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Snively Robotnik
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The Big Finale
Formerly brown.
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Standing just moderately taller than most Mobians at a grand total of 4’1” despite his age, “Snively” Robotnik in his entirety fails to cut an imposing figure. Shoulders hunched, he walks with a pronounced slouching gait that over-emphasizes his slight frame and tall, bulbous, near-bald skull. His eyes, colored the blue of deceptive innocence, are set in a focused squint that accentuates the bags beneath them, under a heavy, hairless brow. Only rarely does his expression ever falter from its usual pathetic grimace, and even then, any other emotion seems almost unnatural or forced when splayed across his face.

By far Snively’s most notable physical feature, however, is his nose. Extending no less than 6 inches past his face, the bridge traces a sloping curve down to the tip, which is almost knife-like in the intensity of its pointedness. Like a door stopper, it has a tendency to bounce when jostled. His nostrils are similarly large, and flare whenever he becomes emotional.

He wears a militaristic uniform in the style of the Eggman’s, with its only differences being the lack of golden clips on the chest, and the bright red shade replaced with a deep, grass green. On Snively, the overall impression offered is of desperation to appear imposing, as opposed to his maniac uncle’s success at it.

Snively is one of the easiest people to summarize that anyone will ever meet: “Weasel”. Selfishness and desire define him, and he views others in terms of what they can offer him, willingly or otherwise. While he’s not incapable of kindness, empathy, or caring, even these positive elements are discolored and poisoned by his all-consuming need for power, recognition, and respect - and failing respect, fear.

In truth, he has little respect for others, and believes the worst of nearly everyone he meets. This leads him to plan against them preemptively, and it feeds his gleeful confidence in his intelligence that he’s able to “see past their hypocritical righteousness” and betray them first before they have the chance. Resentfulness towards their successes only worsens his ability to interact.

His egotism is great. His capability and superiority are insurmountable in his mind, but years of living downtrodden have subsumed it beneath a layer of miserable fearfulness and lack of confidence under pressure. His anger is a small, rabid little thing ready to burst out, but always hiding nervously for paranoia that a greater fury would strike back if it ever expressed itself.

Cowardice thus embodies itself in him, a pervasive unwillingness to act in the face of the consequences, whatever they might be. Snively is a sad, hateful, fearful little man, who fails because he refuses to reconcile himself with the rest of the world.

Born Colin Kintobor Jr., but swiftly and cruelly nicknamed ‘Snively’ for his youthful cringing, Snively developed as the black sheep among his family - regarded with little interest by a physically fit, man-among-men father, who had no respect or patience for the short, frail, scientifically-minded child he now had to raise.

Denied affection, Snively became an untrusting sort who sequestered himself with his interests, and spectacularly failed to have any sort of friends or social life growing up. This was hardly hampered by the embarrassment of suffering abrupt onset male pattern baldness, leaving him miserably clinging to a mere six hairs on his head.

No sooner than he became an adult was he gone from his family household, and it was in college that he made the discovery that would set the course for the rest of his life. His father had never spoken much about the other parts of their family, and to Snively, who was seeking some way, any way, of dissociating himself from the man, this was the lead to follow.

What he found was that their family branch had changed its surname some years prior. They had once been known as ‘Robotnik’. And wasn’t that the name of the renegade genius sending his armies of mechanical works of art across Mobius? How interesting.

It took time, and effort, but Snively was able to make contact with the man. Here, now, was Dr. Julian Robotnik, the Eggman, his uncle. With a mind like Snively’s own, an irrepressible rejector of the tedious conventions of society, and who had the eyes of the entire world upon him. Snively asked to be a part of his endeavors. He agreed.

For a time, that was enough. Snively assisted his work, poured his efforts into helping to make Robotnik’s creations ever more effective and deadly. But slowly, the situation soured. The Eggman was a capricious, unsympathetic, and emotionally cruel companion, and it became ever more apparent that Snively was viewed as not a compatriot, nor even a respected subordinate, but merely servile labor.

And though he still preferred his uncle to his father, as failure after failure built up at the hands of the blue hedgehog and his friends and allies, the thoughts built in Snively’s mind:

“Anyone could’ve seen that coming!”

“The design was absurd and impractical, the childish buffoon!”

“Why is he even in charge around here?”

“...I should be.”

Snively is a scientific prodigy with doctorate-level skills in many different area of pursuit, though primarily in computer technology and mechanical design, despite having no extensive formal education.

He's skillful at concealing his true intentions and is fairly good at misleading others, though his outright manipulative abilities are largely rock bottom.

On the downside, he's short, light, and fairly weak, making him all but useless in matters of physical endeavor. He lacks true confidence and often folds under pressure.

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