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Cream The Rabbit
Feature Character


Cream The Rabbit

Ashes Darkmare
Creamy peach fur and blond hair
peach color
Lawful Good

The first moment you see Cream, you would see a 3’7 rabbit eye candy, she be wearing a school uniform dress(she goes to School), with the skirt going down her hips and thighs, She keeps a book bag over her shoulders that has books, a laptop other materials for school, Paper, pencils etc. Cream has very long rabbit ears that goes down her lower back which helps her be able to fly in the air, and has hair that nearly touches her little cotton tail which she keeps braided into a ponytail, and her hair cover parts of her eyes. Her big rabbit feet and her strong legs are perfect for kicking, running and jumping. Her eyes are a light peach color that matches with her fur, the eyes give off a very gentle and innocent shine to them. When Cream walks, she would. Skip and frolic along humming to her self, running and jogging. always with a smile to the new day, She always accompany by a Chao called Monterrey Jack Cheese, Monty or just Cheese for short, always wearing a bowtie and looking cute, the Chao flies everywhere Cream goes never leaves her side, except for some exceptions.

When Cream not in School she would wear a shirt and jean shorts, again wouldn’t wear shoes, but her feet are wrap in white athletic tape that goes pass her ankles and almost touching her knees. She normally has that on when she plays soccer but she decided it best to wear it, remembering her child hood anything can happen.
Cream is very kind hearted girl, Very well manor and very smart (she wouldn’t have good School grades if she wasn’t?) don’t be fooled by how she acts, she can get down and dirty when she needs to be, for she has a love for sports, soccer mostly, which would give her a rugged, tough edge to her. She loves to help people when she not so busy with School that is, Cream is a very curious girl…which could cause her trouble in the future that for sure, interested in what some people do don’t matter it good or evil. Cream has a very cheerful attitude, a smile is the most important part of her day you can say, but seriously even if she kind and nice she would still have the mindset to break you’re nose if you try anything… oh yeah don’t make her mad either, you wont like her when she mad. But she would then say sorry for she feel bad after words, no matter who they are, how sweet of her huh?

Cream has a strong will, from her days helping to save her mother and helping in saving the world to out on the Soccer field where the championship game is all in her hands for victory, Cream has her fears, but she tries not to make them her weakness, yet she still has a fear for spiders if the spider is not friendly though, Also has a problem with small spaces being locked in a very, very small room makes her freak in horror. Cream likes to be treated with respect and doesn’t take attitudes of others to well if pointed at her. At times she gets very hyper when excited, it becomes a very Kawaii(Cute) Overload, so fear this girl with great fear…or maybe not ^^;
Cream grew up in a Rabbit village at a small age living with her mother Vanilla, as an only child, has no father due too his passing away from an accident 2 days after Vanilla was pregnant with Cream, Time flies by, As by the age of 10 she had adopted a chao name Monterrey Jack Cheese after it hatched in front of her eyes, on a bad day when the other rabbits in the village was making fun of her. and well soon after that her adventures begin when her mother was one day got sucked up by one of Dr. Eggman’s machines, Cream went on a Journey in an event called.

Sonic Advance 2:

Cream ended up meeting Sonic when she was attacked by Dr. Eggman, Sonic saved her from the Tyrant and then Cream wanted to join Sonic, just so she could save her mother. Sonic was surprised by Cream’s skills and decided to have Cream tag along as Sonic try rescuing his friends Tails and Amy, and convinced Knuckles he been tricked….again, The 5 Heroes ended up in Eggman’s new Space fortress and crossed him, with Super Sonic saving Cream’s mom in the end.

Cream was very happy and wanted to help Sonic out again in the future, Cream manages to have peace again living with her mother but one day; Monty had mysteriously was capture by someone who looked like a blue hedgehog. Cream went to Amy Rose, which ended up meeting Big the Cat and well….

Sonic Heroes:

Cream was the flyer team of Team Rose, she and Amy with Big was good as a team and they traveled across the land trying to reach there destination The Flag ship of Metal Sonic and the Egg Fleet, in the process Team Rose manage to regain what they was looking for which was Froggy, and Cream chao Monty and well Amy found her Sonic, but this wasn’t the end of it there for Team Rose also help out during the battle against Metal Madness before Metal Sonic got to powerful for them to handle.

After the aftermath of Sonic Heroes Cream return home with her mother, but after teaming with Amy, the two had become good friends, But suddenly Sonic, Amy and Tails who became her friends went on with there own lives…Cream begin feeling lonely, Vanilla could tell that even with her chao, she could tell she missed the part of having friends around her all the time…so Vanilla made this choice that Cream would finish with home school and then head off to High School in Capital City to make new friends, Cream was excited and came in on her first year of High School at the age of 16, leaning towards the age of 17 Cream, on the sports grounds of her school she had been training to become a fine Soccer player, the best of there Freshmen class, life has been going well for Cream but she still wonders to herself when will she ever see her childhood friends of Tails, Amy and Sonic again?


Cream’s mom she is pretty much a house mom wears a nice house gown that she wears on her daily duties of cleaning, cooking and taking care of Cream and always reminding her to do her homework and stuff, she takes care of Cream, she pretty much help made Cream who she was now, a very strong willed mother who loves her daughter, and would do anything to protect her if things go wrong, Cream and her mom has a very power mother and daughter bond they share, which means a lot to them both.

Vanilla doesn’t fight but if anything tries to danger her home oh fear the wrath of this mother…and you could see why all of Creams skills came from her mom if you know what I mean.

Monterrey Jack Cheese a.k.a. Monty or just Cheese:

The Chao first came to Cream, as an unborn chao egg given too Cream when she was little after crying home to her mother after being picked on by other rabbits in the valley, Monty wears a bowtie, also wears a cute little School boy sweater when going to school with Cream, the two are always together, and goes to every Soccer game Cream played in during her freshmen year of High School.
Rabbit Village a street district in the urban area of Capital City
1. Soccer headbutt

2. The Soccer ball rocket strike kick, the force of her kicking of a soccer ball can make this simple soccer kick deadly.

3. Spindash.

4. Rabbit Stomp(a double stomp)

5. can produce flight with her big ears.
Strangths: 1. team captain of the Soccer team which makes her the top player of her High School girls soccer team.

2. very quick

3. has a hard head.

Weaknesses: 1. fear of being trap in small places

2. Carrots

3. way to friendly for her own good, can be taken advantage of.
1. Monty

2. Amy

3. Blaze.

4. Espio

5. Sonic

6. Tails

7. Emerl

8. Dranar

9. Billie

1. Robotnik

2. Kragok

3. Logan

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