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Neutral Good
Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself

Rush stands at 3'4" and weighs 80 lbs. He has short quills which are slicked back, though some very small quills stick up. He fur is a chocolate brown color. He has Golden-Brown eyes which give him a calm and determined look. Rush wears a purple long-sleeve jacket, which he almost never takes off. He wears a pair black finger-less gloves. Rush also wears long and well worn pair of black jeans. He wears a pair of shoes are green and black stripped with midnight blue laces and white socks, the soles of his shoes are fairly bumpy so as to give him better grip to withstand attacks. On occasion he can be seen wearing an orange backpack, most likely using it to bring supplies he has collected to his campsite in Never Lake.
He carries a long sword made from a steel alloy, with a black hilt and cross-guards. He has an olive green sheath for the sword which hangs off his waist.
Rush is very calm and collective, not wanting his emotions to get the better of him often. He is often quiet, preferring to think rather than use words. He often wears his jacket with the hood over his head as to not bring attention to himself.
Though we he wants information he can be very overbearing.
Rush is very passive aggressive not willing to fight, but rather to talk it out, though he will fight if provoked or if Rush realizes it's necessary
Rush is very caring, unable to leave anyone he thinks needs his help. He will fight and protect his friends until his last breath.
Rush lived with his little brother Danny and their grandmother. Rush and Danny's parents had disappeared and went missing, so their grandmother began to take care of them. They lived in a small village in Seaside Hill far secluded from the normal society. Their home village was not very advanced, compared to bigger cities at least, and the citizens still resorted to using older metal tools and the like to accomplish every day tasks.

Rush, Danny, and their grandmother had a strong family bond. Their grandmother would often help them make wooden swords which they would play with along the beachhead of their village. After their rough swordplay, the two would often speak of the legendary Little Planet, wishing to go explore the satellite one day, their grandmother filling her grandsons heads with the wondrous tales of the mystical place.

The village that Rush and Danny lived in would often be under raid by nearby bandits, growing tired of living in constant fear, Rush and Danny formed a group of warrior's to protect the village. Using weapons made by the local blacksmith, they successful beat back the bandits. Seeing his lackeys being defeated the leader of the bandits, Francis the Terrible or so he called himself, jumped down from a nearby house. He challenged Rush to a battle. Rush seeing no other option accepted his challenge. While the two were battling Rush noticed how Francis balanced all of his wait on his right foot. Using this new-found knowledge, he attack Francis's left and knocked him over soundly defeated him in battle. This drew a resounding cheer from the other villagers. Rush walked towards the fallen Francis and warned him that if he ever came back he would do more that knock him over. Francis, angry from his defeat quickly left the village with his underlings.

After Francis's defeat, the bandits grew desperate, and formed a devious plan to attack and burn down the village during the night. During midnight that same night, the bandits came through the village and wiped out everything. Rush lost Danny among the chaos and looked everywhere for him. Rush searched frantically for his little brother not finding him anywhere. While, running around doing what Rush could to help, he noticed Danny out of the corner of his eye and quickly ran over.

When Rush reached Danny they were attacked by a group of three bandits. Rush tried his best, but was quickly overpowered by the greater force. Danny not wanting to lose his brother stepped in to fight, but took a lot of damage and collapsed onto the ground. Rush, filled with rage from seeing his brother hurt, attacked the bandits with all his might, and managed to just barely drive the bandits away. Returning to his little brother, Rush could see how hurt Danny was. Danny, knowing his grim fate, made Rush promise to not be sad and to live his life as a good person helping others, like how Rush helped him. Rush with tears in his eyes promised and stayed with Danny until his death.

The following day Rush and the other villagers who guarded the village attack the bandit camp running them off once and for all. While the battle was going on Rush noticed Francis out of the corner of his eye and cornered him. Francis quivering with fear, begged for his life. Rush remembering the promise he made to his brother, sparred Francis, but explained that if he every attacked anyone again Rush would personally hunt him down.

The next day the village had a funeral for Danny, remembering how much he sacrificed for the good of the village. After the funeral, Rush was going through Danny room when he found his old Jacket he had given Danny. Danny would wear it all the time, even in his sleep. Rush took his old jacket back and wears it now in reminder of his promise to his little brother. Rush took Danny's death personally and felt this was a failure on his responsibilities as an older brother, this eventually left him to leaving Seaside Hill, and heading off to find out how to get to Little Planet. Rush often stays away from home for months living at Never Lake while waiting for Little Planet to appear, wanting to explore it like he and his brother talked about. His grandmother is very worried about him, and often wishes he would just come home, but she understands that this is something he needs to do to forgive himself for his brother's death.

Whenever he is away from Never Lake he often searches for any information related to Little Planet. He goes so far as to ask complete stranger if they know of any information related to it. Going so far as to pester them until they give him the information he wants.
On his travels to unravel the mystery of Little Planet, Rush would often talk to merchants in the smaller communities surrounding Capital City who would tell him stories about Little Planet and also update him on currents events, It was through conversations like these that Rush would learn of the many atrocities committed by the infamous Dr. Eggman. Rush, due to his good nature, had to help the refugees from Capital City affected by Eggman, and whenever someone doesn't need Rush's help anymore, he will ask them where he can go next, to better be of service. He believes this is the best way to fulfill his promise.

Whenever Rush is not in combat he is often helping those around him and searching for ways to make extra cash, never knowing when he might need the extra money for purchasing rare artifacts from merchants and the like. When Rush finds himself out of things to do he is often goes to a secluded area and begins to training, trying to better his fighting style.

When night draws near, Rush often sets up camp with the camp-set he keeps in his backpack, wanting to sleep under the stars rather than indoors. Rush often has troubled dreams, replaying the day he lost his brother over and over again in his mind. This causes Rush to wake up screaming and leaves him very tired, unable to begin the day very quickly.

This rough pattern of sleeping takes a huge toll on Rush, and he has to drink many cups of coffee, which is kept in a thermos he bought from a merchant. He home-brews the coffee over a fire, and drinks from his thermos throughout the day.
Rush travels all over searching for any information regarding Little Planet, his grandmother stills lives at her old home in Seaside Hill often worried about Rush.
Rush is not the fastest, but does have relatively quick reflexes, due to him having to defend his village.
Rush while not the sharpest tool in the shed, is not dumb, he has decent intelligence, often using it to find any edge he can get in battle. His fighting style is sort of undisciplined due to him being self-trained, this can lead to him being often disarmed by a stronger opponent.
*Easy to get along with
*Unwilling to give up, even in the face of certain defeat
*Rush pretty good with sword-like weapons, due to he and Danny often sword-fighting along the beachhead and from protecting the village.

*Overbearing if you have information he wants.
*Unwilling to give up, even if it could cost him his life, this can lead him to make rash decisions and be irresponsible.
*Rush freaks out if he loses his jacket, due to it's personal connection with his brother.
*If unarmed Rush is near useless in a fight.
*Rush will focus too much on his enemy sometime, leading them to be able to us this to their advantage, and provide him with false weaknesses.
*Caffeine addiction.
Best of thanks go out to Metal_Man88 and Violet they gave me the best of help with the creation of Rush.

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