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Original Character


Cybernetic Dragon
Red iris, black surrounding
Neutral Good

Ciro is a 5' tall dragon, with silver scales and metal plating. His body is seemingly even, but on closer inspection there are jagged seams at his elbows and knees, and his face and wings seem to be metal parts attached to his body rather than organic.

His body consists of smooth metal scales with a reflective chrome effect. The cybernetics appear to match the scales almost perfectly, although on close inspection the scales have a slightly darker color. His eyes are entirely machine, as is most of his face including the jaw. His arms from the elbow up and legs from the knee down are also fully mechanized.

His wings are expansive and large enough to cover the upper half of his body with. Each wing has a point at the tip, though the point is not directly meant for fighting it generally can poke or stab if wielded as a weapon.

He speaks with a deep, slightly metallic tone--this is normal for him, it is not caused by any metallic implants. He walks with a slow but steady gait and breathes somewhat mechanically--the presence of some implants further inside of him regulates his air flow.

Every step he makes makes a somewhat loud metallic clank. Sometimes his systems will exhaust smoke through his mouth, usually when he is exhausted from exertion.

His head has two horns, one on the left and one on the right, and is highly angular in general, the only real rounded part being his face and eyes--his snout itself tends to be roughly triangular.
Ciro is a talkative, if somewhat reserved dragon. He is prone to saying strange deadpan statements about the current state of reality. He also tends to ramble a bit, speaking of a large range of topics with relative ease.

While Ciro is coldly logical, he also cares about others and can tend to be mournful when reminded of bad events in his history. He doesn't have the best attention span and likes to investigate everything--including places he may not belong, if curiousity gets the better of him.

He's not the best leader and knows it, and tends to stick to the side in any huge conflict. He cares mostly for his family and for other innocent people, and isn't too interested in the fate of factions or the universe as a whole. Though he will stand up for those who he cares for, he also knows when to run.

As he is not the youngest mobian on the block, there is also a certain experience in his statements, and he is likely to note when he's "done something before"--may or may not be entirely true, but he can be trusted to give lectures on any number of topics based on his life experiences.
Ciro is a character of numerous lives. He started things rather simply--he was the odd one out born in the city. Most dragons lived out in villages, but Ciro's mother chose to live in the city. Ciro's father strenuously objected to this and tried to bring Ciro back to the village with him... but never actually succeeded.

Ciro learned what he did of being strong and protecting the weak, but he also learned the limits of tribal beliefs when his father eventually grew ill and died out in the village, after having rejected modern medicine. Alchemy could heal many things--but not the illness Ciro's father had. Not that Ciro's father cared--he believed it was the will of Bahamut that he be brought to the "Land of the Ancestors" and so ignored all attempts to heal him.

Ciro's mother on the other hand was always there, raising Ciro from the start. She originally worked as a baker, then became a Florist. She knew not only Draconic but also some older dead branches of it from her maiden years out in the villages. She taught Ciro all he knows about Floristry and still remains a major factor in Ciro's life.

She always remained in Station Square, and is still there today, in a retirement home, where Ciro visits her time and again.

Of course, after a certain age Ciro went out into the world to find his place. He followed in his mother's footsteps and became a florist himself, despite being teased by some of the few dragons he knew for picking such a "girly" profession. Eventually he met and married the love of his life, Cinder--a cyan colored dragon from the same clan.

He and she had two children, two boys. One was named Cybalt, and the other Dalton. All was fine for a while, but money eventually became tight. So Ciro took on another job.

Spurred on by the taunts of being a "sissy", Ciro decided to go into demolition. His tough frame and lack of fear of loud noises and explosions worked well for his job, although his wife constantly warned him that he would get himself killed. He ignored her warnings even when the demolitions began to become more and more dangerous--it was a time of rapid expansion in Station Square, and they weren't really paying attention to the safety permits.

Eventually, disaster struck, and a mega-huge explosion blasted Ciro's face, arms, and legs. The timing couldn't have been worse, for his wife had already warned him not to do that job, and he'd stomped out of the house bent on proving her wrong. This had led to him continuing even when things got a bit out of hand... and with explosives, it didn't take a lot to send everything completely out of control.

Cinder was at first shocked and went to try and stand by her husband's side, but discovered he was comatose. Time went by and eventually she divorced from him, while his body sat in a hospital, not really conscious enough to interact with anyone.

With the loss of the use of his lower arms and legs and wings AND most of his face, Ciro hardly resembled a person anymore. However, he remained healthy outside of this damage, leading many doctors to regret that nothing could be done for him. His coma was shallow and he was expected to awaken any time then--and in fact, he did awaken a few months later.

He awoke, and was shocked at the news he heard. Too embarrassed to try and make up for his brash outburst, he instead stayed in the hospital. Unable to be in public due to his destroyed face and unable to really move, he was depressed.

He contemplated destroying himself at one time or another, but something clicked in his head. He remembered what Dr. Dongle had done to that other dragon--even though she had not technically been the same sort of dragon he was. He eventually pestered his caretakers into looking for said cybernetic technology.

Normally this would have ended in a dead end. However, GUN was in the middle of an unprecedented increase in technology, some of it intended mostly to help people just like Ciro. Under the short-lived era of Anthon Tark and Sally, the cybernetics needed to cure Ciro's condition became available, if very expensive. Ciro gladly went for the implants, though had to limit himself to the cheapest available. As such, his rather obviously digital eyes and other shortcuts are very visible in his current body.

He was patched up and put together, but his old life had been destroyed. Outside of his mother, no one from back then would even recognize him as the same person, claiming he was a "cybernetic freak." He went from place to place, eventually ending up in Starlight City. There, out of desperation, he set up a Private Eye office--only after he heard an off-color comment by a cop that "Someone that messed up may as well go around digging in dumpsters for evidence--nobody's gonna rough HIM up."

He continued to be a florist, although lack of acceptance drove him to the back room, making the arrangements without really ever being seen by non-staff. Though he became better and better at arranging flowers, he was never really allowed to take credit for it.

Meanwhile, he would work long nights at the Private Eye business, generally acting as a tough looking face to scare people with. Though he was not actually very good at fighting, few people wanted to find out. And the few people who did generally didn't bother killing him--though he did get a reputation for being a rather lousy rent-a-cop as far as combat was concerned.

To this day, he lives estranged from his family, only in contact with mother, whose memory has begun to fade in old age. The only other recent event of note was when he finally tracked down the elders of his clan and explained his situation. Though they hesitated, they eventually bestowed upon him the breath weapon of their clan--considering that he had been through enough trouble and now had much expertise in keeping secrets.

He continues to search for meaning in life, be it at the bottom of a glass or talking with random strangers.
Starlight City-- the shiny city of lights. Also somewhat corrupt. Ciro lives in a run down office in a run down part of town. There he generally sleeps through the mid-day. During the night, he runs his business out of there, which generally consists of shady looking people paying him to ensure harm doesn't come to people.

Ciro doesn't much like this, but he also has no real other income. As a florist, he makes only a pittance, and has to hide in the back room.... and can only do it at odd hours in the morning, since no one would ever want to see him, not even the delivery people. He's just too strange for that kind of business' clientele.
Flight: So-so. Heavy body, but strong wings. Can fly a good 10 feet off the ground, but not stay in the air for long. Good at gliding, though.
Swimming: Cannot swim. Sinks like a rock. Fears water. Even aboveground water. It's all horrifying to him.
Running: Built like a tank. Cannot run. Cannot walk above a slow pace. Makes loud clanking noises.
Fist fighting: Can punch a good hole through a wall, but swings inexpertly. Cannot really deal with true martial artists or warriors/soldiers.
Guns: Hands cannot use guns. Systems incompatible with guns as far as mounting goes. Abhors them anyway.
Defense: Armor complements steel scales. Armored against guns. Armored against sword strikes, at least imprecise ones. Weak spots include head, chest, back joints by wings, back of knees, and armpits.
Melee weapons: Can hold, swing swords and blunt objects. No good at anything not blunt--limited range of arm motions. Tips of wings have spikes that can slash or stab though. They are not terribly large and actually were "accidental."
Grab/wrestling: Incredibly large, heavy opponent with many appendages, cybernetic strength and steel skin and many joints that are also steel. DO NOT WRESTLE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CRUNCHED.
Stealth: Nonexistent.
Senses: Despite the augmentation, all it manages to do is give him normal senses. This was his request and also all he could afford. Even with the new, post-GUN Legion cybernetics availability, he could never afford much more, and is in fact in debt to the hilt over this, which is what forced him into the private eye business.
Tail: Not a prehensile one, but tip is kinda sharp, can stab, and can trip. And is armored. Don't mess with it.
Wings: Can block bullets, though extended fire will hurt him badly and make him too injured to fly. If it keeps up, blood loss could further ruin his ability to do much of anything.
Breath: He is an earth clan dragon. He can fire a shout/sonic cone weapon that can cause some decent destruction. This is not terribly common for a city Dragon like him to be able to do, but keep in mind that A. he's lived in the city, and generally ran counter to clan mentality, and B. eventually became old enough such that he managed to put the shoe on the other foot--that it was silly to not let him, a grown and experienced person, not have a breath weapon. (To add to this, he did this after the implants--he needed it to feed himself and pay the bills. Crooks don't take his claws or bite as seriously as a nice ol' cone of sound.)
Stomp: He can stomp, smashing things.
Overall combat knowledge: Not much. He basically relies on his many, MANY built in features kind of sloppily. He doesn't actually like to fight, given that he doesn't want to lose his tenuous license (The place he lives in is not the most supportive of cyborg law enforcement) and so will likely very clumsily flee the scene. Most commonly by flapping into the air and onto another building.

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