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Bruno the Strong
Original Character


Bruno the Strong

Neutral Good

and per-historic villain sent from the past to the future. Bruno appears

Bruno, made by his adopted owner, Ponces 245
as a gigantic and primeval cave Mobian.Bruno's main power is size-maginfication making himself larger and more powerful to that akin

Bruno appears as a primeval and gigantic sized Megatherium, (Megatheriums being as big as elephants in real life.) He is known to wear caveman like clothing attire, (which is odd because he only has three fingers on each hand).
Bruno is a primitive being, and as such he would have a primitive mentality and a very morally blind sense of mortality as well. While he is known to be friendly and frisky, he also has little comprehension of his own actions and is not afraid to use his larger being to eat humans alive for nourishment, He also relishes in crushing and breaking things for amusement.

However, Bruno also is known to be very loyal to his boss and highly unlikely to betray him. Bruno also has a fear of technology that is years ahead of his own comprehension and thus technology makes him scared of 'magic'.
Little is known about Bruno's personal past other than somehow a New Order trans-dimensional warp error caused a rift in the space time continuum hurling him far into the future. What is thought of however is perhaps Bruno has genetic inherited powers from Grief's Cavarian space pirate grandmother, Rearel.

When Bruno was sent to the future New Order forces found him, after losing several men to him Grief arrived on the scene and knocked him out from behind. Once he awoken Bruno found himself speaking towards the evil baron as he eventually convinced the barbaric Mobian monster with his usually evil influence, as well as tricking him into eating a bag of chips filled with nanomachines. Thus allowing Grief to put a HUD in Bruno's brain with his 'magic', thus turning Bruno into his unknowing pawn.
lost jungle zone
in the cave
power a lot of super strength and can grow to gigantic proportions, poser a good ability to hunt and bring claws on the hands and feet for his species
1 technology confuses the magic

2 confused

3 not think attacks and acts like an animal, little controllable
eat whatever
He speaks in the third person
sometimes it has fleas
of dinosaurs

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