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Hypon the Night-Blood Wolf
Feature Character


Hypon the Night-Blood Wolf

Black and Grey
Lawful Good
Remember the Name by Fort Minor

Black Gloves and Red Shoes, Holds in his Black Jacket: Knifes, Pistols, Smoke Bombs, and Hidden Blades. Holds on his arm the Gem of Time, which can alter time as we know it. His boots carry anti-gravity to speed himself up. and Lastly, His Sword, which was his father's who was killed by a rivil clan, was made of the strongest metal in the world and could cut thorugh bluildings. His coat was his father's as well, and His Red eyes and Fur can change only when angry. If you get him angry, his fur will turn white and his eyes yellow. He has the ablity to shapeshift in many other things.
I've had a Dark Life so I'm normally in the dumps. I can be Happy. He thinks that Eggman sucks, Shadow is his copy, Amy is insane, Cream is cute, aand CHARMY IS JUST MESSED UP. He wants to find the perfect Girl, someone different from the rest, a black rose in a patch of Red roses. He wishs that he could of stop his father from dying and save his village from being destroyed. He wonders why his workers at GUN shot him for saving Shadow's Life. He wants to know why Chaos kicked him out because he wouldnt marry his daughter, Tabithia. He wonders why Blaze loves Sliver.
Form im half hedehog and enchina Father died at age 7 and 2 weeks later mother ditched me then whent to Chun-Cun to be a ninja then at 8 i was adopted by Chaos for 5 years and then kicked out for saying no to Chaos. A major fighter and a great Assassin. Abilities: Chaos Control Chaos Speed Chaos Blast KI Blast the ability to alter form seeing the future time travel healing and Chaos Relfect Chaos Puritifation and to see memories of himself and others. Has a dark side when nearly beaten or in Super Rage. Was captured by G.U.N to be the first ultimate life form but after trying to clone the DNA the machine exploded. After the explosion I was arrested by my own G.U.N squad. Disowned Forgotten Abandoned this is why I fight for my friends. I will never quit on them cuz they never quit on me. So the next year i left the prison. After that,Space Colony ARK was destroyed. Now I'm SEARCHING FOR MY PAST.
Controls Fire, Dark Chaos Powers, and Time itself
Pros: Fighting Being Romantic, Descurtive, Very Smart
Cons: Shy and Insane Ideas

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