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Ghost The Hedgehog
Original Character


Neutral Good
Knight of the wind-Crush 40

Ghost is a black, dark, and shadow looking hedgehog with a bright, chaos energy infused necklace. He wields the sword of chaos in combat. It has a spinning upper blade, along with a aura that glows somewhat rainbow-ish with chains on the inside like ''God of war'' that allow him to swing his blades out of his sword to up to 7 feet. He wears a gauntlet-scanner called a Tracker, that gives him all his targets info, history, family members, powers, even birth place. The scanner is silver with 3 red buttons on it, along with a disc-like hole that opens to give people communicators, that help people talk to him on missions.
Ghost thinks like a top rank, CIA agent, with stealth skills, and a instinct to know when someones coming. Despite his appearance, he is a bright, up-beat hedgehog that doesnt look down on things. And if he does, the situation must be pretty dang hopeless. But he tends to want adventure, or more importantly, the need to blow something up. Which makes him the perfect canidate for a combination of digital and stone age battle equipment, because of the fact that he's pretty destructive, and proud of it.
Ghost was born in Chaos rush Zone, a remote island that formerly held the chaos emeralds.
Ghost's brother, Kaun, was a warrior, but was seriously injured when the island dictator, Darkus came into power. Six year old Ghost had to leave the island when the dictator started a war.
5 years later, Ghost returned to the island, to find his brother, Kaun, dead. Kaun took out the dictator, losing his life in the prossess. Ghost spent six more months looking for his parents, and upon finding them, they readyied him for anything, with his dad trainning him. And that became the beginning of the new:Ghost the hedgehog.
Chaos Rush Zone
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