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Liliana Wright
Original Character


Violet Primrose
Lawful Evil

Lily stands at about an average height for her age. Not too tall, not too short. Her light lavender hair has a long curly styling, which always seems to be kept properly in every circumstance. Her golden eyes seem to be bright no matter what time of day it is. She was last seen wearing a GUN Uniform before Capital City fell to Robotnik's forces. She's quite physically fit, but you wouldn't know it by just looking at her as she's by no means muscular and what is there gets covered by the uniform.

Her skin is fair, and burns easy when exposed to the sun. This is why she tends to wear a cap or a hat of some kind when out in sun-heavy places.
Another Mobius
Lily strongly believes in upholding the law, and that it coincides with good fairly often. Though this does not mean she agrees with all laws either. While on the job she is hyper-competent and quite scary to be around, particularly when engaging in combat. She can quickly go from calm and collected to a berserker, but she is not cruel or malicious in this state; rather she approaches every situation with 100% of her energy and dedication and does not hold back.

However, she will go out of her way to ensure any suspected criminal has a fair chance at explaining their side of a story even though she is ruthless when investigating the situation. In other words, she will hear their defenses, their concerns, their alibis, but won't hold back in trying to prove their guilt. If they are in fact innocent, it would be proven by giving them that fair chance. Even in combat, she would refuse to attack an unarmed foe,and in extreme circumstances may even give them something to use against her.

Outside of work, she actually pities most of the people she ends up going against, and takes a neutral stance unless ordered. She can be someone's worst foe during the day, but would be willing to buy that same person dinner that same night and chat about random things. After all, her job is only a job. It's never personal.

Post-Another Mobius:
Lily retains many of the values she possessed during her time in Another Mobius. However, she now believes that the ends justify the means, and allowing evil to triumph through things like honour codes and rules is something she wishes to avoid. She feels responsible for helping Robotnik in Another Mobius and now wants to make up for it by assisting those who are suffering from his actions.

Post-Capital City Invasion

Lily was brainwashed by Doctor Robotnik after being captured and announced dead. She was given new life with some cyborg organs and just-in-time brain surgery, but has been 'reprogrammed' to see things the Doctor's way. While she does seem to have some degree of honour, it has clearly been corrupted and perverted by Robotnik's procedure, and she is just as likely to engage in acts of cruelty. She still possesses the brutal, efficient method of fighting she had before her 'death', which contrasts sharply with the more rambling and gloaty nature of her new boss and 'Emperor.'
Pre-Another Mobius:

Liliana was a captive of Downunda in order to force her Father, Kurt, to work for them. However, the actions of the dragon Ciro freed both parent and child, but only just in time for Lily to be taken into Another Mobius.

Another Mobius:

Lily seemed to be born for the position she now finds herself in. Peace and stability, law and order, justice...all things that seemed to be ingrained into her soul from birth. She excelled in fields related to physical fitness, martial arts, and criminal justice and quickly rose above many other students and got the attention of recruiters looking for agent candidates in the process.

Now one of the youngest Agents to ever be in the Doctor's employ, she learned the ropes very quickly and earned a small following for her extreme dedication to the job and results. Her work has earned her the nickname of "Inquisitor" from the citizenry, both good and bad. She regained her memories after some time had passed, likely helped along by the trauma of being beaten by "Dethak", also known as Scyll when she attempted to investigate his suspicious behaviour. She winded up being tied up and sent to the rebels, who soon decided to release her after deciding that keeping her prisoner was not in their interests. Her whereabouts were known up until the time Another Mobius crumbled and faded away, its inhabitants forced back into the real world.

Post-Another Mobius

Now a wanderer, Lily had no idea where to go next. The life she had lived in the real Mobius was not a kind one, and she sought to bury it through getting rid of her frustration. Her first target was Scyll, whom she beat to a pulp for some payback. She next found herself applying to join GUN temporarily in order to assist them against Robotnik's invasion. Taking wounds of increasing severity, it was not long until she succumbed to them as the attacks increased in number every day. Her death was announced by Robotnik a short time later during the cleanup of the city.

Post-Capital City Invasion

She was indeed dead for a short time before receiving new, life-saving synthetic organs, and her brain was kickstarted back to life via brain surgery. The mad Doctor however didn't stop there, and decided to reprogram her while he was at it.

His Inquisitor has returned.

The Demoralizer

Now an agent of destruction, she was first deployed to drive off GUN's attempt at retaking Capital City. Her weapons of terror and carefully crafted speech was enough to utterly demoralize GUN's leader enough to sign a document of surrender to the GUN Legion.

Afterward, she was deployed to round up Scyll in order to preemptively remove him as a threat to the new alliance. However, thanks to the efforts of him, a hedgehog named Rush, and a mysterious girl named Erin, she managed to sustain enough damage to be taken back to headquarters for repairs.

She's still recovering and being fitted with even more powerful weapons thanks to Borne of the GUN Legion's efforts. With GUN out of the way, the primary threat is now Casinopolis. Lily is being equipped to be the one to help bring even that faction down with impressive force.
Lily's nondescript apartment no longer exists, as it was in Another Mobius. She lived in the barracks of GUN in Capital City temporarily until it was invaded and occupied by the Eggman Empire. Following her revival, she has a personal room inside the occupied City.
Liliana possesses excellent physical ability, some skill with firearms, and excellent affinity with melee weapons. She thinks things through much like a detective would, and as a result is ruthless against her foes when needed. She can get too excited by battle from time to time and enter a berserk state, which carries with it a tremendous physical cost.

Following her revival and modification, she now also has the ability to fly via rockets in her boots, and can generate some electricity at will via implants. She wields a powered fist and has small missile firing capability via some ports on her body.
1) Absolute dedication to the job
2) Morals
3) Sense of justice
4) Physical ability (Unarmed combat, martial arts, fitness, agility)
5) Skilled with firearms and melee weapons.

1) Sense of justice can backfire against certain types of foes
2) Can't take nearly as much damage as she can dish out
3) Remained ignorant of the true nature of Eggman's rule until it was too late.
Updated for Post-Capital City invasion.

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