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carrie the hedgehog angel
Feature Character


carrie the hedgehog angel

half hedgehog half angel
brown with red highlights
Neutral Good
superchick anthem

carrie has light pink fur long brown with red highlight blue eyes and wears a dark purple shirt and purple skirt and black legging and a locket and black boots but when she in angel carrie she has yellow fur golden hair has a white dress white shoes and and eyes are still blue and white wings in angel carrie very nice in angel mode but very tough but she the most ind in her angel form then her normal form but carrie dark side is seal away and there make on her back that seal away her dark side from everyone and the whole world
carrie can be a loner at time or a very mad girl if you make her mad but she care for her two only friends bolt and amy rose but carrie try her best to protect her friends from anyone that might hurt them she hate when angels called her a halfa or not a real angel she wishes at time to be normal girl but get really mad at sonic at times sometime they don't get along at all even those carrie look fearless she get scared at times but try to hide her friend when she get scared
she was find in a box when she was a baby but when she grown up she never really got along with the other angels but when carrie on her family trip she met amy and soon her pet dog bolt came along carrie also love to sing and very good at it she was happy but always ways worry if the dark angels will hurt her friends because they want her gone cause always stop dark angels evil plans but carrie ran away from home when she turn 16 so she can be free
a house in the woods
able to turn into a angel can run very fast and very storng and can help the hurt near dead or dead as long s the one who die has die in the last 24 hours
carrie can heal people but is scared of rivers

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