. He is fascinated by technology, and will often dissassemble mundane electronic devices to find out how they work. His systems are also very strange, due to the amount of data corruption and glitched data. However, he manages to exist without trouble despite the obvious problems from data damage.

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