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Daniel Azran
Original Character


Neutral Good
Sonic Adventure 2- Sonic's Theme- It Doesn't Matter

Daniel Azran, when he wasin his original form, had yellow hair and blue eyes. He wasn't that tall, actually kinda short...
Now that he is a hedgehog, due to circumstantial events, his features are still about the same. He has yellow fur, and blue eyes.... and a blue nose. O_o
He's still short, but his legs are longer, and his torso shorter.
He has 5 tails that curl downwards....
Geez, that's gonna screw up his balance....
He also has a strange red aura going around him often, but it disappears when he's asleep.
He wears a shirt that's mostly blue, but there's a line going acorss his shirt diagnally, and behind that line, the rest of his shirt is red.
He has blue jeans with dark pockets, and that's only one of his outfits....
Once he wore a yellow shirt and pants to try and sneak into Dr. Eggman's base.... (his base was yellow O_O)
There was another time he had to go into camoflauge when Amy mistook him as Super Sonic... (how the hell did she manage to mess THAT up??)... when he came out of the shower.
He wore a red suit and curled into a ball next to Kunckles for a while, then ran home as fast as he could.
Yikes, I really hope I succeded in reaching 400 characters with all this information.... now I gotta do the backstory. DUN, DUN, DUUUUN....
Daniel Azran usually has a pretty positive attidtude, and he talks A LOT.....
When he is angry the red aura around him grows thicker and his tails grow larger.
He is really quiet at night, missing his friends back on his home planet. He's planning to try and use the Chaos Emeralds to get back home, but he has to convince Sonic and Knuckles to lend them to him.
He hasn't done to well so far....
Daniel Azran: Yo, Sonic.
Sonic: ?
Daniel Azran: I need the other 6 Chaos Emeralds....
Sonic: Why? <_<
Daniel Azran: Uhhhh.....
Sonic: Uh huh.... maybe later. -_-'
Daniel Azran: Kay. :(
See what I mean?
Anyways, he has a lot of personalities, and the aura seems to react to all of them.
When he is sad, the aura turns green, and when happy, it goes purple. When he is nervous the aura disappears slightly, and when scared it goes away altogether. Not that he's always scared...
Often he sits around, bored.
He misses the old days when he used to visit Mobius and fight Eggman, but he doesn't mind too much. Okay, he minds. Alot, actually. But most of the time he just draws pictures of his home.
He plans to find a cure and turn back to normal soon.
Again, I really doubt I made it to 400 characters, but there is always hope, am I right? :D
Nah, I realy don't have much hope right now. :(
Daniel Azran was originally a Zokoian, a race of humanoid aliens who live on Zoko, a planet that I came up with. That's right, I have my own comic series.... (it hasn't been published)
After the epic battle between his nemesis, Shaden Terrean, he came to Mobius to visit Sonic the Hedgehog, and he wanted to test something out.
All Zokoians have the ability to absorb DNA from any being.
Sonic gave him a random DNA sample, and, like an idiot, shoved it up Daniel's nose.
Note: when absorbing DNA, NEVER, EVER put it up your nose....
As a result, Daniel permanantly became a hedgehog.
Daniel Azran: Heheh, it was fun being a hedgehog. Now to become me again.
Daniel Azran: WHAT THE HELL?!
Sonic: Ooops....
Sonic: Yeah, I was going to say that, too.
Daniel Azran: You, you NOOB... YOU MADE ME A HEDGEHOG FOREVAH!!!
Sonic: You can stop spilling obvious crap now...
Daniel Azran: NO. NO!! YOU F**KIN' NOOB!!!
Daniel is now a hedgehog with no way back home.
Blah blah blah, end of story.
Daniel Azran now has a little house in Green Hill Zone, near Tails's Lab. Of course, he colored it red and blue....
Daniel can go at the speed of light, and can move water and ice. He is also able to create an armour out of ice. This armour does not lower his speed, but it lowers his agility.
Is invulnerable underwater.
Can use his speed for momentum and boost his attacks.
His defense is weakened around fire.
Underwater, he is not very fast, because he cannot swim well.
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