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Mighty The Armadillo
Feature Character


Mighty The Armadillo

Black and Yellow
Neutral Good

Mighty has yellow and black fur. The yellow fur covering, his arms hands, ears, muzzle, and stomach, with the black covering everything else including down to his tail. Mighty also has a bright red shell stretching down to just above his tail. He has huge interconnect blue eyes, giving him a rather innocent look. Mighty wears a pair of steel-toed leather boots with red socks and grey-ish laces. He also has a pair of grey finger-less gloves which have a buckle he can tighten or loosen when he wants.
Mighty is a pacifist, preferring to talk things out whether than fight, not because Mighty is afraid, but because he is aware of his own physical strength and wishes to avoid causing harm to others. He is known to keep a calm and collective head, but if anyone he cares about his threatened he will fight with all of his strength to keep them safe. He has also shown he doesn't like to sit in one place for too long, for he dreams of journeying to all kinds of places in the world.
Mighty was born into a family of professional thieves, being to trained to become the next in line to carry on the family legacy.
Mighty was born with a special trait, he had somehow acquired super strength, soon shown when he broke his parents out of prison, after a failed heist, at a very young age. Mighty, at first, adored his parents and their amazing skills, trying his hardest to become like them, but over the years he realized that what they were doing was wrong when he found out that he and his parents were not only stealing from the rich, but stealing from the poor as well.
He began to despise his parents, and unbeknownst to them, he started to ruin their many thieving exploits, sabotaging alarms before they could escape or personally booby-trapping the merchandise. Despite his attempts his parents always managed to escape. His parents began to grow suspicious of why they were always failing all the time, since they would plan for days before striking. This caused them to begin investigating who was behind they setbacks, it didn't take long to discover it was Mighty, since he was relatively young and inexperienced. Mighty caught wind of his parents talking about what to do with him, since he was ruining their plans, fearing what trouble he brought upon himself, he fled from home.
Even though Mighty left home, he still worked his hardest to destroy his family's many heists. He would often sneak back into his old home to steal whatever plans they were cooking up for their next big hit. One of the nights he was hiding in his home, he overheard his parents talking about a sibling of his, curious he leaned his ear against their bedroom door and discovered that he was going to have a sister, Matilda. Mighty then worked even harder to stop his parents, not wanting Matilda to have the same childhood as him.
Mighty again was successful at destroying his family's thieving career, but his efforts ended up in doing more harm than good. His elaborate traps eventually snagged his parents and they couldn't escape, leaving them to get arrested. Horrified by the fate of his sister Mighty worked and search for any possible way to break his parents out. He eventually couldn't take the waiting any longer and sneaked into the prison ripping the bars apart and escaping with his family.
Overjoyed that their son was helping them again, they began to ask if this meant he was going to come back and become a thief again. Mighty grew at angry his parents, yelling at the top of his lungs that this was all of their fault, they deserved this treatment, and that the only reason he helped was because he believed Matilda deserved a clean slate. His parents were at first taken aback by Mighty's sudden attitude, but quickly responded with their own rage, demanding that he leave the family forever and was to never come back. Mighty glared at his parents and silently left, personally exiling himself from his former home.
After finally putting his parents behind him Mighty lived on the streets working his own way through life, eventually ending up in Casinopolis, where he used his talents of booby-trapping to help create state of the art security systems to protect treasure from the local robbers.
When Doctor Dingel Dongle began to roboticize citizens, he gained knowledge of Matilda's fate and assumed her for dead. This lead to Mighty falling into a heavy state of depression, only to escape this horrible state, by rumors that Matilda was still alive. He grew excited upon learning this, and rushed off to find her.
Through his travels he has finally found his way to Capital City, hearing this was the place Matilda was last seen. He is now trapped within the city due to Eggman's latest scheme, but he is forever determined to find his sister.

Mighty is often away from home, since he enjoys traveling, but owns a very nice apartment in Casinopolis
Mighty is super strong being able to lift things many times his size.
He can also used his hard shell to curl up in, enabling him to use abilities like the Spin Dash, the Spin Jump, and the Spin Attack.
He can also kick himself off walls using his powerful legs.
Super Strength
Is very gentle and caring leading him to be well liked.
Very good at setting up traps.
Will protect those he cares about with all of his might.

Mighty is a pacifist, so he will not kill or even harm anyone, only fighting when absolutely necessary.
Will go off of the deep end if those he cares for are ever endangered, causing him to be very rash.
Image taken from comics

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