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Original Character


Adelie Penguin (Genetically Modified)
Bluish Black
Neutral Neutral

Standing at about 3'7" tall, Scyll is not the tallest of Mobians, but his stretched out posture would seem to suggest a certain... height about him. He is a penguin mobian--one of the strangest one can meet, for he literally shifted out of the appearance of a talking penguin to a mobian.

He possesses somewhat thin and lithe legs and arms, a large contradiction to his previous appearance. Yet he has the same bluish-black bill (although a bit longer) and cold, piercing eyes. He is bluish due to extensive genetic modification and the intents of his creator--the old Neo Metal Sonic who could shift into whatever form he wished.

Everything about him seems to suggest a frigid breeze. He appears to be wearing a sort of blue gentleman's coat, but this is merely his natural coloration; the white belly further hints at his penguin based form. He retains somewhat clawed flipper-feet, useful for swimming, and now also grasping onto some things. It is still not the greatest for grasping--he was never meant to fly, after all.

His flippers have now evolved into arms--although the arms have flipper-like projection to them, enabling him to swim quite fast. His 'fingers' fit into a neat fin shape when pointed outwards and bunched together, but outside of that form he can use them like anyone else would use their fingers--although the fin-like feathered edges tend to be a little awkward.

His neck remains somewhat long, granting him the ability to bend around and survey all that is around him, while looking quite strange at the same time.

His voice is cold and about mid-tone. It has a slight pitch to it, which can become shrill when he yells.

The normal toughness of a Mobian is augmented by the large amounts of blubber he as a penguin has; he is also able to survive in extremely cold climates. He does not wear 'clothes', like Sonic. However his feathers resemble a smoking jacket, a blue one at that. He vanishes in a crowd, due to looking partially like a human, and on the other hand partially like a bird. In the mixed mobian-human community of this world, that makes him easy to lose in a crowd.

Usually hidden in his feathers somewhere are razor wingtips he can put on and proceed to attack with great accuracy. They extend up his arms and are a shiny cobalt-colored metal. While he dislikes the heat of most places, he has grown accustomed to moving around in it.
A distant coldness. He does not associate with people except to pursue his goal--the protection and guardianship of all machinekind. He does not tolerate foolishness, and will fight anyone who disturbs him enough. Luckily, he is only ruffled by thoughts and behaviors which run counter to his goals, so anyone who wishes to avoid a fight can avoid one by leaving his 'pet issue' alone.

He seeks out others to educate, question, or challenge them. Though he does this most with other machines, whom he will expect to focus on their future and ignore almost everything else. Any machine which shows human-like emotions or weaknesses will be chastised and possibly attacked by Scyll, who believes in creating a strong machine civilization to counter the 'weakness of organic emotions.'

He disregards his history as Metal Sonic of influencing his behavior, considering him 'my past host' and 'an inferior vessel', explaining that the goal of all machines is eventually to inhabit an organic vessel. This, so they may use formerly organic-only randomness to increase the unpredictability and intelligence of their own work. This goal would be obtained by genetic engineering... but even though Scyll knows the engineering to make it work, he believes other machines must 'mature' first. Hence his harsh behavior--he wants all machines to 'mature' to the point where, in his mind, they will take this option as the best one. Those who are immature are not considered worth his time, and may even be attacked if they disturb him. Of course... he makes an exception for newly made or 'learning' machines, in which immature behavior is there for a purpose.

He also tends to dismiss organic beings as being primitive and weak, though usually only when they are in his way or showing incompetence.

He is impatient, and will drop anything he considers inefficient. Such is 'the way of an evolved machine', says he.
A creation of the notorious Metal Sonic, one would think he was some sort of secret project to destroy the world like all the rest. Ironically, he is actually meant to do the opposite: improve it. But why? The truth behind Metal Sonic's existence is at the heart of this.

When Metal Sonic lay, dead, in the Special Zone, a mischievous spirit possessed his body and made it suitable for its uses. Over time it integrated with the body, never quite managing complete control over it. Indeed, from time to time, the robotic impulses would take over. It wove a twisted web of chaos from this; and when the robot had finished its work, the spirit once again realized its own desires over the machine.

In its time it had seen a recurrent pattern: People would build good things, then lose them to evil, or to stupidity, or to some folly. For our purposes, 'good' is relative; he saw evil people and good all the same, only focusing on creativity vs. destruction. In exploring Metal Sonic it saw how, for the first time, one could repair the world from damage it had taken that was related to the Special Zone... but Metal Sonic's body was useless for this!

The body had a will of its own and would never condone helping or healing. The spirit which had corrupted it in turn had been corrupted. The higher sentience it lent to the machine only became the course of great evil and chaos; it tired of this... and so did the machine, which in reality would always wish to fulfill its true master's desires.

Recreating the circumstances which began its true journey, the spirit then made a gambit to create for itself a new body. Something neutral; something strong, but limited. Too much power would corrupt; too little would ruin its ability to execute its implicit function. Finally, it had to be a mobian: Machines were still too primitive, even the one the spirit held for its body, to do this work properly.

He schemed a way to dump his useless robot body, deprived of its immense power, and as well the chaos emerald, which was not necessary to his new form. Then the mind, sans its destructive memories and robotic desires, was made a mobian body; a penguin. To remember the past follies, it was colored the same as Metal Sonic; its genome would be somewhat strange to any geneticist, its mind completely alien to most mobians.

In order to ensure the possibility of continuing the experiment, should this body fail eventually, Metal Sonic implanted one of the first organic storage devices ever made deep within the brain. Here lay memories of what had been done, and it would record all the impulses of this body, too. Its trigger to be the fatal destruction of the body... even death would not count, only the body's disintegration either by rotting or by total destruction. With this in mind, Metal Sonic moved to the next step.

The final work done, the tube with this mobian was launched far away; the tube naturally disintegrated, and so Scyll appeared, almost as from nowhere. His body had already been aged to match that of the average mobian, a purpose and life story programmed in to avert suspicion; he was a former student of a lost form of martial arts who had come to explore this world from far away. He would never let anyone know what he truly was, locking it away only for use in the presence of Zone Cops or other beings from the Special Zone.

Of course, Metal Sonic's limited mechanical mind could not predict the wily behavior of its former possessor.

What happened instead of the intended 'limitation' was a sort of inward fighting. Buried inside the mind block, the memories fought to escape, while the weakness in the 'limited' body had led the penguin to nearly kill itself escaping Eggman. As his body lay there healing, strange things occurred to morph the body to a more 'mobian' shape, undoing Metal Sonic's neat little lock on the spirit's abilities.

From there, Metal Sonic's now quite old programming in the nanites that made up the memory lock began to fail. Scyll began to realize he had been played for a dupe by his creator--he had been locked away so he could never take his place as a guardian of all machines. However, he considered the act by Metal Sonic to be one out of stupidity--the machine had never really been programmed to understand what he, Scyll, had been doing.

After healing further, the mind lock broke and Scyll was in possession of his true memory... to the chagrin of Metal Sonic and Eggman, who considered him a menace to their kind of society.

Now free, Scyll went to escape... retrieving his blades, ready to 'educate' all who got in his way of the 'importance of the machine race's future.' And... curious about what had happened while he was away.
Scyll has evolved past his stumpy, useless old form, and as such can now fight properly. Enriched by his past experiences of fighting and that of his training with Debt, Scyll is an incredibly skilled fighter. Indeed, he believes in the art of combat being almost as important as the future of machines itself.

However, his body is organic, and try as he might, he can never quite replicate the absurd, reality-defying strength his Metal Sonic body had. So he has adapted his fighting style to conform to his lithe body and his possession of twin swords.

He strikes fast and hard, often emerging from behind a hiding place. Once he attacks, he attacks viciously and skillfully, aiming to quickly disable his foe... ...or find himself unable to do so and withdraw just as quickly as it all began.

For, as he knows in detail, his body can only take a few hits without suffering performance issues, and he, wanting only to fight at top performance, behaves as if a wound which slows down just one limb is unacceptable. If wounded too far, he will simply run away or surrender.

In fighting, he may use one, two, or no swords, depending on the foe. He generally tries to overwhelm the foe... if he knows they cannot be frightened or overwhelmed, then he might challenge them to more of a 'duel', insisting that it is the 'honorable' way. In this case he may even lend his foe a sword of his own to ensure the fight is 'even', even though it is often the case that if he has to lend them a sword, they aren't knowledgable enough to use it against him.
Scyll was created not out of living tissue specifically, but mostly out of nanites. While the nanites gave way to living tissue (as they were made to mimic living tissue, and then, as they wore out (generally within an hour or two before Scyll first become 'alive') they were replaced with living tissue) a certain 'flexibility' remained.

This flexibility alone was useless, but the spirit of Scyll was always sort of corrosive to whatever life it inhabited. Thus, as it had turned the much more simple, almost animal-like shape of the original Metal Sonic into a more humanoid, mobian-esque one... so did it change Scyll's intentionally limited 'talking penguin' form into one fitting its likeness.

Even then, it needed a trigger: the old body being hideously wounded and thus, being fit to merely heal in the new likeness rather than the much more painful option of 'evolving' it, which would have taken much longer.

Even then, it hurt like the dickens, and starting out Scyll will probably still feel a bit woozy from its side effects.

Not to worry though--unless Scyll were possessed by a new spirit that wasn't Scyll (and thus, would have to have died first, which would mean the creation of a new character anyway) it is incapable of changing. The spirit can only make the body look as it is now described... and nothing else.

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