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Mirage Sharky
Original Character


Mirage Sharky

Ashes Darkmare
Thrasher Shark
Turquise/Blue skin
Neutral Good

Mirage has blue and light blue skin, turquoise eyes that are big and cute gives off a sparkled shine in the sunlight. Has turquoise hair that are normally pony tailed up but her hair normally touches down her lower back in length, spiky bangs on her forehead that covers her eyes a bit. Her figure is a nice hourglass frame and is like average size for a Thrasher Shark she 4’5, while her fin tail is a bit longer then her body, but keeps her tail curled upward so she doesn’t drag it on the ground.

She dresses in street clothes, t-shirt, pants etc. She likes wearing bathing suits during the summer time on the beach and summer dresses. While in the winter she normally wears this big cute yellow sweater. On her head she had pointy fin like ears that is noticeable through her hair, her elbows also have fins sticking out of them she never wears full sleeve shirts because they would tear through it.

Wears gray gauntlets over her hands/arms in the winter she wears gauntlets that match the color of her sweater. Her hands are average mobian like in features, has a collar around her neck with a ball attached to it, she never takes it off it hides her gills that helps her breath underwater when she is under the sea.

She wears sandals that wrap around her like a cloth to cover her webbed feet, with that and along she can be fast swimmer though she no Mako Shark in speed apartment though she faster then most Land dwelling mobians that go out and swim and be seen swimming a lot while out there. Though other times you find her traveling with a harpoon or walking stick with her, she does not like staying in one place.
Mirage has a mix of a laid back yet adventures personality for example when not traveling she likes to fish, rather if it using a fishing pole or using her harpoon to hunt under water, she loves looking for anything she never seen before as she explores different parts of Mobius. Her lazy mentality also makes her enjoy the simple pleasures of life, one example being chocolate and other yummy caffeine products, though be careful with being around her when she eats to much of it she becomes very bouncy when on her high, and can get very playful and hyper.

Mirage when motivated she would go after what she wants to hunt, like if there that one fish she can’t seem to catch though she isn’t reckless either when she hunts she does not want to hurt herself or anything. Mirage is friendly though can be a bit shy full at times but when she gets a hang of it she can be fun to talk too really. She not really intelligent only because she was raised to really just fish and hunt, she sucks at math though she can count at lease. While relaxing she enjoys star gazing and seeing the sky and finding different types of clouds.

Even if Mirage isn’t that intelligent she knew a lot of about different types of fish it goes with her hunting, she knows what to hunt or avoid or know if there editable so she wouldn’t randomly eat something dangerous and has poison.
Mirage was born in the ocean but was being raised in a family of Thrasher Shark’s, her childhood was rather simple though Mirage was a bit of a country bumpkins as she was raised on a farmlands loved to run around and played in the mud. At the age of 10 she help her parents with the gardens and gone hunting and bring food home for her parents who are always busy keeping the lands just fine and to sell there crops to keep there farm going. Mirage got allowances every week from the chores she made and saved it to buy the best fishing rod and equipment she can find, like a Harpoon!

At 12 years old she met this kid who was eating Candy bars and the kid gave Mirage one of those Candy bars and that day… she gain a love for Caffeine like Chocolate, Soda pops you name it, she would begin spending her allowances that time on those tasty treats as she felt she deserved it from a week’s hard work.

After leaving home at 17 she really got into a real fascination in fishing to where she want to travel to different parts of mobius just to fine and hunt exotic fish, either for food or to take pictures and throw back into where it come from, she don’t really have a home outside of the farmlands if she ever decided to return but she just enjoys exploring and moving about in Mobius where it all open for this Shark girl too fish the many sea’s, lakes, random ponds but she also be found at aquariums and different parts of mobius since she explores about.

Which path Mirage would go next? Anywhere with Caffeine in it, that what!
Some Shack at Emerald Coast Beach.
Able to swim till her heart content, since she learn to swim long before she learn to walk, she can move like a missile in the sea.

She has a long tail that is very strong to smack someone with hard.

Can move quick on land due to her strong legs.

She not much of an expert fighter but she can hold her own and can lift things bigger then her due to her years on the farm.

Great swimmer

Pretty good with fishing.

Is decent with catching fish with a harpoon.


She can be a bit lazy

when getting a Caffeine crash, it just as bad as having a hang over and she be out of it for a bit.

She a bit clumsy and trips on her tail from time to time while walking, she prefers swimming more then walking.
This bio I been working on for a long time, had some people help me with suggestions on her and I hope I did well. I put a lot of thought in it.

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