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Chaotic Good

Phykick is a really pretty girl,and you might not know what she looks like,so why don't I tell you!Phykick has beautiful long flowing purple hair.She has pretty pink eyes that help her read people's minds and see their imagination.for her casual uniform,she wears a sparkly purple dress with a awsome pink bow with long strings that reach down to her feet.her ears pop out of her hair every time she wears her bow.Her battle uniform is hand made by herself.the battle uniform looks like a pink and black armor uniform with a heart that covers her chest. the outfit is completed with a huge sword and ninja stars.
Phykick is so cool,I don't know where to start!I think I will
start with why everyone likes her so much!Well first off,
she is super nice!!!I even have proof!also she is sweet,
she never ever leaves out anyone in her life!But she is
kind of shy,and a book worm at that!she likes to sing,
dance,and can play the piano!She loves to play with Amy,
but her real best friend is Cream!she also is kind of
friends with tails,they make machines together once in a
while too.Phykick told me not to tell you but she also has a huge crush on Sonic and Shadow,she can't pick!she also has her own chow garden!
Phykick was found by sonic after her village was burned
by the evil Dr.Egg man.sonic took care of her,and also
trained her to become a new member of the sonic heroes.she helped them with many battles,but you
might be wondering why her name is "phykick" well,
soon they found a secret power of hers,the power to read minds.Her name in general is because of her power, but the"kick" part of it is because of her fighting ability.

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