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Original Character


hot pink
light yellow
Neutral Good

Liz the raccoon has a nose and eyes like sonics. Her hair curls a bit, and her bangs are like tails, except they are larger. Her fur color is a light purple. She has light blue gloves, that go up to her elbows, and wears a blue dress. Her boots have high heels, and are a purple-black color. Her raccoon tail is colored hot pink, and light purple.

To make this clear, Liz is a raccoon, a pink raccoon. Sometimes, her yellow eyes will glisten in the sun, and her amazing hair will flow with the wind. Long story short, Liz is around 3,8 with her boots on, but 3,6 without. Liz has a purple heart shaped chest.
Liz the raccoon is a good person, but can be evil. Liz does not have a hot temper, but occasionally gets mad. And if she does, she will grow to the hight and length of the room.

Whenever Liz gets mad, she grows. But whenever she gets sad… she electricutes everything around her. A lot of people have fallen in love with her, but she has not dating many men.

Liz does have a pottymouth, or she swears a lot. A little too much.
Liz grew up with her mother, her dad died when she was 6, and he was in war. Her mother died after Dr.Eggman kidnapped her and killed her. When she was 16, she was alone, but soon hung out with sonic and friends. Later meeting Dug the dog, and the both of them fell in love-ish. They got married and had 3 kids-Buzz, Lucy, and Andrew. Liz was murdured by Parker the unicorn, and turned into a ghost. She found out that when she was a ghost, she was ageing backwards. In 2097, a.k.a., the future, she met Shadow the 3rd when they were both 17...
Liz the raccoon lived at these places(they are in time order)
Mothers house
sonics place
Castle Crystal
Shadow and Tails the 3rds house
Liz the raccoon has sharp claws, that can easily scratch anything. Other than that, Whenever she gets mad, she grows to at least as big as the room\building she is in. Whenever she gets sad, she shocks everything within her sight.
sense she can grow to the length that any place she is in, she is afraid of outer space. Candy is like beer to her, except she doesn't drink alcoholic beverages. But she loves candy. She absolutely loves it.

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