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Original Character


Chaotic Evil

Rose is a butterfly with hypnotic looking wings. She wears a Red dress with a belt made of leather. She is tall. She wears pink eyeshadow to go with her dress. She wears red glossy shoes. She has long skinny legs that look like sticks on her. Her skin is a pitch black color. He hair is curly with little streaks of black in it. She has diamond necklaces with every outfit that she wears. She even shines them everyday which is not normal. Her wings have a black and red on them. Even though they are bigger than bee wings, people still call them that.
Rose tries hard to eliminate Sonic but it never works. She never really happy. She loves fashion like any butterfly. She feels as if some day she will rule over everyone. Loves to show up when unexpected. It makes her feel important. She always has pink and red for an outfit to wear. She hates the smell of fresh meat, it makes her feel a little sick when she smells it. thats why she is a vegetarian. She never listens to the rules as given to her she always ends up bracking them at some point.
Since she got abandon from her parents at the age 10 she has never loved any one again. She thought she would show her parents how it felt to be abandon.
Rose tricks everyone one with her looks which has gotten her no where, the only thing it got her was drooling boys all over her. But because of Amy it dose'nt work on Sonic.
So now she lives trying to rule the world.
She has a Crush on Silver but Blaze stole him.
Rose lives out in the open in a Dark Red house. She rarely has anyone pass around there which is why she loves it.
Rose can make a single tornado with her wings. Which comes in handy sometimes.
In the site of pollen Rose will faint. She can also give someone a makeover without any makeup.

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