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Yellow/gold and brown
Neutral Good
Big Blue - F-Zero X

Jules is covered primarily in tawny yellow-orange fur, save for the outside of his ears and his hands and feet, where the fur is dark brown. His ears are like a little more than a half moon, brown on the outside, the same orange yellow as the rest of his body on the inside, and curved like a satellite dish. His hair is blond; Jules normally keeps it all combed and spiked forward, making it look like a strange improvised hat brim. His eyes are large, and strangely colored. His irises start as brown on the outside, but looking closer, they become green towards his pupil. He has a long, thin, darkly colored tail, the end of which has a yellow lightning bolt like tuft of fur on it, a peculiar family trait.

Jules’ favorite piece of clothing is his hat, a large floppy cap made of thick blue cloth and having a short brim. ((This but blue)) This he normally wears pulled low over his eyes, giving him a comical look. He’s also dresses in a pair of baggy denim overalls. When on the job, he puts on a tan leather work belt in which he keeps his tools of the trade, including screwdrivers, hammers, wire cutters, wire strippers, a portable soldering iron, electrical tape, a small multi meter, and some miscellaneous small electronic parts, like screws and wire caps. He also has a pair of thick-soled, brown leather shoes designed to keep him insulated from electricity running through his whole body and stopping his heart. Otherwise, he likes to go around barefoot.

Jules also owns a white van. With a gray cloth bench seat in front, the back is filled with shelves and racks for the larger bits of equipment, like an extendable light bulb remover, breakers, faceplates, large rolls of wire, portable lamps, etc. It says “Jules’ Electrical Services” on the side in thick black letters with a cartoony yellow horizontal lightning bolt in the background. The van also sports a few dings and dents, part from Jules’ erratic driving style, and part due to the vehicle’s age.

After Dongle Storyline
Jules has prepped for the cold weather by wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with a black t-shirt over it, maybe partly inspiried from seeing his siter again? He also wears his work boots 24/7 now, since "Cold footsies are bad."
Jules is an extremely happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He takes life as it comes and always keeps his head up, because he figures that there’s always something going on tomorrow to make today worth going through. He’s also extremely energetic, always finding something to do with his time, whether it is while on the job as an electrician, playing video games with his younger siblings, or just playing the games on his own. Because of his excess energy, he tends to end up coming off as brutally honest, his mouth running faster than his mind can control it. This isn’t to say he’s uncaring, just prone to talking without thinking. He rarely passes up a chance to put a joke into a situation, which also lands him in trouble with people at times.

Jules is also a big gamer. He owns many of the major systems, which he plays with his siblings (and beats them regularly in, too), and he rarely goes out without some sort of handheld game in the front pouch pocket of his overalls. He also tends to drive rather recklessly due to too many racing games.
Jules, for the most part, has lived a pretty un-eventful life. He grew up in a small home in the city with his mother, father, and three younger siblings. Most of his free time was spent with his two brothers, and his sister, Honey, playing video games. Jules was the undisputed king of the household in this, but there were some brilliant upsets when his siblings banded together, and a few solo efforts as well.

After a field trip in middle school to a local science museum, Jules became obsessed with electricity. After a couple near-disasters with home-made “experiments”, Jules entered into vocational school to study and become an electrician. Doing this not only gave him valuable experience, but also a good chunk of money. He used this to buy his first set of equipment, and then slowly worked up enough money to buy a used van and have enough left aside to move into an apartment all of his own. Life was good.

That is… Life was good until that one fateful day: the day where Scratch clashed with Sonic, Shadow, and Amy. Jules heard of the destruction on the radio in his van, but didn’t think much of it until he got back to his apartment. There he found a message for him on his answering machine. The strained, crying voice on the message belonged to his mother. One of Honey’s friends had just called from a payphone in the vicinity of the battle. Apparently she had sneaked out and had been hanging out with her friends when Scratch tore through the area, and there was no sign of her. Jules hopped in his van and rushed home as fast as he could to comfort his family, refusing to believe the worst. “She was just missing, she’ll turn up eventually, yeah,” he told himself. Over the next few days, rescue workers made quick work of sifting through the rubble; Honey was nowhere to be found. They held a service for her the next day, the day before the Eggman attack. During the attack, the family hid down in the storm cellar with a radio, listening to a news report. Thankfully, they lived far away from ground zero that their house only received some cosmetic and minor structural damage. In the days after, though, Jules has his hands full with jobs in the city restoring people’s wiring. Yeah, a part of him misses his sister, but that part is drowned out between his feeling that she wouldn’t want him to be sad and the handful work has suddenly become.
Jules currently lives with his parents and two younger siblings in their house on the outskirts of Capital City
Jules is an able electrician. While this means he can repair most kinds of appliances and other electrical equipment, it doesn’t make him a computer wiz. His idea of hacking a computer would be opening a panel and crossing wires until something happens. The only thing he does on his computer is play games and keep tables of his equipment and his expenses.

If ever pressed into a fight, Jules would probably try attacking with crap he saw in games and movies. Too bad that’s rarely ever effective.
Jules is not as strong as an average Mobian, but he makes up for it in dexterity and agility. He’s well versed in matters of his job, games, and some pop culture, but isn’t very smart otherwise.
Thanks to a few people, Jules has gotten some nice modifications to his van. Here’s a list of who’s installed what:

By Jules himself:
- Outer Shell Electrification

By Marupa:
- Mario theme horn

By Sisquinn:
- 10 second turbo boost
- Jumping Springs
- Off-road tires
- Selectable Auto/Manual transmission
- Hover mode
- Ejector seats
- Forward-multi-firing, homing boomerangs

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