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Rosetta is an android made to resemble a young adult human with long synthetic blueish silver hair, light synthetic skin, and a bright smile, standing at 5'2". There are plenty more features that give her away, though she isn't really trying to pretend to be human in the first place. For instance, her eyes change colour frequently in response to what she's doing, and what she's feeling. There are some audible whirrs and other noises when she's moving around more quickly than she's used to. A small slot hidden behind her right ear is capable of printing out coupons and business cards for the cafeteria which served food to the employees of the lab. So as to not frighten children, her synthetic skin looks and feels quite realistic, and has a certain amount of warmth to it, particularly in her hands and face.

She wears a somewhat dirtied, old, light blue GUN Officer's uniform donated by one of the staff which has been modified for her use, complete with tie, long sleeves, and long skirt. The tie is also able to change colour, and even become brighter to act as a makeshift flashlight. Her shoes are made of a flexible material to allow her to move around in them just as effectively as she could without them.

On the inside, she has a large amount of volatile memory, a powerful cluster of processors, a large capacity storage unit, a wi-fi system, and a pack of rechargeable batteries to keep her running without needing to be attached to a power source. These batteries are capable of keeping her running for years on end on just one charge.
Rosetta is, put simply, not like most androids, robots, and other machines. From the moment of her birth, she had the capacity to learn and make her own choices instead of just being programmed to do or not do things. On her own, she made the decision to believe that violence is inherently wrong, and only causes more pain and sadness than it could ever solve. She is able to experience pain like an organic, and so she is more aware of how being hurt feels, which helped her come to this decision. She also chose to believe that science, technology, and machines are inherently good, made for the purpose of helping everyone. Those which cause harm are seen as just malfunctioning and broken, as are the people who designed them.

She is absurdly cheerful at nearly all times, even when a situation wouldn't normally allow for it. She seems to be incapable of turning down anyone who needs even the slightest help, and will go out of her way to make sure someone is no longer upset. Just encountering someone in need, in pain, or otherwise in need of help or comfort makes her very worried.

There does seem to be some damage, however. Her belief that all things are good, and bad things are just malfunctioning and broken, even in the face of objective evidence suggesting otherwise, remains unshakeable. She truly does not understand any logic that suggests that not all things are inherently good, even with her capacity to learn. She will at best, smile and submit a wireless inquiry to the 'support center', but apologize since she does not get an answer, still smiling, not realizing the 'support center' no longer exists. She will then act as though nothing had happened. This inability to understand also extends to certain actions of others. She is unable to understand that people have abandoned her, and will wait for them forever so long as they made a promise to return.
A particular branch of GUN was assembled for the goal of using their technology to better the lives of everyone on Mobius. They were more aware of the stigma attached to technological growth than others were, mainly its association with warfare and destruction. That is why they selflessly put a lot of research into increasing crop yields, making foods more nutritious, developing and giving out more medications and other treatments for disease. However, there was still one more area that needed improvement: Robotics.

Project Rosetta's goal was to see if an android, if given free will and the ability to learn, would be moral, or immoral. When their prototype concluded on her own that hurting others was wrong, that conflict was sad, and that helping people should be a priority, the team concluded the project was successful. She was allowed to stay running, and was even made into an honorary member of the team, and seen as a mascot of sorts. She got along well with everyone, and even made friends with the children of the team, who relied on her as a babysitter for them. She even helped out at the cafeteria operating within the research lab, and she seemed to be very happy to be with everyone, helping out and having fun with them.

One day, the team uncovered some troubling news about a General Thane who sought them out for their talents. They had no choice but to destroy their research to prevent it from falling into his hands, but couldn't bring themselves to kill Rosetta. They hid her in the basement labs, and told her they would be back soon, as they were going to go on vacation. She smiled at them, and wished them a good vacation, and that she would be happy to see them return so they could continue their carefree and happy days together. She patiently and cheerfully sat down in a chair to wait for them, but didn't understand why some of the people were crying when they left.

Years passed.

Rosetta still awaited the return of the team from their vacation, and continued to wear a smile, thinking about what her next task would be, as she really liked to help out. However, years of running without a break has caused some damage. Some parts of her logic processing are not functioning correctly anymore, and a bug in her operating system prevented a backup of her memories, personality, or "soul" if you will, from being made in her long term storage. Now it remains in her volatile memory, meaning if she were to lose power one day, she would effectively die. However, this wasn't a concern for her. After all, everyone can just fix her when they get back from having fun on their vacation.

And so she waited cheerfully...
She has no official residence, but she does tend to spend time in an abandoned shop in Casinopolis when she is in the area.
Rosetta has no combat abilities, and is very pacifistic to boot. However, she can print out coupons and business cards from a slot behind an ear so long as she has the paper for it, and can change her tie's colour and brightness at will. She can utilize wi-fi to send requests and inquiries to a now nonexistent support center, or to other machines if they are unable to communicate with a voice.
Rosetta's greatest strength is also her greatest weakness: Her idealistic pacifism. While she is dedicated to this ideal, the damage to her processing also leaves her unable to properly comprehend the idea that people and machines can be bad, violent, and cruel. This leaves her vulnerable to liars, thieves, violent people, con artists, you name it.

She is not very sturdy or resilient to physical harm, and can even feel pain as well. This leaves her at the mercy of those who rely on violence to get their way, even if she does not ever give up in spirit.
Currently she is wandering through Mobius.

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