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Carmilla "Millie" Daciana Sângeros
Original Character


The Big Finale
Vampire Bat
Chaotic Evil

Standing at a petite for her age 2 feet, 11 inches, Millie fails to present an imposing figure. She has a slim body and cherubic facial features that lend to this image of frailty and tenderness, with wide, rounded eyes, full cheeks, and a petite nose. Unlike most members of her species, her ears are small, more akin to a fox or hedgehog’s than a bat’s. Like all bats, Millie’s wings extend from her shoulders; she keeps them folded close. Her head fur that approximates hair is fashioned into a pair of princess curls. They drape down over her cheeks, while five spikes hang down from her forehead as bangs, brushing her brow and completing the image of a childlike innocence.

Her unusual fashion sense, however, takes this idea and twists it. Millie wears a dress chiefly in black, stopping two inches from her knees. The large, buttoning collar hemline, chest, and wrists are white, and are decorated with lacy frill on their outer borders. A pair of silky black ribbons, tied into bows near her ears, weave tightly throughout her curls to keep them in position. Underneath the dress, she wears a bustle to extend it further behind her, creating a flaring, bell-like shape.

White stockings with ruffled tops cover Millie’s legs to mid-thigh, held to their position by black garters. For shoes, she wears clunky Mary Jane platforms that add another 3 inches to her height, putting her at a more reasonable 3 feet, 2 inches. Her sole accessory is a black parasol, kept open and balanced against her shoulder.

Millie’s personality supports the individual that her appearance suggests her, despite the bizarre taste in clothing. She’s personable and most people find it simple to get along with her. She plays the part of an unassuming, friendly, and ingenuous young girl quite well. And that’s what it is - a part.

In truth, Millie is a sociopath. She has no regard for others’ well-beings, as she views individuals outside of her extended family in terms of ’it’ rather than ’they’, a perspective encouraged both by nature and her family’s nurturing. She’s intelligent, imaginative, and calculating, using these traits to satisfy the sadistic streak running through her in ever-more creative ways without reprisal.

Determined and strongly willed, ideas that contradict her own beliefs have little traction. She finds it difficult to ever consider a situation a ’loss’; her confidence is so strong, both in herself and those she deigns to act alongside, that it reaches near self-delusion. Unfortunately for them, any potential ally outside of her kin would inevitably be a target for her violent nature once their usefulness had ran its course.

If anything could be said to cause Millie fear, it would be a persistent legend within her society - the Lumina, individuals who utilize the sun’s power to hunt and kill vampire bats. Her parents are fervent believers of this ancient tale and spun nightmarish tales of their prowess and danger to their children. These entities that may be nothing but fiction frighten her far more than any tangible, immediate threat ever could.

Carmilla Daciana is the 6th Scion of the 17th Generation, 2nd Branch of the House of Sângeros, a clan of vampire bats belonging to a larger culture that refers to itself as the Sanguis Vita Est. Vampire bats have lived in secrecy for much of the existence of Mobius, due to their need to consume the blood of other living creatures, and are largely a unknown to the entirety of the planet. Over the millenia of their isolation, they’ve developed their own culture and morals, ones that unsurprisingly expouses the superiority of the vampire bat and their intrinsic right to feed upon the other living beings of Mobius.

Being born into this civilization, it’s only natural that Millie shares its mindset. It was with her, as with all other children of the Sanguis Vita Est, instilled in her from the very moment she was born. She was taught to be a relentless, remorseless killer, to not care about those that she callously mistreats and abuses. For the earliest portions of her life, she spent her time residing with her extended family, her life a disturbing contrast between that of a normal little girl and a murderer in training.

At around the age of 14, however, she was sent to lodge with her elder brother and sister Chiuitură and Ceartă in Casinopolis, who themselves had left the household in order to learn and study the outside world so that the Sanguis Vita Est could maintain its ability to hide. She joined a public school - not too long after that, one of the teachers mysteriously fell out of a third story window and was left paralyzed, only to be killed in the hospital. Since then, she’s had numerous run-ins with a variety of individuals, some heroic, some otherwise, and for the most part, she’s managed to conceal her homicidal nature.

BLOODSUCKING: Millie is indeed a vampire bat, and as such her biology demands a regular intake of blood in order to survive along with the usual Mobian’s food intake requirement. Her minimum is approximately two cups every two days, though she tends to occasionally fully drain victims as a personal preference. Additionally, when she bites into a food source, it releases chemicals that cause slight paralysis and drowsiness, rendering her target less capable of fighting back.

UNNATURAL STRENGTH: Despite her frail appearance, as a predator Millie needs to have, and indeed does have, a great level of physical ability. She’s much stronger than she appears, and can easily subdue victims the same size or larger than herself.

GLIDING FLIGHT: Like all bats, Millie has a pair of wings extending from her back that allow her a limited degree of flight, though hers are not quite as large or powerful due to her heritage.

AGILITY: Unlike regular bats, vampire bats are highly adapted to functioning on the ground; they run quickly and are excellent climbers.

Silver’s given me permission to take Millie, as I wanted a villain character who was also a gothic lolita, and he has no intention of using her any further.

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