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Espio the Chameleon
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Espio the Chameleon

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Mushroom Hill ~ Come On Mr. Sonic - Sonic the Fighters

Espio stands at 3'7, and weighs approximately 74 pounds. His scales are typically a somewhat subdued fuchsia, his skin peach colored. His eyes are a deep, golden yellow. His sturdy horn is a brighter yellow, his general appearance intimidating at first glance from the arm and leg bracers he wears, studded wrists and ankle bands at the top of each one. Tight fitting white gloves, and purple boots round out his appearance. His tail is usually curled up behind him, prepped for a sudden attack if need be. Espio's scales may sometimes change color if his emotions lean heavily in one direction. He has been known to literally turn red from Charmy's constant distractions and antics. When Espio is meditating, or in a rather relaxed state of mind, his scales are known to shift through various colors. If one looks closely enough, one may notice the skin on his chest resembles the shape of a heart; something that sometimes annoys him to no end when it is brought up.
Espio is a very calm, collected and serious individual at times, with a bit of an occasional mischievous streak. He's known to be highly opinionated, and at times sarcastic and arrogant in nature. Since he's usually blunt with his ideas and opinions, and sometimes sarcastic in replies, Espio often leaves a bad first impression. Those that choose to stick around and get to know him though eventually learn that the chameleon isn't quite as unfriendly as he appears at first, and learn to read his actual mood through his body language and tone of his voice. He's typically seen as a grumpy and stubborn narcissist by those that don't know him well. When able to find peace and relax though, Espio is quite pleasant at times, albeit a bit mischievous, enjoying turning invisible and performing the occasional prank such as sneaking up on an ally. Espio is always attempting to work hard to improve himself, or attempting to cover up his weaknesses; to a fault at times in not allowing proper time to recover from his injuries.

The chameleon typically keeps to himself, only offering information when asked even to the likes of Sonic and Tails. He also has a tendency to hold grudges and brood over annoyances for a long time before acting on them, resulting in several violent feuds with Charmy and Mighty from time to time. When with others, Espio constantly worries about his allies' safety and well being, which puts him under a lot of stress. This shows itself in various forms from a lack of sleep (which makes him even more grumpy) to a slight decrease in his abilities while in group combat. Espio is also apparently an expert at reading body language and lips, able to see the true intent behind a person's statements. Annoying at first glance, Espio proves to be a invaluable and reliable ally and friend should someone choose to befriend the ninja.
Early Years

Espio was born among a clan of chameleons living in the Wild Canyon Zone. Since an early age, the ninja was a bit of a prankster, using his Chroma Camo to sneak up on the elders and startle them. He was intrigued in the ninja arts when at a young age he witnessed the ninjas, the defenders of the clan, take on a group of robots (it wasn't until much later that he'd realize they were sent by Robotnik to take over the zone.) He soon found out he as also gifted with a natural gift for wind manipulation. His calm, easygoing personality over time took on a more serious nature, heavily dedicated to the ninja code of law and discipline. Eventually, with the growing threat of Robotnik, the clan decided to move to the Floating Island. Espio decided to make the tough decision to stay on the main land and said goodbye to his friends and family.

Eventually, after wandering for a few months, Espio ran into a brash and arrogant crocodile by the name of Vector. While initially disliking the croc he was soon convinced to join him in his detective escapades, using his ninja skills to gather the intel that Vector couldn't on his own. They were joined in time by a bee known as Charmy and the Chaotix Detective Agency was born.

Knuckles' Chaotix

While the group had preferred to stay out of affairs regarding Robotnik they were eventually drawn into one incident when a new island suddenly appeared and it became obvious that Sonic wasn't going to checking into it.

On the island the group soon met Knuckles the Echidna and Mighty the Armadillo, who joined up with them when they discovered that Robotnik was planning something on the island.

Eventually they discovered that it wasn't Robotnik but his creation, Metal Sonic, that was causing the commotion and thanks to a half-finished trap, were able to defeat the super-charged robot.

After the adventure Knuckles returned to his duties as Guardian and, despite being offered a spot with the Chaotix, Mighty went on his way as well.

Sonic the Fighters

The Chaotix got a slight publicity boost from their adventure with Knuckles but over time they faded right back to obscurity. This was the reason Espio gave his friends when he decided to join Robotnik's tournament.

Espio fared well and eventually made it to the semi-finals only to lose to Sonic, who went on to win the whole thing and get all the credit when he defeated Metal Sonic and destroyed the Death Egg 2, something that still bothers Espio to this day.

Sonic Heroes

The Chaotix were eventually thrust back into Robotnik's orbit when he hired them to break him out of his base after being imprisoned there by Metal Sonic. The Chaotix together with the other heroes who assembled eventually took on Metal Sonic in his Metal Madness phase and with the intervention of Super Sonic were able to take him down.

Hard Times

Once again the Chaotix gained some notoriety for their part in the battle. Over time, however, things not only returned to normal, but got worse. The group was lucky if they would get a client once a month. Still, somehow, the Chaotix managed to make their arrangement work.

Eventually, Capital City was sent into an upheaval when it was attacked by an alternate version of Robotnik. While the Chaotix didn't do much to fend off the threat the massive army under the evil dimension hopper's control caused huge damages to their offices. While Vector claimed to be able to take care of the situation Espio knew he didn't have the cash. It was then that the group made the tough decision to split off for the time being.

Present Day

On his own for the first time in many years, Espio at first enjoyed the peace. Not getting interrupted in his meditations every second by Vector or Charmy was nice. Over time however, Espio began to miss his friends. But before he could even think of tracking them down news got out of Robotnik's takeover of Capital City, imagining that that was where Vector may still be Espio decided it was time to come out of the shadows and take an active role in battling the mad scientist.
Shuriken: Espio is known to possess the largest and most varied shuriken collection known on the planet, some known to be as, or even larger than him. He carries three versions on him typically.

Small - Standard issue shuriken, Espio usually carries 12 with him with 6 concealed in each arm bracer. These are able to be used at most ranges well, save for mid-long distance. They do have a tendency to stick to a surface, and Espio may use them as footholds.

Bomb - Espio carries a pack of 4 (two in his leg bracers, two in his backpack) larger shurikens that when thrown explode on contact. These shuriken are much larger, the length of Espio's hands to be precise. He does have to exercise caution with these; as being hit by fire may set them off.

Large: Espio carries a pair of shurikens in his backpack that when deployed are roughly half his total size. Almost comical in appearance, and intimidating to others, Espio wields them with precision as a melee weapon intent on breaking the enemies' weapons, or simply throwing them through an enemy. The metal that these are made up from are unknown, only privy to his clan's blacksmiths and the elders, but these are known to smash through even badnik grade metal. They also make for convenient footholds.

Tactical Bombs: Espio knows that stealth can be a ninja's best tool. When in need of causing a distraction, or a means to get out of the front lines of battle he falls back on his tactical bombs. He also carries with him wire to set up traps he can deploy with these.

Ninja Training: Espio has spent most of his life honing his skills as a ninja. This has many benefits for him such as increased stamina while running, extended breath underwater, and being able to walk, run and remain idle on ceilings thanks to his species. He has a wide repertoire of moves ranging from sleeper holds, judo throws and suplexes. He is also knowledgeable in acupressure, able to deliver a quick chop to cause massive pain, numbness or paralysis on an enemy, or tap a friend to relieve a large amount of stress to improve their agility or attack power. He is a master of melee weaponry, able to easily pick up and wield most kinds of them, magical in nature or no. He is also adept at ranged weapons such as bows and guns, though it takes him a moment to recall his training with them, usually resulting in a miss or two before firing accurately.

Chroma Camo: Like many of his clan, Espio can use his Chroma Camo to render himself, and any non-animate objects he is touching at the time invisible. How well cloaked he is depends on his current state of health. He becomes more obvious the further wounded and fatigued he is, and also is able to hold the cloaking for less time. (At full health, he can be cloaked indefinitely) Any objects he picks up AFTER he cloaks do not become invisible, and appear to be floating. Things such as paint, mud and water will give away his position (as will footprints). An accidental sneeze will also make him drop the Chroma Camo.

Wind Manipulation: Espio found that he had a talent for wind ninjutsu since he was a kid, able to cause simple wind gusts or gales, and even a tornado or two. He uses this primarily for his glider, leaf swirl and also to deflect potential projectiles and disrupt enemies. He grows tired from continuous use of this in battles however.
+ With a lifetime of ninja training and camouflage skills under his belt, Espio distinguishes himself as a powerful solo fighter.

+Cool, calm and collected, Espio rarely finds himself truly shocked in the face of danger, and is able to keep his cool. He has the resolve to do whatever it takes to fulfill a mission; by any means necessary.

-Espio has a glaring weakness in claustrophobia and being confined. He can keep his cool in places such as vents and shafts, but if placed into an unwilling situation and a tight space, he can find himself having a mental breakdown the likes of which few have seen. The fact he also has explosives on top of this only puts him in further danger- as he will be willing to do ANYTHING to get out.

-Being cold blooded has its perks and cons. While being able to work in high temperatures comfortably and perhaps move even faster, temperatures below 45 degrees will make Espio slower and sluggish. As it goes even colder, he could enter into a coma like state in which he's utterly helpless. Any lower and....

-Espio while a strong fighter can be a bit showoffish at times, giving others a chance to capitalize.

-Like most other ninja, Espio isn't meant to take multiple blows from the enemy. As such the Chameleon has a rather low level of endurance in combat, and isn't able to take a blow as well as many of his Chaotix cohorts.
Whirl Dash/Whirl Jump: Espio's signature move, learned from his clan, as well as his own experimentation. Arms outstretched, Espio manipulates the wind around him as he enters a furious spin, charging forwards or backwards. Anything hit by his arm or leg bracers, as well as his horn gets sent careening skywards or in a robot's case, typically torn to shreds. He can do this instantaneously in mid-air as well, though he won't move quite as far or fast. It does slow his fall though.

Pilfer/Weapon Grab: Espio's tongue is very flexible and sticky at the end, allowing him to swiftly grab a piece of equipment from the enemy, sometimes even their weapon if they are distracted or close enough. After stealing their weapon, Espio will generally hit them with it, and throw it away from them if he doesn't find it suitable. If the enemy is quick enough, they can grab his tongue, which forces him into a natural reaction of helplessly flailing his arms and legs.

Leaf Swirl: Espio forms a vortex of wind around himself, kicking up whatever debris is nearby and blending into it. Foes caught up in the vortex may be launched skywards, and/or hit by whatever debris is kicked up. This move is known to blow away armor and shields if not well enough secured, and also blows out flames. Espio can do this once in a battle before it begins to affect his Chroma Camo.

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