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Crystal the Hedgehog
Feature Character


Snow white
Neutral Neutral

She looks exactly like silver, except with a hoodie and girly. also, she has smaller symbols on her hands. I"m Serious!! She Looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM!! I"M REALLY SORRY I CANNOT GET A PIC FOR YOU GUYS!!:'( I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SORRRRY!!!!!!!! UMMM, SOOO... SORRY!!!!i'M REAL, REAL SORRY!!!!!UGH!! SO, anyways, she looks exactly as I just said!!!! oooooohh!! and by the way, she doesn't look 15... oops... Man..... Shouldv'e gotten a pic..... Darn it.......
She's a bit of a tomboy, and she likes to follow Silver around and bug him, because she likes him. She really,really,Really,REALLY, UnEXPLAINABLY HATES BLAZE. Hehe, I wonder why... MABYE BECAUSE SHE SAW A TRIBUTE OF SILVER AND BLSAZE!!! 0.0 OOPS... (I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE SHOWN IT TO HER!) Oh, You... Read.. That... Didn't you?? OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!!! ~SIGH~ oH wELLL..... GUESS YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW... (SHE ASKED ME TO DO IT ANYWAY~~~ I ORINGINALY SAID NO~~~)
She was an orphan, until Silver found her sneaking around in his garbage. He heard her rustling and decided to look around. "Hey! What are you up to?" he says as he walks towards her.At the time, Crystal was mute. She started to cry, when Silver realized what was going on, so, he took her in. Ever since then, Crystal's had a crush on Silver.
With Silver.
Telekinesis, Pschyokenisis, flying, and warping.
Silver is her strength and weakness. For example, if Silver does some awesome thing, Crystal will get stronger. But, if Silver gets hurt, uh oh.
Im Sorry I couldnt get a pic! She's Real cute though! aCTULLY, SHE'S ON ORINGINAL CHARACTER...

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