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Ashes Darkmare
Original Character


Ashes Darkmare

Ashes Darkmare
Black and gray
Neutral Good

Ashes Darkmare, the first thing anyone would notice of Ashes is that she 5'7 in hight black and gray fur and her tails would flick about behind her, her ears are big and fox like they flick and twitch once in a while. She has a cheerful sing song voice(very good singer) Her body is very slim and sexy and a beautiful face. Yet very well build, the muscle tone can show that. Her body train and build like a weapon, the kick pads she wears wrap around her feet can tell she can really strike, The Kick pads colors are a black and orange like. This Hedgefox has long quills they are pretty much like hair, except when they would harden up if angry, there no quills sticking out of her back like other hedgehogs would this what makes her a hybrid for instead has two tails, also extra furry more fox like then hedgehog.

Her clothing are a white shirt with her sleeves looked to be torn from, other battles in the past with the bottom part of it where her stomach is at, is a little torn also from other battles, sometimes has the word knockout planted over the chest of her shirt, and blue shorts that are held up by a belt, and they go down to her thighs almost hillbilly like has patches here and there. Her hand and arms are wrapped in fighting athletic tape, on each fist there X drawn on the tape to tell her lifestyle. Over all she looks to be street fighter.

Her Darkside on the other hand, her color reverse like a ying yang sign, from black to white colored, her eyes look more darker as they are way more blacker and colder looking in words her eyes could creep people out if you stare at them to long. Her voice sounds more darker and more seductive like. Her face harden up not so soft and kind looking as before. Her clothing, shirt and shorts get a darker tone.
Ashes Personalty, is very free spirited sometimes bubbly, and she loves to look for a fight when it comes to her, over all she comes out cute and friendly. when you really get to know her she a real sweetheart, she would help out anyone in a jam almost seem like a goody, goody. If it wasn't for her dark side which is like a 180, makes her pretty much, a real bitch and very cold hearted to her enemies or her friends if she had any by then, for she wouldn't give a damn if she break a person heart by her own words or actions.

A real killer she becomes in her dark side, not just when she fight, but She would also gain a killing instinct that she wouldn't have normally, and her fighting becomes more aggressive and has no remorse for the person that messes with her. Ashes though when she returns to normal would have a hard time remembering her actions until it was to late, which saddens her to no end, and makes her feel even more sad when people stay away from her, and feel outcast after her dark side actions. Her depression and everything that she holds back deep inside of her helps fuels her dark side.

Ashes has a bad habit with Soda machines for they never work for her, so she gets very pissed off easy on her. She hates being made fun of, and her dark side comes out she brings all the anger that was held back and then "sorry Mister your going to die" like attitude comes into play.

Ashes can't control her dark side so it would come out at random times at anytime. Which makes it a fair warning to anyone, and explains her as a Rogue and being Neutral/Neutral.

But now after ridding Ashes from her evil side, Ashes is now Neutral/Good
Ashes past is very scattered in mystery, she don't remember any of her childhood, or did she even have a child hood at this case? Well, she was brought up in a castle owned by a Scientist by the name of Doctor Melissa Fox, there was so little of why she lived there at the time, but Melissa was more like a Mother figure to Ashes and her sister Silvia.

Ashes was very tall for the fact, she was living with Melissa who was a Scientist after all, and she had been through strange tests that made her abnormally large for a Mobian, and also explain her two tails as she was 'growing up' you can say.

When Ashes gotten older, she gotten into combat fighting, she wanted to become the best fighter in the world, became a student of the game, she had crafted her skills, after studying great fighters across the world, from the data, Melissa had collected for her, she has a mix style from it and very talented but little did she know she become so devoted to fighting and winning, she ended up reaching that wall a fighter gets in her life, which something she can't seem to get away from, and in the process created a monster.

After an incident in the castle due to Ashes dark side(or Evil Ashes) and for the fact Silvia had vanished and possibility be dead. Ashes decided it was best to leave her home. Ashes ended up being a lone traveler, out for adventure and any challenge that comes to her, And fine the person that taken her sister away from her and her purpose in life.

Ashes has met her line of enemies (other then dealing with herself), there seven evil dragons out to get her, these dragons are hybrids(half Hedgehog half dragons) and a big family of evil, there seven of them, these dragons have there own ambishions of domination, Ashes had fought these dragons hard, as they wanted to ruin her life, and the fact they was responsible for selling her Sister Silvia somewhere far away to some Overlander, that fuel the fire on Ashes hate for them.

Ashes had to defeat all Seven of them, in the end when it was just the leader(who name was Drygon) and herself, Drygon refuse to tell but when he was going to tell her it was to late as Ashes was minipulated by her dark side and killed him, which left Ashes in Mystery on where was Silvia....years have passed since, and so Ashes moved on from there.

Ashes became a world travel fighter, who went out and traveled to fine tournaments and making friend, but the main point of it all, what was her purpose to keep fighting? even if she had the demons that possesses her, the reason for that, is why she must keep fighting just to fine that out, her purpose in this world.

As she became 19 she ended up in Station square and on that day she met Killer, when confronting Mammoth Mogul on that beach in Emerald Coast which was the beginning of how her life changed forever.

Ashes also met a young Fox name Zero, they both was on an adventure together and battled Nocturne that Flying fox who loves exploding things, afterwards. Ashes met Greg, also Killer gave Ashes a mission to meet with the Klein Toys, little did she knew her future she ended up making the biggest mistake of her life...meeting that idiot Julio...

Because of Julio, Blue Armour Guy, unlocked the evil that was inside of Ashes, Sehsa was her name due too BAG Toy cars that force Ashes darkside out into full control, after a long summer of heck, for the hedgefox, Ashes was soon freed from BAG clutches as Sehsa personality was transfered to a armour body which that later turn into an android body.

Afterwards, Ashes help Killer deal with them Majins before the masterious demise of Mammoth Mogul, before going back home to Kingdom Valley, and lived with her mother, but after events of Silver the Hedgehog destroying Ashes home and laying Melissa into the hospital, Ashes now out there somewhere near by the hospital and taking care of Killer's son Wesley in the process.


Dr. Melissa Fox:

Mel is a very intelligent Vixan, who loves to build things, a computer geek and loves to study old artifact on the sidelines. She had taken care of Ashes, she holds the secret to Ashes past, and that secret is pretty much this, Ashes wasn't born as a mobian originally and it explains Ashes being so tall, Ashes was actually a human girl at one point, who was slowly dieing from an illness, and Mel so badly try saving her, after trying to perform studys on chaos energy, and it healing process, This was still in the research stage, but she takes that
high risk chance and performed it using the powers of the chaos emeralds to engulf her body, it not just healed her it also mutated her, gaining a Mobian body and what she become of today, and also the results of the chaos energy she can be able to absorb an limited amount of chaos energy that would help increases her fighting strangth and agility.

Melissa can aid Ashes from time to time, with anything useful that could help her and any of her friends, likes to flirt with the guys that come her way, has a thing for asking for other women's messurements *nods* for some odd reasons.

Note: Currently Melissa is now on her own again recovered from the hospital and now she accepted a job with GUN to work on the Space Colony ARK when it becomes operational again to help Mobius become a better place.

Melissa practise in medical Science and loves building machines and mechanical things..she be perfect in building a defence systems..but working on the ARK, GUN can take care of that one.

Silvia Darkmare

Yes, she's the sister of Ashes. Unlike Ashes, she was never gained the same illness, so was never given the option to be tested with chaos energy. Silvia is still a human girl. When she was only 11, she was taken away from Ashes and Melissa and was never seen since, she grew up now and works in GUN, but that will soon to be revealed.

Silvia's appearance is that of a human woman, with her height at 5'5, long black hair that touches to her lower back. Her largely rounded ruby eyes sparkle in the sunlight, hinting a bit of friendly nature within them from time to time.

She dresses in a vest and a blouse, a skirt. Like all other GUN officers she is trained to protect, armed with a hand gun and a light weighted Samurai sword. She also has some experiences with hand to hand combat, though she not as good as Ashes.

She's a little stubborn when it comes to getting things done, so beware to anyone who decides to make her impatient during a mission. The last time Ashes and Silvia saw each other they was still very young, but now, 13 years later, she will be even closeer to her sister whenever she gets the chance during her off duty time.
Formally in Kingdom Valley but now she could be anywhere
a Mix in martial arts, she a brawler, very well crafted in Kick Boxing Jujitsu and Wrestling, has a vicious british style uppercut that she can perform it in any direction.

She can channel her fighting force her ki (Note: uses a limited amount of Chaos energy) to help her strangth and speed increase and could fire balls of energy.
Strangths:1. great with close combat,
2. a quick learner,
3.and has a high thresh hold of pain, she could take a extreme amount of punishment before going down.

Weakness: 1. she a bit clumsy

2. gets charmed with a kiss.

3. when her stomach growls and is very hungry...she becomes useless until she has to eat.

4. Funny Bone cakes(Peanut butter filled chocolate cakes) its her criptanite in a yummy point of view xP

5. has trouble with people who fight from distences long range.
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