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Violet Primrose
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Violet Primrose
Snow White
Neutral Good
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Violet, aside from her shoulder length snow white hair and red eyes, looks just like any other young girl would. Quite short, petite, pale, and generally small altogether, one could easily mistake her for someone in her early high school years, and she is even described as quite endearing and cute by those who know her. However, her youthful appearance is deceiving, as she is most definitely an adult, and she is most definitely not some innocent civilian. As a result of her youthful appearance and small frame, those who do not know her but wish to oppose her do not take her very seriously.

She carries herself with dignity and discipline and gives off the appearance of being uptight and strict to those who don't know her. Little do they know, this supposedly uptight young woman speaks with a shy, quiet voice which dispels their illusions. Her serious expression and perpetual faint frown do not help her case, however.

A sheathed ceremonial sword is kept at her side when in uniform and her service pistol is kept inside a secured inner pocket of the uniform for emergency use.
Being a former Naval Officer, she has a disciplined and humble attitude towards most people and situations. Deep down however, Violet lacks self confidence deep down and desperately just wants to make friends, but she does her best to hide this from the public, as emotionally painful as it is. There was no time to make friends.

Violet strongly believes in doing the right thing at all times, and this has put her at odds with her fellow officers and superiors. When it comes to protecting people or fighting for what she believes in, she takes on a cold, analytical and pragmatic persona that makes her a frightening opponent to those who would challenge her in this state.

Always thinking, always calculating, the mathematical mind of Violet is always at least partially occupied with creating calculations and memorizing the surroundings as if it were second nature. This can make her appear to be spaced out or not paying attention.

Having spent most of her time either on a ship or in libraries studying tactics and warfare, Violet has virtually no experience with social interactions and can be very awkward when it comes to speaking with those who aren't also in the military.

Despite all of this, she seems very emotionally distant, very lonely without even realizing it herself. The flame that is her soul has seemingly been reduced to a small ember. She may be quietly suffering from a form of PTSD.

Recently, she has become more accustomed to social interaction due to her experiences as Prime Minister of Casinopolis and the creation of the United Mobian Nations. Much like Anthon Tark she has no patience for those who have delusions of grandeur and self-righteousness and would prefer issues to be talked out like adults.

Mind games and wordplay tend not to work on her, as she has no particular pride that can be exploited like so many others do. This allows her to see past the usual troublesome tactics employed by those who seek to manipulate others for their own ends.
Violet, growing up in Capital City as a child was a shy, glasses-wearing, frail, and weak nerdy type who had no self confidence, could never speak without stuttering, and wasn't very good at doing anything physical due to having a heart condition. Therefore, she was bullied relentlessly and had no friends. However, there was a light in that darkness: Her one and only wish and dream, which was "I want to save everyone." Her family moved to Soleanna when Violet was still young, in hopes of revitalizing the poor girl's happiness.

Heroes could protect and save everyone, so she looked up to heroes, and looked to the Navy as a means to become a hero herself. At the age of 16, she was a bookworm with excellent marks and was accepted as an Officer in the Soleanna Navy. Her first assignment was to serve on a ship just off the Soleannan coast as Lieutenant to the Captain. There she learned the ways of the sea and was able to participate in a mock battle to test her abilities as a tactician.

However, she was mistaken. As wars raged on, and the bodies kept piling up, she noticed all the forgotten dead ones all had one thing in common: They too wanted to be heroes, only to never even be acknowledged by the "Heroes" to whom they sacrificed their lives in pursuit of. Over time, she became more cynical about things. She could never hope to save everyone. Heroes would keep on brainwashing young kids into wanting to be just like them, and thus increase the number of bodies, forever continuing the cycle of war without ever admitting that fighting itself is an evil act since heroes glorify the battlefield so much.

That is when she decided that in order to save as many people as possible, she had to become cold, calculating, anything that would allow her the courage to take matters into her own hands. The shy, nervous girl was sealed up deep inside, and the cold, uncaring person was now the new Violet. She had to be that way if things had to be done. She would try to do all the work herself.

There was no longer honour on the battlefield; she would have to do the most efficient and pragmatic things in order to save people, even if in the eyes of others she appeared to be a cold, heartless killer, never understanding the reasoning behind her actions. In order to be a credible threat to those with powers, she would have no choice but to push her body and mind past the limit. Ignore the pain, pretend the heart condition isn't there, don't make self-preservation even a small priority. That's how she can go toe-to-toe with foes, even if it is very unhealthy. But despite all of this, the single, core part of her heart and soul is still and always will be "I want to save everyone." And with enough effort, people can bring out her much more adorable, endearing side for short periods of time.

Her dream was a completely impossible one, yet it was all she had to keep going at all. With a life spent chasing fruitlessly after that impossible dream, she has not once known joy, desire, or happiness on any level, always teetering on the edge of falling into complete despair and that dream which keeps her alive also destroys her from the inside. In other words, she is destined to suffer.

After obtaining a large amount of battle experience during her years on the ship which later travelled around various parts of the world, she got into an argument with a visiting Admiral over the morals of a decision the latter had to make during a battle against Eggman's forces. The Admiral did not like to be questioned by a young Lieutenant and pulled strings to force the Navy to put her on an indefinite "vacation" on land in Capital City, her old and loathed childhood home with nothing but the uniform she wore, and her equipment.

And now, she has found herself in Anthon Tark's employ in Casinopilis for the time being. She gives every task her all, with a strange dedication that possibly confuses others around her.

After assisting Casinopolis in bringing down the GUN Legion and Thane, she settled down into a leadership position as the Prime Minister of the city-state. She is the main figure behind the creation of the United Mobian Nations (UMN), and is currently seeking the opinions of other world leaders and even citizens on how to proceed on that front.

She has successfully managed to convince GUN, the good Downunda, and the recently liberated Soleanna to join the UMN after helping devise a strategy to drive the GUN Legion and bad Downundans away from encroaching on their land.
In Soleanna she lived in a modest house with her parents. On the ship in which she served until recently, she had a small room all to herself. She is currently residing in a five star hotel in Casinopolis. That is, when she's not sleeping in her office.
Violet does not possess any supernatural abilities, but makes up for this by having developed several skills throughout her lifetime. These include:

Calculations: Violet's mathematical mind and battle experience combine to allow her to calculate velocity, angles, and momentum and use them in her favour in combat. Using this, she can predict and perform counters against various types of offense so long as she is given enough time and that there is some form of predictability. Overall, not entirely reliable.

Sword Mastery: Trained extensively in the use of her ceremonial blade, it is now considered an extension of her own body instead of a tool.

Combat Experience: Having engaged in several battles during her time serving the Navy, Violet has learned how to fight efficiently and is disciplined enough to adapt to changing circumstances that are part of every battlefield.

Indomitable Determination: When fighting for what she believes in, her determination can at times cause her to perform feats that she normally wouldn't. This is not a reliable or consistent ability, however.

Laundry: Can keep clothing and uniforms clean with great efficiency.
Violet's greatest strength is her dedication to her ideals. When fighting for what she believes in she is not someone one would want to have to face or challenge. In combat her mathematical mind, training, and experience are her greatest strengths.

As for weaknesses, her ability to calculate and counter against an opponent's offense can become hindered if the opponent acts and moves in ways that are unpredictable.

In non-combat situations, her greatest weakness is her lack of self confidence. She doesn't stand up for herself much and can be gravely wounded even by unintentional actions that she interprets as negative judgement.
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