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Matilda the Armadillo
Feature Character


Matilda the Armadillo

Violet Primrose
Black and yellow
Neutral Neutral

Matilda has the appearance of a prepubescent female armadillo for the most part. She possesses black and yellow fur, the distribution of which mirrors that of her brother's appearance. Her shell is green, and extends further down her back than her sibling's shorter, red shell. Her ears are droopy, and her eyelids spend more time partially lowered than being up, which gives her a bored, deadpan expression which covers up her green eyes.

Her most noticeable feature by far is her piston-like cybernetic arms, which were clearly not made to pass as simple prosthetic replacements. She wears a full GUN Legion uniform custom fitted to her size.
Matilda is a pretty simple girl on the outside. She is polite, calm, patient, and taciturn the majority of the time, but can be unintentionally blunt and frank with those she communicates with. She wishes to know the necessary information needed to successfully complete an order, and to give others the same necessary information when she has it. She is not one to take the lead in a situation, and is content being given orders and working hard for a superior. It doesn't really matter who the superior is, so long as she's fed and taken care of. Reality has no place for dreamers or idealists. All one can do is work and get fed for working to live another day.

There is a war going on in the inside, though. A contradiction that keeps crying out for a better life, to just run away and prove her worldview wrong. She's grown tired of broken promises made by people who claim they will try and change the world for the better, but that doesn't mean that a better world is impossible, right? Her emotions aren't gone, but rather repressed to the point of imprisonment for her own sanity and well-being. What will it take to break them out?
She honestly can't be bothered to remember much before her roboticization. She was born to a couple which was known more for their thieving exploits than their parenting skills, and her brother Mighty had run away from home before she was born. She was one of many who got caught up in a certain Doctor Dingel Dongle's machinations, and so she was a robot for a significantly large period of her life. Being only a labourer, she was soon abandoned and forgotten once that whole fiasco was over.

Eventually she was discovered and deroboticized. But having spent so many years as a machine, her appearance was still that of her child self before being abducted. She had injured herself attempting to do heavy lifting, as she had been used to having robotic strength. Believing herself to be useless, and facing discrimination from the community she had unwittingly worked against as a machine in the past, she was easily convinced to join the GUN Legion by its many false promises.

Cybernetics were readily available in the Legion, and she soon found herself outfitted with powerful new arms which allowed her to continue being a labourer, just for a different employer. Of course, she soon learned about the reality of the Legion and its many atrocities. But what could she do? She found work, was fed, given medical care, and treated as a living being. She had at least something to do instead of being chased out of neighbourhoods every other week by relatives of people who were harmed or perished because of Dongle.

Upon the Legion's crushing defeat at the hands of Casinopolis, she was once again left without an employer, but waited to receive her next orders along with a small cell of other cybernetic labourers in Capital City. As more left, Matilda wondered what would be next for her. No family ever came, so they must either be dead, or don't care enough to see if she's still alive. The new GUN seemed interesting, but she didn't get her hopes up. As predicted, the city fell to Robotnik, or Eggman as some preferred to call him.

Should she stay or leave for greener pastures? That shield will make the decision a difficult one. Robotnik might be in need of a skilled labourer, but would he be one to take care of his workers? Would she just end up being roboticized again the moment she needed to eat or sleep? She weighs these options carefully.
Matilda lives in a simple house that had once been shared by other members of the now defunct Capital City cell of the GUN Legion. She takes care of it well enough, but thanks to Robotnik's recent invasion, it is in a state of disrepair.
Matilda is a skilled pilot, and possesses immense strength thanks to her cybernetic piston arms. They were meant for heavy industrial work, but they can pack an incredible punch when used in combat. She might even rival her brother in the strength department.
Matilda's strengths are few, but her weaknesses outnumber them by far. But let's only take a look at the most relevant and important ones.

1) Cybernetic arms grant unnatural physical strength.
2) Skilled pilot, and operator of machinery.
3) Cool and calm personality; not likely to lose her head or temper.

1) Repressed emotions can cloud her judgement at times.
2) Her personality gives the impression of having little empathy.
3) Her simple nature can be grating for those of the idealist persuasion.
4) Her small size all but guarantees she is not very quick.
5) Being a loner does her no favours.
Image taken from a panel in the comics.

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