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Fiona The Fox
Feature Character


Fiona The Fox

Ashes Darkmare
Light Baby Blue
Lawful Neutral

Fiona has a slender yet beautiful female vixen figure, Dark crimson hair, crimson fur and cream yellow colored muzzle and tip of her fluffy tail. In the past she would wear a yellow and white bodysuit that exposes her legs and her arms, wearing white gloves and boots which she wonders about normally and in lighter moods but would currently wears a black tank top, baggy black pants, the gloves she wears becomes a black fingerless ones and her boots are black buckled type. She keeps a fanny pack around her waist to keep anything she deems useful to her, anything she can fit in there that can work in her favor.

Each outfit represents 2 sides of her, a light side and a darker side though she normally leans towards the darker side. But other then the fanny pack that she keeps with her she wears a yellow bow ribbon in shoulder length spiked hair. Her eyes a baby blue colors that are gentle to the eyes when staring at her. She would also wear other types of clothes though she would hate dressing like how her family wants her to be, and she rides a ex-gear that is red colored and has a cat head and fire around it emblem on it.
Fiona originally was supposed to be raised to be a proper lady, but Fiona was force into a strict life being pampered by over protective parents. Fiona once she finally left home, she wanted to do away with how she was force to be like and went to how she wanted to be like. She wanted to drop the polite attitude and start flirting with the boys but rarely ever gone into anything serious with them as she rather enjoy teasing the guys and love it when they stare. Fiona very confident in herself who also goes in the line of her wanting to be a thrill seeker, she searches for adventure looks for anything that interests her even if it ends up facing complete danger and risk of death.

She also has a bit of a temper some can call her a real douche, she can be quick to act which means if someone try touching her unexpectedly she will react. Fiona can be a bit manipulative with the ones she would be in a relationship. Depending on the people she around, if she don't like the person she would lets that person hear it loud and clear in there face, she wont hide the fact from the person. To her friends she seem a bit cheerful, likes to tease but nothing too bad, likes to be helpful too, she isn't afraid to let her friends know if they are not acting themselves or acting out of line, she can be a real friend... or your worst enemy/Nightmare. Hell has no fury like a woman's scorn.
In her beginnings she was a prisoner in her own home by her parents, way over protected and spoiled to her parents wishes lived in a restricted life. She had no thrills or excitement; she always wanted to be something like on the Television, who go for adventure and thrills! But the only thing her parents care about was for her to be successful and to become a proper lady, too Fiona though it be known as an agnostic snob. To her like most children like her, she hated it to the brink going mad… and doing so she grew distant from her parents to where they decided to send her away to learn proper respect for them.

And so Fiona ended up in one of those boarding schools, and was very terrible in those schools too, spreading bad rumors and teasing male teachers with her assists and been place in the headmasters office almost everyday. All this was dragged on for years which slowly build her grudge with her snobby parents. By the time she was 15 she had enough of her school to where she made up false letters to her school that got her to leave. So now Fiona finally found her exit out of there.

So Fiona now has freedom. What does she do with it? She take in the thrills of life that she wanted so she became a thief after a while of stealing and joining gangs, and had multiple relationships with different tough guys around different cities in mobius. She had been betrayed by these people and seem to end up being the fall girl for crimes commited, she had escaped them too but when she kept being betrayed by the ‘boyfriends’ she had… she eventually gave in and paid for the crimes she commited spent the rest of her Young years in Jail, became reformed of her crimes after leaving Jail at the age of 24.

Fiona even though she was reformed still didn’t like her parents… and her parents was surprise by the way she was dressed too, but her parents still supported and care for her even though Fiona wish they stop protecting her. Fiona though was old enough to live on her own, lived in Kingdom Valley became a contracted nurse in Soleanna Medical hospital and would spread out to different Hospitals in Mobius.

As time gone on Fiona ended up meeting a young teenage Cream the Rabbit before she was trained by Jade to really fight. The 2 would spend time together and decided to help out a place called Maru Mari that was owned by the rogue Eggman Robot Rusty. During the time Fiona also meet a Male feline Store clerk mobian name Yusuke Flamebringer, when he lost his shop he was helping out in Maru Mari with Fiona and Cream. During that time is when Fiona actually fallen in love with him… it an odd pairing, Fiona a thrill seeker in love with Yusuke who… most of his life had a mundane life working in his father’s store.

Eventually Fiona left Maru Mari and with Yusuke gone to Casinopolis to open a new store up. Fiona decided to stay along with him, eventually made friends with someone name Ayumi who ended up delivering a package from Matilda to Yusuke’s store, which the package ended up being a bomb that exploded ruining Yusuke store and making a gas come out, cause Fiona to go mad with rage and wasn’t herself. Fiona was place under intensive care until the gas wear off on Fiona which taken a long time. Since then Fiona been recovering living in Casinopolis along with Yusuke and been in the dark of things for a while, though was place in shelter with Yusuke during the GUN City attack on Casinopolis in current events.

Thankfully there apartment wasn’t destroyed during the Flying GUN City battle and life pretty much goes on from there… Fiona is recovering a lot better since the events of Matilda a few years back what will she do now?
Use to live in Kingdom Valley now Currently lives in Casinopolis with Yusuke Flamebringer.
Hand-to-hand combat: With her criminal background Fiona has some decent combat experience. This allows her to hold her own in a fist fight. With some speed and her tendency to hold a grudge she will stay in a fight until she either wins or is completely defeated.

Medical: Because her parents required her to make a decent living she is also top notch in medicine. She isn’t able to say handle the higher level emergencies but can take care of the smaller ones. Being able to set a leg or make a tourniquet she is good to have around for a fight.

Weapons: Although she keeps it to herself Fiona is also pretty decent when it comes to weapons. Of course with her past profession she chooses to be quiet. Although she can’t out gun or take out a sword master she still has some pretty decent skills.
Hand-to-hand combat: She can hold her own in a fist fight
Weaponry: She is decent with a weapon (hardly perfect)
Medicine: Able to take care of minor injuries
Determined: She will stick to anything until she physically can’t continue

Stubborn: She will hold a grudge for a very long time
Thrill seeker: Always looking for thrills she often winds up in danger.

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