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Dragon the hedgehog
Feature Character


Lawful Good
Voice From The hell

High resemblance to Shadow, has Red Yellow quills instead of black red, Yellow laser skates, light red body (blue when powered up), Blue skate lasers, and has a smerk on most of the time. In combat he may glow red because of his chaos energy. When was first created, he looked like the shadow android(Exactly like shadow, but red is turned into yellow.)
When first created, he also had a yellow glow instead of a red one, and was green inside his bacta tank during sonic heroes.He has orange quills and blue body in his neo form, And pupil-less And when in the prossess of flash bomb, Completely white. Sometimes in regular form he surrounded with flames, being that his DNA is mainly a mix of Shadow and Blaze.
Unlike his Shadow like look, he has a sonic type brain, and when ticked off, he will kill the bad guys. He looks up on situations most of the time, and helps his friends when they need it. Sassy, nice, Definitly not modest, encourageing, and generaly a a awsome good guy. P.S DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, tick him off. This will happen if you kill one of his friends, kill someone in general, destroy the Black Dragon, or mess with a civillian. When ticked, will go into neo form out of rage.
During the events of sonic heroes, eggman was working on a creation to replace Shadow, being that he turned against him. Finnaly, eggman has completed his creation, and has plans to unleash it the next day. At near midnight, Project D.R.A.G.O.N., or Dragon the hedgehog, breaks out. Eggmans robots try to contain it, but he destroys every robot in his way. Driven to the point of death, with all his might, uses Flash bomb and destroys the base.
Black Dragon (A warship made of pure chaos energy)
Flash bomb, Flame beam, Flash Dash, Flame kick, Chaos restoration, Dragon sprit, and Ultra punch.
He is amasing with combat and martial arts, can defeat the strongest of enemyies. His only weakness is the Dark emeralds, and other Dark energy.
He has only one, his Neo (powered up form) that grants him extreme strength, and upgraded powers.

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