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Scar Lux Lightheart
Original Character


Scar Lux Lightheart

Red w/ blue highlights
Lawful Good
Broken Heart, by Motion City Soundtrack

Red hair
Spikey blue highlights
Yellow eyes
Typical white/cream-colored skin
Black fingerless gloves
Black and white shoes w/ white socks

He has also has a scar across his left eyes and 4 hairs jutting out of his forehead (kind of like Tails' hair).

He may also have also have red cheeks because he's easily embarassed. Whether it's pretty girls or being congratulated, Scar is CONSTANTLY blushing.

His nose is like Sonic's as well as his eyes. Mainly because the Chaos Emerald and the Master Emerald created him to resemble Sonic somewhat because of Sonic's heroic past.

Though his hair is NOTHING like Sonic's. Scar's hair is short and only hangs down to his shoulders.
Very friendly
Sometimes short-tempered
A bit cocky
Always helping those in need
Thinks on his toes

Short tempered because he hates being teased, so he usually loses his cool and blows up on people (metaphorically speaking of course).

A bit cocky because he THINKS he can handle just about everything, though mostly, he can't. He constantly needs help from his friends after charging into the situation without thinking it through first.
Scar was created from the Chaos Emeralds AND the Master Emerald. He was born as a 15 year old. His soul-purpose in life was to aid in the battle against Eggman while alongside Sonic and his friends.

When Scar met everybody and became their friend, he soon jumped into action and fought countless foes to protect the world. He even has a dark side to him, but I won't go into details.

Two years after he was born, bad luck struck him and he was killed by Eggman.

Scar then went to heaven, where he became a servant of God and thus received his middle and last names "Lux" and "Lightheart".

After returning to Earth, Scar continued to aid in the battle against evil.
In a meadow located in a forest on the outskirts of Station Square (he does have a house though somewhere in the forest).
Chaos Control (only while holding a Chaos Emerald)

Jump Boost (a gust of wind propells him even farther into the air after he jumps)

Future Eyes (gives him the ability to predict his enemy's movements before he/she/it makes them, though it only lasts for 2 minutes)
Very fast and rarely fooled

Clumsy when getting attacked by more than one person, easily distracted, and hardly watches out for his surroundings
Scar's dark side does not aid him in any way.

If his dark side manages to take control, he'll HELP Scar's enemies.

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