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Percival Simmons
Original Character


Neutral Good

Percival Simmons stands at an average 5’9” (175.26cm). While not very statuesque for a human, he certainly looks every inch of his height and more with his perfectly-vertical posture, proper composure and self-assured gait. This long-legged individual with the dark hair and hazel eyes is often spotted sporting some rather unorthodox fashionwear: hot pink and white seem to suit this man’s fancies. Atop Percival’s crown sits a hot-pink top hat. Working our way down, we will find his torso fitted with a hot-pink, slim-fitting blazer with the frills of his white undershirt popping out from the chest. White gloves and hot-pink slacks compliment the suit. Stylish, yes. Garish? Think nothing of the sort!
Percival (or “Percy” as his friends would name him if he… Had an—well then), while having such an… Imposing appearance, is often actually quite respectful and understanding of those around him. While exuding confidence (or maybe arrogance) from his speech, etiquette, and mannerisms, he can still remain tactful in situations that call for a less… Wordy individual such as he. One would note that Percival loves to speak, but rarely does that speech come around to speaking of himself. He finds others and the world around him much more interesting than himself. Or maybe he feels that he knows more than enough about himself to where speaking about himself is just boring by now. He lives for constant change, new experiences, new environments, and, of course, the ladies.

Percival will not miss a chance to interact with others who pique his interest, and, yes, that includes members of the “fairer sex,” but of course. He has this particular mindset that just standing in the presence of a woman with grace and elegance is an honor of the highest caliber. Some might disagree with his morals, yes, it is quite unorthodox, but he would argue that he is simply reacting to biochemical changes in the air, and cosmic imbalances and… Well, all other manner of fine detail that he need not explain right now!
The young monarch of his world, Percival Simmons, was born to Jennifer and Kale Simmons, proprietary owners of a paper manufacturing company named Simmply Paper, located in Casinopolis. His upbringing was less-than-remarkable: no chemical reactor accidents or such a lust for revenge would consume him for the death of his parents or the like. I mean, his grandfather died when he was six, but that hardly registers as something remarkable in the grand scheme of things. So goes the unremarkable tale of, admittedly remarkable, Percival.

Percival’s father ultimately wanted his son to take over the company business after he retired. Of course, they knew they were pushing a career onto a son who might not want to pursue such a riveting career. They attempted to train others from within the company who would be best suited for the job, but one could suppose that, apparently, there are much more exciting businesses to manage and higher-paying businesses to work for than a paper company. The nerve of such a thought! Needless to say, when others would find a better opportunity, they would almost immediately take it, leaving no heir to the company. Jennifer and Kale considered having another child, but lamented at the stress it would bring on them to manage another child, let-alone the stress on introducing another sibling for young Percival, who had been the core of their affections. They ultimately gave up on the idea of finding a successor and decided to just ride the company out until either they retired or the company just shut down. They would not force Percival into a career he might not desire.

As for Percival’s childhood, he was actually a rather small child, and remained short for much of his childhood. He felt at ease among other Mobians, who would peak in stature at the height he normally hovered around until middle school. Around this age, his parents’ company and finances went through a bit of a dip, and Percy would start to notice his father lamenting and his mother struggling to console him. One day he asked his mother about why his father seemed so sad all the time. This conversation ultimately led to his mother telling Percival about their job, what they do, and why his father is so attached to the company. “There’s just something about paper for him,” she answered.

The company and his parents’ finances would stabilize soon enough, but Percy had developed an interest in paper. He experimented mainly with origami, folding animals and paper planes, watching them fly and fuel his imagination. Paper had such interesting properties: it was malleable; it would change on a whim. Depending on how it was shaped, it could become one with the wind or fall with gravity. It could become one with the water when the water was originally supposed to be one with it when the paper was still a tree. How one so large could become so small, and how something so small could influence the entirety of the world through pen and paper.

Some children his age were getting into self-defense classes for their electives, and, knowing how short he was, Percival knew that he would need to defend himself eventually. While most took classes for Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo, Karate or Kendo, Percival wound up taking classes for fencing. The style of martial arts fascinated him so as it allowed him to become light and one with the wind like paper, and he could shape the martial art as he saw fit, like folding origami.

Despite his father’s initial fears, Percival would grow up to become a man just as fascinated in paper as he. Now a man, Percival decided that he wanted to take Simmply Paper to the ends of the world, and he would need to acquire that worldly knowledge in order to do so. With his father and mother happily running the company with the comfort and knowledge of a loving and confident son taking over when they retire, Percival decides to take off and explore everything the world has to offer before coming back to claim his throne as CEO.
Percival has made enough money working at a department store in a mall in Casinopolis and receiving a small stipend from his parents to afford a 1/1 apartment in one of the more exciting and, thus, busier parts of the city.
Percival is equipped with, and able to wield, a rapier quite efficiently. He has been training and pushing himself with the art of fencing since he was a middle schooler, both with classes when his parents' company was thriving, and self-taught when his parents' finances weren't always so accommodating.


  • Given his training and overall mentality, Percival is quite nimble, maintaining a good sense of balance and grace.
  • Percival is proficient with the art of fencing.
  • Great conversationalist, able to talk himself into people's hearts and minds.
  • Dexterous; particularly good with his hands due to the amount of origami he practiced in his early days.


  • Good at fencing and... Not much else.
  • Talks too much, which lands him into trouble more often than not.
  • Quite fragile, given his athletic/slender frame.

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