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Sehsa Nightmare
Original Character


Sehsa Nightmare

Ashes Darkmare
Android Hedgefox(Personality)
glowing ice blue color
Lawful Evil

: Sehsa body is covered in a very thick and strong metal shell a.k.a. her Armour covering that protects her(waterproof, heat Proof, and electricity could jolt her wiring if not careful) the shell is a black and gold in color, her eyes would glow a ice blue color, very sinister in expression, her designs are very advance for what they are, the core is charged by a special energy source, which could possibility increase in power if using chaos energy. The Klein Toys mark is imprinted on the head, and her two tail's is fueled with a jet engine in each of them. Sehsa frame is pretty tall about the same size as her fleshly double Ashes about 5'7. Not many Mobians wouldn't want to face her in a dark alley that for sure.

Her left hand can turn into a cannon that fires black energy and can make a nice flame thrower too, and her right arm can shoot mini rockets, her hands or should I say claws are made to rip flesh to pieces, her quills are very VERY sharp buzzsaw like, also she has eye beams she can shoot lasers out of her eyes, fires a blue energy. all this and she would still have the fighting ability that made the black hedgefox Ashes what she is. Her feet have vents that lets air flow from them she could hover in the air before she decides using the jets in her tails to move her along.

Sehsa now has an android body version of her counterpart only now with white fur, two tails she wears shorts, a black shirt, kickpad shoes, arms/wrist/hands wrap in tape, Sehsa will still have the same weapon system, and with this body she able to amplafied the chaos heart that was actually installed in her chest(by someone who don't deserve to be mention here), that helps gives back that power and fighting edge she had being part of Ashes, very quick and sleak in movement due to how flexible her body, if it wasn't for the fact her eyes(mechanized glowing ice blue eyes) she would look very organic.

Sehsa has a scanning system built into her system, she could collect data using the special data drive of her computer brain built and connected to the mainframe core, and if there a network connected with the Mecha bots in the Klein toys she could send the data too them wireless Wifi connections rule!, Ashes also have a cooling system that keeps her frame cool when using a whole lot of heat from engines in her tails or in the line of battle.

Sehsa voice is pretty much a more darker aggressive sounding of what would've been a cheerful, kind sounding voices of the one Ashes Darkmare due to her being once the same person. Sehsa would walk slowly in a stalking matter if needed to be, just her walking up to someone, a lesser man would be in fear especially when her eyes are glowing in robotic fashion.
Personality: Sehsa is as cold as her metallic body is like, loves the sight of other peoples misfortunes and loves to see everyone she hates(which are literally everyone except for her masters) be in agony, mentally and physically, and laugh with amusement seeing the pain in there eyes it pleases her in every way and it makes her day just hearing someone scream. She takes pleasure in hurting people and boy does she loves to create destruction, an order is an order which makes her the perfect weapon and Sehsa loves it so much it becomes a bad habit, which is a problem if she ends up getting into something and wasn't ordered to harm innocent lives.

Sehsa is very relentless and ruthless also like a opportunist she would pick up the scraps if anything left after that person has weaken badly to do the death blow you can say, or if the person weaker then her she would play with her victim like a cat to a mouse, loves fun and games in a sick, sadistic matter, and very, VERY bitter when things don't go her way, her rage is very combustible and explosive, you can say she very violent, and its because of her hunger for revenge and her hatred for everything that her Masters don't like.

She is very loyal and will accept anything she told to do(by her masters), even if it to murder cold blooded, to her, her only purpose is to serve her masters and enjoy the fun of create mass chaos across Mobius if she lucky to do so by her masters orders, and she loves rewords as well, mostly wants her masters approval and well...want more power to be able to crush her enemies in the palm of her metal claws with all of her metallic heart
Sehsa is an example of what are monsters that can be form from some ones mind, how did something like this happen? and where did she come from? due to the combination of some accidental experimental testing, the scientist that Ashes lived with Doctor Melissa Fox did, and Ashes discipline in her martial arts. She was training in an aggressive fighting styles plus her will to keep fighting to fine a purpose.

Within this process, her training and fighting became more obsessive, to the point she started to hurt people and begin going down the the dark path, and becoming something she not, Ashes try fighting it, but it got worst, So Ashes decided to not fight anymore...unless force too. Which in her case explains why she didn't bother to fight anyone, for that time. ...until.

Ashes made a discovery that was to late, her evil side her demon, comes out when she ends up losing herself with her temper, this was one of the effects including the influences of The Klein Toys force the demon known as Sehsa on the surface, and made Sehsa so strong Ashes is completely seal away a prisoner of herself, and now Sehsa works for the Klein toys.

After some up coming events Sehsa will lose the right to be part of the body of Ashes and end up in her own body which is a mechanize creation, that will make her way more stronger then she was in a mobians body, yet becomes obsessed in wanting to kill Ashes just so she can be the true Ashes and take full reclaiming of the body she once came from becoming the dominate soul.

Sehsa currently will do any order her masters tells her too, she like a cold blooded assassin if needed to be.
Metropolis Zone - Search Fortress.
1. Kamiyama missles

2. Buster cannon

3. can absorb limited amount of chaos energy is powered on Chaos drives.

4. Spiral slash(when equip with her razor claw gloves)

5. Tap dance of pain(can jump on someone chest and just kick them repeatedly like she dancing)

6. Head butt combo(she would hit you repeatedly with with head butts)

7. her android eyes could search out her target through large crowds or behind smoke.

8. WindScar: A powerful slash of her scythe that makes a powerful windblast that takes out groups of enemies. (Equip with Eclipse Scythe)

9. Body shifting: due to being created in Metal Sonic's nanites Sehsa seem to have the ability to shaft her body to be able to fit into smaller things like a disguise to keep herself undercover.
Strangth:1. devoted to her mission.

2. chaos energy

3 her friendship with others

weakness: 1. jumps into things before thinking about it.

2. Over confident for her own good

3. would believe anything her master says.

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