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Vickor Lanes
Inactive/Archived Original Character


Lawful Neutral

Lining up the 6'0" category, Vickor is fairly strong in the physical department. With two years of Extreme Gear expertise under his belt, his speed and stamina are quite well developed. While he doesn't spend his time body building, he holds a solid physique and lacks any major signs of fat.

Very accustomed to wearing Extreme Gear, Vickor will frequently move as if equipped with it, even when he is not. While doing so, his limbs tend to lock into position, an instinct garnered from the tracks. When he does manage to walk instead of run, Vickor's posture becomes much more relaxed, yet he still keeps his fingers together.

The key article of clothing to Vickor's attire is his jacket. Worn as frequently as his Extreme Gear, the two items are very likely to be seen worn at the same time. Featuring full-length sleeves, vertical body coverage, and coming in a very black sheen all around, but lacking any pockets, it holds aerodymanity where it counts while keeping with an ideal of visual appearance that Vickor prefers. Noticeable, however, are some white marks on the back. One cannot tell what the marks are supposed to represent, as they seem to be all that remains of what was once an emblem. As to the rest of Vickor's attire, a red tee tends to be worn regardless of the jacket (though you can't normally see it with the jacket on). Blue jeans and black shoes conform to the legs and feet respectively, as well as socks (some people just don't wear these).
Vickor doesn't like to get angry at random. Wanting to keep a clear mind, he attempts to avoid becoming aggrivated at random little things. He normally stays in a somewhat upbeat mood, but conflict can cause this to disappear quite easily. Pressured, he may become unable to properly respond, typically stopping.

In Vickor's opinion, Good versus Evil is merely a label of two forces. One focuses on the benefit of others before themselves. The other prefers their own self-interests. But to Vickor, neither side is truly in the right. Would he be in support of one side or the other if they asked? Yes. But he would not fall to either extreme of the category. To not be sacrificial, to enjoy oneself, but to not allow the others to let their lives be ruined in exchange. Vickor chooses to maintain a balance of light and dark.
Vickor's hometown, Lanbridge, is a part of Soleanna in the north. While it is rather silent, it originally started as a military outpost, focusing almost purely on country defense. Eventually though, an economy began to develop around Lanbridge, and people began to move to it. Eventually Lanbridge became an actual town instead of a simple outpost.

Although it is a town, the military facilities are still active to this day. Vickor's father, Nathan Lanes, works at these facilities as an active officer for the Soleanna military. While his rank gives him some respect, he is more looked upon favorably for his morals and personality. Vickor also looks up to his father for these traits, some of which he also reflects.

Throughout school, Vickor only managed to squeeze through his classes. While he put effort into passing, he never did try hard enough to earn top marks. Yet, whenever he was seen as the worst in the class, he somehow managed to suddenly start scoring high until he was just short of the front of it. It would not take long for him to start scoring less again, however. Vickor only did what he thought he needed to do, before distracting himself with other things.

Vickor was more concerned with agility and athleticism than he was with mere studying. He liked to run, and it shown in physical education classes, where unlike the rest of his courses, he truly was the best of his class. Some students still think the only reason he stayed in school was for the EG club, Avalon. Consistently ranking high in their matches, Avalon either sees students pass through and out without much effect, or staying and making their mark.

Joining as soon as he could, 9th grade, Vickor became a member of Avalon with a set of T2 EG Skates. With the similarities to running and the practice he had put in before applying, Vickor quickly became known as one of the best Avalon members by the end of the year. Through the rest of the grades, he kept expectations high and continued to perform well in races while his education stayed at a steady level of being acceptable without dipping under.

The clock turns, time progresses. Into 2018 comes Vickor's last school semester. Still uncaring of his grades aside from passing, he expects to finally be able to look into becoming a national EG racer and establish a name for himself. Meanwhile, Nathan hopes to be able to retire once Vickor has graduated, and for once be able to relax without the stress that comes with having a job. Perhaps he will finally 'go home and be a family man'...

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