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A girl of short stature, about 5'4. Tends to have a serious expression. She wears a blue short cloak that is long enough to almost cover her hands if she relaxed them. The cloak has red lining and has a brooch that keeps it in place, with tons of straps and pockets lining the inside to store weapons and other tricks of the trade. Under this is a short black dress, and under this is short tights for maneuverability if the situation calls for it. She wears white socks and blue mary janes. Her hair is in a lower side ponytail and tends to rest her hair on her shoulder when it gets too long.
Lowell currently acts strangely in social situations. She doesn't have a very good grasp of social cues or morality, so sometimes she might steal things on accident or be a bit too blunt. She is slowly learning though, as she wants to be able to be like everyone else, even though its likely to be impossible given her stunted psychological growth. A benefit though is that she is logical and open-minded, which is how she was able to get out of her predicament in the first place, and she hopes this alone will solve her problems. She doesn't understand emotional support so she will see this with confusion or paranoia. Because of her abuse she is generally paranoid around strangers and tends to try contradict any actions that might seem like it would lean toward who she was previously (Ex: asking to be obedient to adults will cause her to be rebellious just so she doesn't feel like she's in that situation again). Overall she wants to be normal, but tries too hard to be normal and so she acts abnormal.

When she works normal jobs, she tends to be more focused than others as she's trying to figure out how to act properly when doing it. When actually doing jobs where killing is necessary, she is calm and composed.

Because of recent events involving Downunda, Lowell also has a mistrust with those with cybernetic enhancements, seeing them as those who simply wish to seek power which corrupts them. There are, perhaps, exceptions, but her paranoia gets the better of her.
Events before "Another Mobius"
Lowell never knew her parents. When she was finally able to have memories, the first ones were in the training camp like the rest of the child soldiers in Downunda. She was soon acknowledged as being good at killing, something she took pride in, looking forward to more serious missions.

Four years ago those missions began, and she became better and better at her craft. During those four years she learned how to keep her location hidden, quickly dispatching targets and hiding evidence before anyone knew what was going on. This dark road tainted her soul as she enjoyed the work she was doing; however, that was soon to change.

Two years prior, Lowell was sent on a mission to kill someone who so happened to have other children. As she scouted the location she realized that other children didn't 'play' like she did, and it seemed a bit too odd to her. Several missions after she would see this happen again and again, and she decided it was worth considering. It took her a year to realize her predicament: A child pulled away from a good life to be used as a pawn so someone wouldn't get their hands dirty. Something about it made her sick, and she also longed for that normal life. But she couldn't leave, it would be easy for her to be stopped, and she knows very well what happens to those who are. It was also then that Lowell realized that it was too late to be "purified". She was a killer, and that enjoyment was never going to go away. Now understanding the curse she bore, she stopped taking so much pride in her work, doing it because it had to be done and that she enjoyed it to some degree.

Lucky for her, the events behind Another Mobius had shot holes into the organization. With everyone in disarray and Lowell being sent to find information about the location of the King of Downunda, she decided to ignore those orders and break away. Maybe they'll think she vanished like everyone else? It was too perfect of a plan not to take. Strangely to her, the world she decided to enter normally wasn't as willing to take her services, and so Lowell has decided to be creative and take jobs "similar" to her line of work: bounty hunting, cleaning, hunting wild game, whatever used the talents she learned growing up.

The Downundan Black Project
Though Lowell enjoyed some sense of peace, finding solace in friends such as Noelle, the events of Another Mobius ended, the pieces lost to the organization in Downunda being put back together. She could not shake the fear that those within the organization would look for her and hunt her down, her paranoia becoming worse by the day. The other issue for her as well was that she had, essentially, left her comrades behind, those who could not find the strength to resist or frankly did not know better. She had to help them and destroy her personal demons for good, otherwise she would never find comfort. It was because of this that she went to Starlight City, and, at that time, ran into a girl by the name of Infel.

Lowell was cautious of the girl, but her desire to also return to Downunda to set a wrong spoke to her, deciding to travel with her to break the organization apart; however, they were met with harsh resistance in the form of Rick, a cyborg beyond any sense of strength hunting the two down, Lowell outmatched as she had no means to killing cyborgs, the organization intentionally only training her how to kill natural humans like herself. This standstill lasted for months until Anthon came to the island, Casinopolis being attacked by the very same type of cyborgs from Downunda.

Anthon and Lowell's relationship was strained, Lowell wary of both Infel and Anthon's intentions as she worked to kill those within the organization to break it apart; however, speaking with many of the indigenous people in Downunda, such as Nephrotius, made Lowell waver in her personal desire to simply kill whatever was in her way. Perhaps there was a better way? To her, it was like asking if it may be better to let 2+2=5. Those words reached her when both Anthon and herself were able to push back hard enough to confront Rick, his words when his robot body perished giving her pause that, perhaps, Rick was being manipulated, that he could be saved. With the cyborg threat in Downunda put away, Infel, being in line to the throne, was taken away and protected, leaving Lowell to find just where the real Rick was.

As of now, Lowell works with Casinopolis, if only as a freelancer, not fully trusting Anthon or any major party, and at the very least not cyborgs. Anything that can get her closer to Rick and find the truth, as well as finding a way to save her comrades, she will anything that she finds safe. One wonders if she can ever get rid of the demons plaguing her.
Currently she lives in the undergrounds of Casinopolis, not finding comfort in any of the basic lodgings above the surface.
Cleaning: Because her work tends to get messy, she has learned to be extremely good at cleaning up the aftermath.

Flexibility: Due to body training she is able to control her own body fluidly; it is very difficult for her to make a bad mistake due to some sort of body positioning.

Agile: Her training has allowed her to have a high amount of stamina as well as being able to move quickly when necessary.

Poisons: Because of her training she knows the properties of certain plants and animals that can make poisons and can extract them to use later.

Stealth: She can hide her presence well, knowing how others tend to find her after countless missions.

Fragile: Since she's very young, she can't really take a beating without perhaps numbing herself with poisons.
When it comes to killing, decision making, her typical day jobs, Lowell excels. She puts a lot of effort into them and it tends to pay off. Also considering the fact that she has had long, drawn out missions, she is good at feeding herself and some single-player games she's picked up on.

Because of the abuse, Lowell is easily prone to paranoia. She is also really bad at reading social cues and moral code and tends to break them, but not very frequently. She also cares a bit too much about what people think of her.
Dagger: Short, lightweight and easy to carry and conceal.
Pistol Crossbow: Used when it seems impossible to get close to the target. The weapon was chosen instead of a pistol since its easier to maintain and that its just as quiet if not quieter than a silenced pistol.
Pistol Crossbow Bolts: Use is obvious. Chosen as it easy to coat the bolts in poison.
Poisons: What she carries tends to depend on the job but its usually lethal poisons and paralysis poisons.
Cleaning Utensils: Small brush, soap, etc. Used after missions are done to remove incriminating evidence or used during her day jobs. Usually the latter.
Tear Gas: Used as a last resort to escape from enemies or, when used with Goggles, used to stun enemies long enough to easily dispatch them. Used because its not very loud.
Smoke Bomb: Used as a last resort to escape from enemies. Used because its not very loud.
Goggles: Used along with Tear Gas.

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