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Yusuke Flamebringer
Original Character


Chaotic Neutral

Yusuke is a brown furred, yellow eyed cat with a nack for electronics. His hair is kind of shaggy looking, though is fairly well cut despite this, preventing it from hanging in his eyes or looking to unkept. The fur around his mouth and cheeks is a lighter color than the rest of his fur, a sort of pale brown, and fur actually sticks off the side of his cheeks a little bit. He typically wears a red t-shirt that has a large horizontal orange stripe through the middle of it, and blue jeans. As for shoes, he wears steel toed boots which are primarily brown until one looks at the metal part of it, it being a metalic gray color; the boots, or atleast the metal part of them, are polished by hand from time to time, in order to help prevent rust or to keep them looking good. Other than these types of items, he also wears a gray trench coat which reach down to just below his ankles, and covers his arms fully; the trench coat itself has a couple pockets on the outside, and a desent number of pockets on the inside of it.

Inside Yusuke's trench coat are at least 5 or 6 knives, a Revolver, and some ammo for it. He also seems to like to carry around a few tools, such as a wrench with an adjustable head, and a screwdriver that has multiple replaceable heads at the least. Yusuke almost always seems to have a grimance on his face, more over whenever he's thinking over things seriously. His tail has fur that sticks further out in some spots than others, it also seems to move away from anyone he notices getting too close to it. He has a black triangle shaped birthmark on his right cheek, which also has a secondary triangle within that.

Yusuke normally is pretty level headed and is fairly intelligent. As far as conversations goes, he will laugh at jokes, but kind of lacks the ability to make his own, and then prefers people to get straight to the point. He is more than willing to haggle over the price of things, considering his time as a shop keeper. It is also because of Yusuke's long period of time where he watched over a shop, that he has some amount of patience built up.

As far as his previous shops are concerned, he is both half happy, and also half frustrated in reguards to how things turned out. His first shop was destroyed back when Robotnik was taking over Station Square, and then his second shop he had to abandon because of alternate Robotnik taking over Capital City. Reguardless, back when he watched the shops, he was always bored of having to watch them, since they were always small businesses and he was self employed. There had once been a time when he had thought it was his responsibility to own and run a shop.

Yusuke, for hobbies, likes to take things apart that are mechanical or electronic, figure out how they work, maybe make a blueprint of them, and then put them back together again. Usually after he has tinkered with a device, it works a little bit better, and then on top of that he will have some experience dealing with those devices if he ever comes across them later. It is because of this that he'll also take a strong interest in any robots or artificial lifeforms he might come across.

Yusuke was raised in a shop in Station Square, and taught how to be a shop keeper all his life. The store was pretty much an electronics store, and only two stories tall. rather small compared to the huge skyscraper like buildings around it. Yusuke's mother died giving birth to him so he never knew her. his father taught Yusuke most of everything he knows about electronics, the rest he picked up through experience. All through his early life, he has been being trained to become a Shop Keeper and to be stuck in one place. Yusuke set it up himself so that he could also sell guns and ammunition for them. He got the license from the town hall in Station Square. he could only show his stash of weapons to those who have a license to be able to carry any thing that fires bullets.

Yusuke had been bored with watching the store, there was nothing for him to do but sit and wait for the one day that the responsibility for it would suddenly vanish, and he would be free. the reason with this is that he had been dumped with all its responsibilities, while his father had retired to living nearby, leaving him to rake in the cash to cover the bills. Through the years, Yusuke met many interesting people, and gained some decent knowledge in other things he had not dealt with before. One of which would eventually become his girlfriend, Fiona Fox. Yusuke first met Fiona on the beach in Station Square, and kind of had a crush on her, though at the time, he was too shy to admit it. So he let it go for that time, and focused on other things, accepting just Fiona's friendship for that time.

It was when Dr. Robotnik attacked Station Square that Yusuke lost his first shop. When the attacks started, some buildings had been blown up, the shop among one of them. The cat had been forced to move else where because of Robotnik winning that battle and taking over Station Square. If he had not had to move though, then he probably would not have met Ashes over in Capital City and gained whatever little amount of hand to hand training he had. Yusuke reopened his shop in Capital City, having a similar set up to the other, but Unlike before, he actually left it more often, not so afraid to leave it closed for longer intervals and visit other cities. At one point he even helped Fiona, and Cream, rebuild some things in Maru Mari.

Fiona eventually would give Yusuke a chance, and the cat would do everything he could to make sure she would not regret it. He even went so far as to try and patch up her ties with her parents during her birthday. Much later on, they hit a couple of trials in their relationship, the major one being when Matilda had sent some sort of gas to Fiona to test something. The gas made Fiona absolutely hate everything for several days, the vixen even had to be hospitalized, the effects lasting for about 3 or 4 days. Yusuke had bumped into Matilda before, and knew she was not some easy force to mess with, but never the less he hated her now more than ever. Still, he couldn't do anything, all he could do was wait, he was no fighter.

Later on still, Alternate Robotnik decided to attack Capital City, this forced Yusuke to leave Capital City, begrudgingly, this was the second time he had be ejected from a city by some version of Robotnik. He would head on to move into Casinopolis, this time not opening a shop. Fiona came along with him, still recovering from the incident Matilda had pulled on her. This time around, Fiona kind of convinced him to try something else, something besides watching a shop... he had no idea what he might try, but he'd take a look into the possibilities.


Currently Yusuke now owns a home in Casinopolis with Fiona.

Natural Mechanic: being that he's spent a lot of time around machines, he's tinkered with many of them and can usually figure out how to repair them fairly easily, with luck he can try to even reprogram one if he wants. he's got the best luck with computers.

Quick Hand: if he can get someone by surprise, Yusuke can quickly take a knife out of his trench coat and throw it at the target, usually resulting in a wound. he can't do this with a gun however, if he tries this without surprise on his side, he will make several mistakes or the target will be able to easily dodge it.

Tinkerer: Yusuke can consider this both a weakness and a strength. if he sees a piece of technology for the first time, he can't repair it or modify it until he's taken it apart, piece by piece, but it also works slightly better after he's taken it all the way down and put it back together, for a while.

-He can normally keep a level head under stress -he has a good amount of strength.
-hidden compartments with knives and guns in his trench coat make good for surprises.
-can swim
-sharp hearing
-not easily manipulated or fooled
-if you can get him on a task, he's focused until the very end, he won't stop till its been done.

-he's spent almost all his life watching a shop in the Station Square makes it so he doesn't have any really good stamina, so he can get tired farely easy, or atleast until he gets used to fighting.
-hates heights
-not used to fighting yet, so farely nervous while fighting.
-if his tail is grabbed he almost instantly freezes up. he can still move, it just really, really hurts for him to move.
-if he sees something that he considers to very very valuable, he goes for it, even if its across a giant lake of lava with no bridge, he's blind enough to ignore all traps, and seems almost to become excited to get it.
-gun fire within very close range when he has no hearing protection results in him cringing and tumbling backwards, afterwords for several minutes, his ears will be ringing and he'll have a hard time hearing.

Brian Flamebringer - Yusuke's father, the older perverted white and brown spotted cat, loves to try and get dates with women, gambling and seems to have a nack for getting into trouble. He didn't really let Yusuke have a normal kid's life when he was younger, as Brian tried to get him to learn the tools of the trade when it came to owning a shop and being a merchant... and also wound leaving the younger cat to watch the shop while he went out with some random girl. -------------------------------------------------------
characters Yusuke's met that are either not too important or no longer are used by their players:

Debt, Jade, Skip, Marco, Iron Tail, Reia, Penny, Melissa Darkmare, Silvia Darkmare, Antoine D' Coolette, Vasco Rondrigues, Silph, Bean, Sky, Vanilla the Rabbit, Raz, Nuno, Geoffrey St. John, Seth Chloe, Dustin 'Dusty' Delcambre, Maala, Tark

*character's name* - *What Yusuke thinks about them* -- *side notes, if any*
---------------------- --------------------------------
Fiona – Yusuke loves Fiona, and Fiona is his girlfriend. He would go to pretty great lengths to make her happy.

Cream the Rabbit - Yusuke considers Cream to be a good person, and an ok friend though he still barely knows her.

Sehsa “Luna” Nightmare - Yusuke considers Sehsa a friend. He does not know Sehsa as Luna yet. -- Yusuke has a copy of Sehsa's mind, personality and memories on a computer at his shop, as well as has the blue prints for one of her arms.

Ashes Darkmare - Ashes taught Yusuke a little bit in reguards to hand to hand combat, but they kind of didn't interact a whole lot more than that.

Rusty – Yusuke does not know what to think of the old machine, but still is interested in how he functions and works - the machine gave the cat a copy of the blue prints of what was all the technology in the Maru Mari a long time ago

Matilda – Yusuke hates Matilda, both for the times he bumped into her while collecting things in the junk yard, and for what she pulled on Fiona.

Strength: average
Dexterity: average
Constitution: slightly below average
Speed: average
Skill: average
Training: started some hand to hand combat training with Ashes Darkmare.
Style: Yusuke would currently use anything he can throw or shoot to get away, so he would use all his ammo and explosives before resulting in any hand to hand combat and would most likely try to run away once out... however, this could change if he were to receive some actual close quarters combat training.

this area will include a list of the various things Yusuke has messed with and gained blue prints for, as well as in the electronics section, including a little bit about how high a level he is in various areas of programming.
* Sehsa
*- Arm
*- Leg
*- Body
*- Head
*- Power Unit (Energy Core in chest that beats like a heart) Extreme Gear
* Power
*- Bike Weaponry

* Guns
*- Revolver
*- Pistols
*- Shotguns
*- Rifles Electronics
*-Programming: beginner
*- Programming: moderate
*- has the blue prints for a couple of models
* Television
* Calculator Mobile machines
*- Civilian
*-- basic set up

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