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Brian McCallister
Original Character


Lawful Evil
Garry's Theme - Ib

Brian is 6 feet tall and looks older than he actually is. He is well groomed and shaven, keeping his hair short. His clothes, of course, change every day, but he tends to favor simple t-shirts and jeans, preferring the colors green, yellow and orange. Despite looking older, he naturally seems calm and content. He is well built physically, but not completely muscular. He walks and behaves in a very friendly manner to the public to further improve the image of the places where he works, although at home, alone, he is more relaxed.

Despite his revelations and return to Mobius, Brian still dresses the same, feeling as if casual dress brings him closer to people.
Brian is a complicated sort, friendly but manipulative, a man of principle but of caution. He finds most people generally beneath him, feeling as most people don't know any better about many topics, but usually keeps those feelings to himself. He has a bit of an air of refinement because of his lifestyle at a distance, but in practice is more down-to-earth, mainly because he finds this sort of attitude to be more approachable than most. When dealing with people, he is always friendly, thinking about their needs moreso than his own, although generally with the benefit of probing them for information in order to better control whatever situation he's in. Despite this manipulative attitude, Brian tends to care about others; the problem is that he feels like he has a better idea on how to make others safe and happy than they do, and simply does not ask for their opinion and tends to try and lead people into thinking about things in a way akin to his own.
Before the "Another Mobius" incident
Growing up in Soleanna, Brian always had an interest in the sciences and found himself studying a few of them, those mainly being psychology and its applications to politics and economics. While doing this, however, he realized the many times where the world decided to spit on people like him with petty squabbles over nothing. Something had to be done so these people would just leave him alone so he could get his work done. If the world was ruled completely by one man, and everyone lived peacefully in it... surely this was the sort of world that needed to be created. And so he tried to find some way to not only get this to work, but for everyone to live with it and no just complain about petty issues like whether or not someone is reading your mail to check if you're a terrorist or not. It just has to be done.

Sometime before the Another Mobius incident, Brian had heard of Robotnik's ideas, and they seemed to synergize well with his. He soon found himself secretly supporting him. Surely he had the manpower to pull it off, but when? His dream was realized when such a world was designed and he was one of the test subjects, but ironically he was given a false memory of being against Robotnik.

Another Mobius
Brian took up the role of a gardener, a man recently joining the trade alongside his father. He would find himself unnerved when thinking about the political situation in The City and did whatever he could to not talk about them, until he met Lily Wright, an agent who asked him questions pertaining to a train incident. His false memories regarding his youth being a rebel supporter made him act suspicious, causing him to be troubled by agents for several months.

During his dealing with the leadership of The City and with personal troubles, Brian had slowly started finding himself more and more content with his situation, less willing to go against the ideals of The City, easily thinking about The City's politics without feeling unnerved. After a time, Brian realized his situation and came to terms with his real self, deciding to fight to preserve the system, a place he called "Paradise". Using the chance to meet with Eggman, he found out that he was working against what he felt The City needed, and decided to work against him, wondering all the while why he would so quickly dismiss his own ideals.

Sadly, his efforts were in vain: Lily, who would've been a great support to the faltering city, was mute and hostile as well as word that, no matter the effort, The City would eventually be destroyed. Taking this opportunity to get something out of the situation in the city and abusing his made-up role, he merged with the rebels, working to shut off The City and save everyone. But this was simply so that when he returned, he would be hailed as a hero, the people being more willing to listen to him and build his Paradise somewhere in the real world.

Fall and Rise of Soleanna
When Brian returned to Soleanna, he decided to quit his position, living a rather work-free life at home, though this was merely what it seemed on the surface; instead, Brian took this time to dig into the secrets of many of Soleanna's royalty, even going as far as hiring thieves such as Colby to steal information and secrets and allying with Scyll to help further his goals, that being to place himself into a powerful political position within the Soleannan royalty; however, this was problematic as the government not only was not interested in such attempts but had its own share of issues with the general public. It was at this time that Robotnik sought to take over Capital City, expelling GUN from it, debris from the attack demolishing several towns on the outskirts of the Soleanna province. To Brian, this was the perfect opportunity.

The devastation from the attack on Capital City had several benefits: one, Brian could help rebuild and be a part of these communities, putting himself into a higher position of popularity among the citizens. Secondly, it would undermine the Soleannan royalty as it would show them as weak, forcing the population to take care of themselves. This became obvious when Illian, one of Soleanna's greatest knights, took offense to Brian's meddling, being one of the only members of royalty understanding Brian's efforts, though it was more by accident than by proof. The two had a coarse relationship during this time, Brian utilizing Illian to further undermine the royals' position in the eyes of the populace while improving his own. For a long time this went on, though no movement was made. It was when the cyborgs from Starlight City struck that any progress was made.

The cyborgs, remnants of the events in Downunda who allied with Borne and Robotnik, took this time to strike Soleanna. The royals, caring very little for the populace, decided to let the cyborgs wipe out the city, deciding only later to strike on their own once the flames died down. Instead, Brian took this time to place himself into a position of a resistance leader, using his base on the outskirts of Soleanna to save and recruit Soleannan citizens to push back the cyborg offensive. With a lack of resources, Brian had to rely on Casinopolis' aid in exchange for the promise of Soleanna's involvement in the UMN in the coming future in order to push further. Together with Violet, Brian was able to push the cyborgs out of Soleanna as well as outing Illian and the royals.

For now, Brian has found himself in the position he has sought after: President of Soleanna. In order to keep an air of choice and democracy, he has allowed the citizens the ability to vote on his stay in the coming months. It is this time that he has to fully prove his worth to his citizens before attempting any of the plans he has in store for Soleanna and the world.
Brian lives in Soleanna in a well accommodated home. It's a two story home, furnished to accommodate one person, plus several guests. It has recently been refurbished to include a garden, one of the guest rooms on the first floor being removed for this purpose.
Gardening: Although his memories of gardening were fake, he still holds onto the ability to handle plants well.

Boxing: One of Brian's exercise routines, so he's pretty good at it.

Sharpshooting: Although his handling of firearms was an illusion, he still has slight skill in using them.

Logical: Knows how to handle ideas well and applies them as effectively as he can.
Strengths: Good at reasoning things out and figuring people out, using that information for his own ends; despite that, at times he uses this to be fairly altruistic and help people, because he usually cares for them, despite his deeper desires. He's quite a good cook as well, but not well enough to be considered an ability.

Weaknesses: He is quite narrowminded about his ideas and doesn't like people trying to give him suggestions. If one knows him well enough to catch onto this, one could easily figure out when an idea he has is fake if he doesn't mind it being questioned, in fact.

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