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green but can turn red when prevoked
silver and black
Neutral Good
meatal harbor

he is tall at 5,9 with green eyes that change color with his moods blood red when extreamly agitated or if he is in his demonic state he carrys a sowrd thats attached to his wrist called the arcana blade his abilitys range from aura magic to controling the elements like fire earth wind and watter he is partical to the element wind though unless in a demonic state then he will unlesh his full aura power and when he dose its devistateing to anyone in the way he can also use shinobi skills (mainly naruto ones) he can also turn into a falcon at will his family are long gone though cus the dark lord belzaba killed them when he beytrayed the elemental order (the order the horus and belzaba belonged before belzaba turned evil btw belzaba isent his real name)
he used to be vary fun loveing in his youth but now he is a vary vary quite person who likes his space and he likes to think about stuff alot and he only shows emotions when alone and dosent kid around he means every thing he says and he has a vary vary low talerence for stupidity and foolishness and he like praticeing his aura manipulation to remind him of the good parts of his child hood and he loves teaching outhers the art of aura

horus was born into a family and order of aura manipulaters (pepole who can control aura and the elements around them) with a brouther named belzaba (not his real name) when when both where 12 they completed there aura training and belzaba tryed to steal the arcana blade a vary powerful relic and the scrolls of atum the scrolls that teaches how to manplulate aura to make him self more powerful but he was stoped by horus and horus was about to kill him when belzaba distroyed the place they trained for 12 years leaveing only 7 surivers inculdeing him self and belzaba still has the scrolls but horus has the arcana blade horus often blames him self for the distruction of the aura order and seeks to kill belzaba or die trying
his home was a aura temple under green hill
he can manipulate aura and the elements around him he can use the aura to heal small wounds he can also turn into a falcon and a dragon at will
can turn into a falcon
can manpulate the elements
his arcana blade can slice through anything
and he can use aura spells to call apon demons
and can heal him self and outhers has a demon sealed in him and call apon it at will
if some one tugs his left ear is knocks him out cold
even though he can manipulate the elements and heal outhers it costs him alot on energy and he only dose it in extream emergencys and his demon though powerful can ingulf him and he wont know who is friend and who is foe

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