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Credence "Karma" Rentz
Original Character



Neutral Good
"In a Big Country" - Big Country

Like most Mobians, Karma cuts a short figure, standing at exactly 3 feet in height. While she's secretive about her weight, she's very light, even by Mobian standards. Her low body weight makes her capable of flight via the two sets of large, transparent wings on her back.

As a dragonfly, Karma has no fur. The majority of her body is covered by thin plates of tough chitin, all coloured milky white with a faint iridescent sheen. The hair she does have is on her head where it belongs; a mid-back length curtain of brown hair cut by a single stripe of lavender dye down one long section. She usually styles it back away from her face, tying part of it up in a small bun and letting the rest fall loose behind her shoulders. Poking out of the top of her head are two long, thin antennae with sphere-shaped nodules at the ends.

She's got a smooth, heart-shaped face and large eyes that are completely green, with only a slightly darker green pupil to indicate the direction in which she's looking. These are usually covered up with a large pair of sunglasses when outside, though how much of it is utility and how much of it is hiding is a mystery.

Her manner of dress is still mostly on the modest side, favouring long sleeves and turtlenecks most of the year. During the colder seasons, she's typically out and about in a knit cream sweater tailored to accommodate all 4 of her arms over a ruffly white skirt, dark leggings, and brown boots. If the weather calls for it, a scarf or hat might join it, but she rarely ventures out when the temperature dips too low. In the summer, she trades the sweater for a vest or a half-jacket over some sort of lightweight, pastel sundress. No matter what she wears, one thing remains constant: A necklace, consisting of a star-shaped trinket at the end of a long, silver chain.
Karma has a reserved countenance about her, speaking little and with great consideration for her words-- a far cry from the girl she used to be. Gone are the days when she wore her heart openly and on her sleeve, speaking her mind with little provocation and regardless of consequence. While she still firmly stands her ground when it comes to her opinions and beliefs, she's become more withdrawn after so much misfortune. The years have beaten her down, scrubbing away her childish demeanor and leaving behind a woman who has seen too much and lost too many people she loves.

There was a time she believed that everyone, no matter who they are, had a hint of goodness in them. Nobody was truly evil to the core or irredeemable. Everyone could be saved. Such ideals are hard to have faith in these days, and Karma puts little weight in them now. She still believes in doing what's right, however, and retains her strong sense of justice. She'll stand up for what she feels is just to the bitter end, and there's no lengths to which she won't go to help out someone in need.

Karma is very open about her past, and hasn't shied away from making her involvement in certain illegal happenings public knowledge. While she is repentant, she is not hiding from the things she's been complicit in. Since being rescued from destitution by her mentor, she's devoted herself to using the influence gained from his help to making Mobius a better place for victims of villains and criminals, and for extending assistance to those coerced into lives of crime.

All in all, while she comes across as an aloof woman who has allowed time and tragedy to close off her heart, she remains compassionate as ever, if less trusting overall. She's not a cold or bitter person, and has done her best to make peace with the events in her life that have lead her to where she is today. She's grown out of being a hotheaded little girl, but she's not completely stoic, either. It might take a little needling sometimes, but she can still laugh and smile like anyone else. She's matured, but Karma hasn't lost sight of who she is. If anything, she feels more like herself now than she ever has-- ironic, considering she has fully adopted the persona of Karma and left her identity as Credence behind.

She still loves things like aeronautics and astronomy, but has also adopted writing as a hobby. Due to having been the protege of a powerful and influential figure (at the time), she's grown used to being in the public eye and public speaking as well. She's got a keen awareness of how publicity and the media work, and how to use them to one's advantage, though she's not anywhere close to being as sensationalist as Jericho had been. She prefers to keep out of the spotlight most of the time, only surfacing to put what influence she has to good use upholding the peace or assisting those in need.
Born on the edge of the Blue Coast Zone, Credence spent her childhood in a small village by the sea. Though it was mostly a dragonfly village, other Mobians had washed up there, figuratively speaking, from time to time and found the isolated little area made for a perfect home away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One such family was a family of beetles, the youngest of which was Jack, a boy of Credence's age who quickly became her closest friend.

They spent many summer days racing on the beach and holding swimming contests, always trying to determine once and for all who was the best swimmer. They were always friendly competitions, with the worst consequences as someone being a sore loser or a day or two of not talking to each other, but as time went on, they took them more and more seriously. Credence pushed herself harder, going out of her way to train and develop her skills even as her wings held her back in the water. They both demanded more of each other, racing to improve themselves and outdo the other. Their friendship was forged out of salt water and sand and the relentless heat of the sun; it felt unbreakable.

Nothing lasts forever, though. Although Jack was there for her when her father's fishing boat was found dashed on the rocks, no survivors in sight, and helped her through the turmoil of her mother remarrying some years later, he would leave her eventually. At 13 they said their goodbyes and he moved away, never to be seen again.

It was the first time she'd ever considered what lie outside of her hometown. The world existed suddenly, and it was huge. There was an endless amount of possibility spread before her. As soon as she was able to, Credence gathered up what little of importance she owned and flew away, determined to see all of Mobius for herself. Shortly after beginning her journey, she became acquainted with a young woman named Lumen; a sand rat who was also a traveler like her. During their stay in the same town, the two became fast friends, leaving on the next leg of their explorations together.

For years they wandered side-by-side, visiting as much of Mobius as they could. They were thick as thieves, completely inseparable... or so she thought. During their visit to Sapphire Island, tragedy struck. As they walked along the beach, shots rang out in the distance, getting ever closer. A bounty hunter from the mainland was after them-- or, more accurately, after Lumen. He caught up with the girls easily, and despite their best efforts to flee, Lumen was gunned down.

He tried to explain to a guild-ridden Credence that Lumen hadn't been who she said she was; that she was a dangerous criminal with a bounty on her head, and that Credence should count herself lucky she wasn't made another one of her victims. None of that mattered to Credence, though. All she could see was someone she loved and trusted dead. She'd failed to protect her. Whoever she was before, the Lumen she knew was her dearest friend, but now that friend was gone. She was 17 and alone, with no friends and little in the way of money or possessions.

Still weighed by the burden of grief, she hung up her adventurers hat and set course for Capitol City in an attempt to settle down. Unable to afford a place to stay right away, she took up odd jobs and slept in the park or in the local theater she worked at part-time. Once she finally got on her feet, all set up in a tiny little apartment with a somewhat stable job delivering packages, it all fell into chaos again.

On a delivery to Casinopolis, she was caught in the middle of a fight between an Overlander and a Mobian, resulting in her being shot in the shoulder. She attempted to track down and get revenge on the Overlander that shot her, but all the trails were dead ends, and she soon returned back home. While crossing through the park on her way to her apartment complex, she met a grouchy Overlander named Logan. From that moment on, nothing was ever the same again.

He was reluctant to accept her as not being a threat, but she convinced him, even going so far as to persuade Logan to allow her to come with him when he went to hunt down a Chaos Emerald. It was exciting to have made a friend and to be on the cusp of a new journey after so long, but when she went to meet him back in Casinopolis as they'd agreed, things had changed. He'd met a man by the name of Mammoth Mogul and received a strange power from him. Convinced of Mogul's wisdom and strength, he pressured Credence into meeting him, which she agreed to if only to figure out what was going on with her new friend.

Unaware of Mogul's true nature, she met with him and was put under his spell; brainwashed into accepting the mark of his underlings, the Majin. Although she received great power from her new master, she was bound to his will and made a loyal servant like the others. At his request, they hunted down Chaos Emeralds for him and terrorized the populace. They even stormed Angel Island at Mogul's side, and though they failed their mission, they sent the island crashing into the sea.

Having barely escaped with their lives, Credence took it upon herself to finally confess her love to Logan, having grown incredibly attached to him during their time working together. The feeling was mutual, so throughout the rest of their time under Mogul's rule they continued to be at each other's sides, believing their love would only serve to make them stronger. Things weren't perfect, but they had each other. That was what mattered.

It was inevitable that Mogul's time on Mobius would come to an end one way or another, and so it eventually came to pass. He ascended to another realm, leaving behind his Majin, now stripped of the powers they came to possess through their link to him. Mogul's departure from Mobius destroyed Logan, who worshiped him as a god. Unable to cope with his master leaving them, he slowly went insane. Credence remained loyal to him throughout everything, trying her hardest to save him from himself and break him away from his dependence on Mogul. They even attempted to get married, though Logan turned coward and ran out on the ceremony just as it finished.

Things only continued to get worse. Her husband grew worse and worse by the day, as if he were becoming someone else entirely. He claimed he wanted to remake the world into something new and perfect in her name, and took up arms to make his twisted dream a reality. Unable to stop him and no loner able to stand by him, Credence left everything behind and went back on the road incognito, trying to escape the miserable disaster her life had become as the love of her life descended further into madness.

She was once again destitute and alone when Jericho found her. An incredibly wealthy celebrity from Casinopolis, he'd become a sensation across the continent and was host of a popular TV show, The Highlight Reel. He was charismatic and powerful; a natural leader. Why the lion felt this homeless, broken-hearted girl was worth his time is a question Credence still can't answer, but he took her in and reshaped her. She became Karma, his protege, and he taught her everything he could. It was under his guidance that she became known as someone of importance in Casinopolis, if only because of who her mentor was and the opportunities he provided for her.

For a while, things were better than ever. She could finally leave her old life behind and be free from the guilt and heartbreak. Not that she wasn't fully honest about her identity and what she'd done, but Karma wielded her experiences like a weapon instead of suffering under them like Credence had. She used what she'd seen and done as springboards to launch campaigns to improve resources for victims of villainy and create outreach for those put into servitude for criminals against their will. She even annulled her marriage to Logan, who had since been captured by GUN and found to be an amnesiac, unable to remember himself. She returned his ring personally in spite of his inability to remember and said her goodbyes, cutting him out of her life for good. It was the last time she would ever see him again.

When the revelation of Jericho's alliance with Eggman came to light, Karma publicly denounced him and cut her ties with the lion who had raised her up. Unable to ever support a villain or anyone who cooperated with them, she struck out on her own. Jericho eventually faded into obscurity, having disappeared mysteriously and never returned. Karma briefly considered searching for her former mentor, entertaining the notion of saving him as he had done for her once upon a time, but decided to let him go.

Several years later, not much has changed. She maintains a modest degree of popularity as a minor public figure in Casinopolis, and has released a self-published book about her time with the Majin and everything leading up to the rise and fall of Logan as a threat to Mobius. She no longer travels or goes out on wild adventures, instead choosing to invest her time and energy into her pet projects and public works.
Karma lives comfortably in a Casinopolis apartment.
Although she does have some degree of combat prowess after her time as a Majin, Karma isn't built for fighting and doesn't really enjoy it. She's quick on her feet and skilled with a baseball bat in her hands, but that's about it.

  • Excellent at swimming and flying
  • Very light and quick on her feet
  • Can navigate by stars
  • Ambidextrous x4
  • Level-headed and rational

  • Easily knocked over or pushed aside due to light weight
  • Physically fragile
  • Not very strong
  • Still easy to manipulate or take advantage of
  • Tries too hard to do things by herself
  • Profile art is a commission done by Kokoronis @ tumblr

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