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Silvina Crisis
Original Character


Silvina Crisis
Winged Cat
Pastel Blue
Pastel Blue
Lawful Neutral

Silvina is a pastel blue furred anthropomorphic cat who has blue eyes and wears a dress with light and dark blue shades. She wears a black belt with a blue rectangular gem-like object in the middle of it. Her shoes and gloves are practically the same, being black and having a neon blue stripe down the middle of them, though her shoes have cloth wrapped around the upper half of them and the lower half is blue and white. She keeps one large blue hair-clip in her bangs and also wears cloth around the end of her tail.
Silvina is a pure carefree neutral cat who is wanted by several mages for "stealing" their leaders staff after an invasion in her own hometown. She remembers a lot bad things, so she isn't all that cheery as she seems. One time, she had attempted to kill a mage because of the fact that they were going to tell everyone that Silvina had stolen the staff. Even though she is pretty serious, she can be bright too. Sometimes, she will even have extremely long conversations with friends.
Silvina's hometown was invaded by hundreds of mages when she was 11. By the time they had killed dozens of her kind, she had equipped a gun and
killed their leader. She is still wanted for that staff, but she won't let it go too easily. She keeps the staff with her at all times, along with a gun used for sudden emergencies. Silvina is currently 15, and is a member of a group known as Moonlit. She is also the co-owner of that group.
Offensive Style: During battle, Silvina will only use her one weapon, a gun, in which is rarely used for defense.
Defensive Style: Silvina uses her hand-to-hand combat skills for defense.
Abilities: Surprise Blow (A surprise attack), Double Jab (A staff attack), Magic Time (A staff attack)
A mini-gun and a staff.

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