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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Sonic the Hedgehog

Chaotic Good
Sonic R - Super Sonic Racing

Sonic is a hedgehog, about as tall as your typical mobian. He has blue fur that he keeps slicked back, giving himself a speedy look. He wears thick, white gloves to protect his hands and wears soft yet durable shoes - red with white stripes - to help control his momentum. His voice sounds a bit younger than his age, and usually has a cocky tone in his voice. His demeanor is usually pretty casual, not really caring much about his presentation to others; his deeds usually do the talking for him. His expression usually gives off a vibe that he's always looking for adventure.
A thrill-seeker through and through. Because of that, Sonic tends to get into a lot more trouble than is usually worth it, but he usually doesn't mind that. Because of this, Sonic has found himself with a cocky, cool attitude, enjoying the thrill of pulling off crazy tricks to the awe of friend and foe. Because of this, most people see Sonic as someone a lot younger than he is, for good or for bad, although the appreciate his heroism when everyone else would give up. He never takes adult problems too seriously, pushing them aside just for the thrill of life and because of this, Sonic is usually not very responsible. He accepts this to a point, pushing away issues that would lead him to make some sort of responsible decision, be it leading a nation or even dating anybody. He lives for the thrill of being a hero and challenging himself, and that's all he needs.

Aside from this trill-seeking nature, Sonic is a defender of freedom and is an all-around nice guy. He keeps his friends close and never abandons them, even to the point of putting his own life on the line. He can't stand oppression, feeling as if those people will never get to experience the freedom he so enjoys and wants them to be a part of that experience. Because of this he may seem rather pushy about liberation, even if those involved may not want it, because in the end its the "best choice", based off his own personal experiences.
Sonic's youth is really a great mystery up to the point of his first appearance. He never speaks much of it, save for the fact that he just got sick of Eggman's oppression and decided to step in. It could be that his youth was filled with oppression, so his experiences fueled his desire to fight Eggman. It could even be that he just got sick of Eggman getting in the way. Either way, whatever it was it fueled Sonic's personality and desire to be the hero he is today.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1~3
After being sick of Eggman's iron grip on Green Hill Zone, Sonic decided to make an effort into doing something about it. Constantly getting into the scientist's way, pushing him back to his base in Scrap Brain Zone, Sonic placed himself on Eggman's list of major threats. During this event, Sonic learned of the Chaos Emeralds and the power they had and how vital it was to keep them out of Eggman's grasp. It was then that Sonic vowed to keep an eye on the Emeralds and Eggman, making sure the world was safe and finding a new thrill in life to boot.

During the brief period of peace after Sonic had ruined Eggman's plans for power, Sonic met Tails, and they quickly developed a strong friendship. Sonic saw potential in him, supporting his way of life as much as possible, seeing interest in Tails pushing the limits of his age and his position, seeing a little bit of himself in him. Because of this, Sonic saw Tails as a brother of sorts, always watching his back. It was during this time that Eggman struck again, thinking the previous incident was just a fluke. Sonic decided to step back into the fray, with Tails willing to inject some of his ingenuity to counter Eggman's plans. With teamwork, they were able to foil Eggman once again, solidifying his position as the biggest thorn in Eggman's side.

Shortly after, they ran into Knuckles, who stole the Chaos Emeralds for himself and finding themselves in a secondary plan that Eggman had devised during their previous encounter. After fighting off Eggman several times, it became clear to him that Knuckles had been manipulated all along by Eggman, with Knuckles losing one of the important Master Emeralds in the process. Seeing this injustice and his natural good nature, Sonic decided to work with Knuckles to take down Eggman and thanks to Knuckles' knowledge of the Emeralds they were able to foil Eggman's plans once again. Although a bitter rivalry between Knuckles and Sonic would exist for years to come, they both respect each other because of each other's involvement in this event.

Sonic CD
With the initial clashes with Eggman done, there was a long moment of peace for Sonic. Hearing of a floating planet near Never Lake, Sonic's adventurous tendencies got the better of him, racing off to see this rare sight; however, it had turned out he had stepped into one of Eggman's plots in progress, changing the planet into a mechanized fortress for himself. More than willing to step on the scientist's toes, Sonic raced to the floating planet to ruin his plans and revert the planet to its original, beautiful form. It was here that Sonic faced off one of Eggman's greatest creations and the first sign of Eggman's obsession with him: Metal Sonic. Having captured a young hedgehog as a deterrent to Sonic's meddling, her life was put on the line when Sonic fought Metal Sonic. With his victory and Amy Rose saved, Sonic enjoyed a new headache, that being Amy herself. After her rescue, Sonic continued to revert the planet, fighting off Eggman at every turn until his plan was completely ruined by him.

Sonic R
After the events on Miracle Planet, Sonic decided to take a vacation with Tails. Tails had noticed a Grand Prix and the fact that Eggman was a part of the race, wondering about Eggman's reasons for joining such a race. Knowing that Eggman is generally up to no good and simply wanting to outmaneuver the fat man, Sonic and Tails decided to join in on the race as well. Little did they know that it was simply a ruse; Eggman was simply playing off Sonic's personality of living for the thrill to distract him while he collected the Chaos Emeralds for himself. Realizing this, Sonic countered by not only winning the Grand Prix, but also keeping the emeralds out of Eggman's grasp.

Sonic Adventure
Many years passed, with Sonic enjoying the relaxation mixed with the thrill of adventure. Passing through Station Square, Sonic stumbled upon a new threat: CHAOS, a strange creature with the ability to turn into liquid. Saving Tails from a failed test to fuel his plane with a Chaos Emerald, they run into Eggman who reveals that he is controlling CHAOS, planning to wipe out Station Square to build his own city. Trying to collect the Chaos Emeralds to keep them away from Eggman, he ends up failing at every turn, resulting in CHAOS releasing havoc upon Station Square by using the emeralds' negative energy to make himself Perfect CHAOS. Denying the choice of imprisoning CHAOS again and sticking to his ideals of freedom, Sonic fought CHAOS using the positive energies of the emeralds, saving Station Square and saving CHAOS from his own anger and hatred.

Sonic Advance 1~3
After saving Station Square, Sonic chased after Eggman, considering the incident one of Eggman's cruelest schemes considering the many lives lost in Station Square after the aftermath, keeping Eggman away from the emeralds for a time. During this time Sonic met Cream the Rabbit, a young girl with surprising talent and willingness to fight the threat of Eggman. For a few years, Eggman's plans were about as simple as they used to be when Sonic first antagonized him. It was later revealed as a simple distraction for a more larger plot: With a robot, Gemerl, that he built, he used Chaos Control to rip the planet into halves to quickly dominate the world without worrying about political involvement and trying to keep Sonic from completely countering his plans. With Sonic and his friends in tow, they thwarted his plan entirely, pushing him back to a temple where the emeralds were used to empower Gemerl, forcing Sonic to use the Chaos Emeralds once again to take this threat, returning the world to the way it was.

Sonic Adventure 2
With the planet back together, it took a time for the world to get back to its normal routine. It was soon after, though, that Sonic found himself chased and arrested by GUN, with claims that he had caused turmoil in Capital City. It was soon revealed that the real culprit was Shadow the Hedgehog, a counterpart of Sonic that was created by Eggman's grandfather to be the ultimate life-form Running from GUN and looking for answers, Sonic stumbled upon yet another plot of Eggman's, which was to take control of the space colony ARK, using it as a weapon to threaten the world to give into his own demands of world domination, with Shadow as his lackey to thwart Sonic at every turn. Pushing into Eggman's desert base, Sonic took a shuttle to the space colony to face Eggman directly, only to find out that Eggman's grandfather had planted a fail safe of firing the ARK's cannons, making it plummet to the planet. Working with Eggman to stop this threat that not even Eggman could've predicted, it turned out that Shadow's prototype had taken control of the space colony, forcing it to crash into the planet. Working with Shadow and using the Chaos Emeralds, they stopped the creature and thwarted disaster, but at the cost of Shadow's life as he plummeted to the planet. It had later turned out that Shadow miraculously survived, adding to Sonic's long list of lifetime rivals.

Sonic Heroes
Years had passed since the space colony ARK incident, and another threat from Eggman had unveiled itself. Receiving a letter from Eggman describing his plans to take over the planet in a measly three days, Sonic and his group of friends worked together to track down Eggman and stop his schemes; however, it had turned out to be a ruse by Metal Sonic himself, manipulating the groups into allowing Metal Sonic to analyze all of them, allowing him to transform into Metal Overload. With the power of the Chaos Emeralds and his friends at his side, Sonic fought of this powerful foe, telling Metal Sonic he was willing to face him at any time, showing off his thrill-seeking attitude.

As of late, Sonic has realized a lot of the threats currently facing the world are being handled quite well by many other people, feeling as if his previous heroism has inspired others to pick up the banner that he once thought was only his. He intervenes at times, especially if Eggman is involved, simply to mess with his long-time adversary.
Sonic lives with Tails in Emerald Town, generally mooching off of him whenever he's strapped for cash.
Of course, Sonic is well known for his lightning fast speed, using it to his advantage to quickly evade attacks and maneuver himself into good positions quickly. He's not only quick on his feet, but also with his hands, able to climb hard to maneuver surfaces with ease. He is also well known for his signature spin dash, curling himself into a ball while building up speed to rush targets. He also knows some basic hand-to-hand combat techniques, but generally relies on his speed and trickery to defeat opponents instead of brute force. Although only relying on it if readily available and there being no other option, Sonic is able to use the Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Sonic, gaining a great amount of speed and resilience.
*Easy to get along with, treats his friends well, and is overall pretty well versed in diplomacy.
*Willing to involve himself in difficult situations if it means helping others or messing up Eggman's plans.

*Immature and irresponsible, he tends to think about adventure and the thrill of life instead of any serious issues.
*Far too trusting of others, usually assumes they're telling the truth unless they are known to be consistent liars.

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