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Noelle Lightheart and Commander Reis
Original Character


Violet Primrose
Light purple
Light purple
Neutral Good

Noelle's appearance sure does stand out. After all, she is a family-friendly rising idol whose job is to stand out! Her long, light purple hair is iconic in itself, and even matches her eyes! Her usual outfit consists of what looks like a white and purple girls' sailor uniform, not unlike something stereotypically found in the far east. Striped stockings with purple and white colours can usually be seen too. Overall, she has a petite build, and looks rather kiddish at 4'11". She's typically always smiling, and gets embarrassed easily so glowing a little red isn't uncommon!

Her other outfits include a hoodie and jeans, or modest dresses for outings! So basically she's a girl of many outfits, but most are modest, 'cause you don't want to give people the wrong impression or attract the wrong kind of attention. Too bad she gets that attention anyway off the stage.
H-Hello! I'm Noelle! I'm always excited to greet every new day when the sun rises...even though it always rains when I go outside. personality? W-well, it doesn't take me very much effort to feel happy in most situations and I would totally take cheerful as my middle name if I didn't already have one! I don't take things too seriously now, 'cause life is what you make it, and I want life to be fun and filled with adventure, so that what life is to me!...Even though nothing good ever seems to happen to me no matter what I do outside of the stage. I don't tolerate bullies and meanies, so I will go to defend anybody being picked on no matter how big the bully is! I get embarrassed easily too, but it's all in good fun, right? Too bad I can never seem to have fun because I fail at everything I do...

Making friends is easy peasy! All you need to do is be nice and friendly, and they'll have no choice eventually but to do the same to you! At least, this is what the books always say. It never seemed to work out that way... This is Noelle's best advice: Kill 'em with kindness! People have called me kind of goofy at times, but I dunno what they're talking about! They call me all sorts of other things too sometimes when i'm not singing...

After I signed up in GUN under a false name of Reis to look after my friend Cream, I was exposed to the horrors of war and came out of the experience wondering how things could be better. Can't people just get along and help one another?

What? I'm now the acting Commander of GUN?? Uwawa! Do I just be myself or do I have to be the tough leader-type!? How do I lead two lives in secret like this?
Noelle was born to a wealthy family in Casinopolis. At age 2, somehow she managed to drop one of her favourite toys in the house in a way that caused a chain reaction which ended up destroying the entire estate as well as the majority of the family's savings. She was sent to live at an orphanage soon afterward. After years of accidentally destroying things and being blamed for everything that went wrong, she was also kicked out of the orphanage.

She tried to attend school, and actually did well! But then the paperwork got all messed up, and they forgot to record that she completed her education, so to the world it appears as though she has no education and thus no business was willing to hire her outside of very simple jobs which she managed to screw up anyway.

She would soon be discovered by an agent down on her luck, sick and tired of the usual teenage idols who would sing about booze, violence, situations! The poor Noelle humming happily to herself outside before falling into the one puddle on the street caught her attention, and she took it upon herself to adopt her! Now she is a fast rising idol who sings to children and adults alike about family-friendly things to make them happy and inspire greatness and creativity in all!

She got a taste of harsh, cruel reality when she signed up as "Reis" for GUN in order to keep an eye on her friend Cream, who was also a part of that force. After the failed attempt by GUN at retaking Capital City, "Reis" found herself wandering Mobius looking for direction.

When the GUN leadership fell apart and its forces became routed and looking for guidance, "Reis" was all that remained, and so somehow by default, she became the acting commander of GUN and reformed it into a peacekeeping organization for the time being. Now she must live a secret double life: of Noelle the Idol, and Reis the GUN Commander.

However, she unexpectedly fell into the position of acting UMN leader as well! There is something to be said about her Luck...
You'd think a star like Noelle would be living the high life, right? Wrong! She donates most of her proceeds to charity for kids and lives in a rather modest Casinopolis apartment with her adoptive mother and agent.
Noelle can sing, and play on her guitar with great prowess, inspiring and awakening feelings of courage, greatness, and determination! But all of this took years and years or practice and training, so stay in school, kiddos! Aside from that, she's good at cooking, and pretty incompetent at most everything else, d'oh! But that's okay! She doesn't mind failing at things.

Noelle also possesses what might be called a 'Curse.' With this curse she is destined to utterly fail at nearly every task she attempts to take on aside from playing music and singing. She will also nearly always be blamed for other bad things that aren't actually her fault. Bad things tend to happen when she's around, usually manifesting in the form of severe destruction, such as collapsing buildings, broken plates, unexplained conflagrations, and chain reactions. Occasionally this is balanced out by having a moment of really good luck, but in subtle ways she never notices.

This 'curse' appears to disappear when she has assumed the role of Commander Reis.
Here are Noelle's strengths and weaknesses!

++++++ (Very rare) Moments of Good luck
+++++Singing, guitar playing!
+ Tries to be cheerful at all times

----- Seemingly Cursed
---- Very clumsy
--- Too naive
-- Cheerfulness attracts bad attention
- Rarely if ever taken seriously

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