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Colby Jones
Original Character


Chaotic Neutral

Standing at around 3"5' tall, or around 105 cm tall, Colby weighs 75 lbs and has spring-green colored eyes. His hands, feet, stomach, muzzle, and even the tip of his tail are white compared to his otherwise black fur. He has a slim frame and a handsome face, something helpful for someone who needs to be agile and charismatic. He commonly wears black shoes with two white stripes on them, brown cargo pants, and a bright blue shirt. He also often wears black gloves, with holes where his claws can come out. Underneath his blue shirt is a black bandanna that he uses as a face mask for whenever he needs to hide his face. He always has a brown belt on and sometimes a slim backpack.
Colby isn't squeamish about breaking the law, and whenever he was caught doing anything bad as a child, he's always been able to charm his way out of trouble. This however hasn't made him into a spoiled brat: In fact, he's a decent fellow to know. Colby has a calm demeanor, but isn't afraid to take initiative if he needs to. He likes to find out how far he can go whenever he has a goal of his own to complete. He isn't a cruel person, and occasionally has a inclination to help others whenever he isn't busy with anything else. While he is good at thieving, he doesn't feel a sense of fulfillment whenever he does it, which he believe means that it isn't the kind of lifestyle for him.
At a young age, Colby was fascinated with stories of rogues and thieves. What skill, to steal from under kings' noses! What daring, to do so knowing of the consequences! This inspired him to try his own hand at it, as while his childhood was filled with it's staples, it was also filled with practice: Playing hide-and-go-seek and not hiding in one spot; taking silverware from his family's drawer as stealthily as possible, then putting it back after it's been noticed; then convincing his mother that the object never left it's spot, before placing it back. As a teen he learned the basics of fighting at a center in Capital City, and also learned some lock-picking skills with a little self-practice. He wanted to become a Master Thief, and no one would be able to tell him that he wasn't skilled.

After graduating high school, Colby moved to Station Square, ready to start his career... and almost immediately got caught on his first job. Though no one was able to identify him, and the inevitable search for him came up with naught, Colby was still caught off guard with how unready he was, and he immediately bought himself a umbrella, for self-defense, thinking that nobody would think of it as a weapon. The next few jobs he did were far more successful, and he left no evidence that he was the perpetrator.

Now he moves from city to city looking for his next job, although lately he has been beginning to think that maybe this isn't the lifestyle for him.
Colby is a capable hand-to-hand combatant and really shines when he can use the environment around him to gain an edge.

Colby is decent with guns but doesn't like them and prefers to use his fist.

Colby is naturally adept at disguising himself as well as breaking into houses, bigger buildings and such are much less likely for him to be able to break into.

Just a standard umbrella that is used in the off chance that Colby has to escape a situation, almost always on him.

Trick Gloves

They are worn like normal gloves. They look like normal gloves. But they're not normal gloves, instead these gloves hide lock-picks inside of them.

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