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Chaotic Good
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A 4'7" lynx with short, messy hair. Light brown fur with a speckled pattern along his arms, legs, head, and back. Short, bobbed tail with black tip. Large, triangular ears with black tips and fur tufts. White muzzle with lynx-style fur tufts on either end. White fur on stomach. Dark brown eyes.

Sky likes to wear cologne, and thus always has a woodsy smell about him. When he speaks, he sounds like Clyde Blackburn from Battlefield 1. He carries himself in a very relaxed posture, as if nothing bothers him.

Clothing-wise, Sky dresses in a long, double-breasted aviator's jacket, brown leather gloves with long gauntlets, dark gray trousers, brown knee-length boots, and a green button-up shirt beneath. Around his waist he wears a brown belt with a holster on his right thigh. Around his neck is a navy-blue scarf.
Cocky, thrill-seeking, and maybe just a little irreverent, Sky may come off as an idiot to some. Don't let it fool you, however. He's just an underachiever and likes to keep expectations low.

He longs to be a great hero and adventurer like Sonic the Hedgehog, whose story he grew up listening to as a kitten. The problem is, he's never done anything notably heroic in his life, and thus has absolutely zero clue what he's doing in most situations. Not much of a planner, he tends to simply follow his gut and pray for the best. Sometimes it works, other times it leads to more disaster, which has lead to his reputation as a rampaging hooligan out in the more isolated regions of Mobius. Not exactly a great start on the hero's journey, but hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

Despite his flaws, Sky is as kind and easy-going as they come, and has the makings to truly be something great.
Sky's childhood is mostly uneventful. Raised in an isolated logging village in the Icy Mountain Zone, Sky wasn't exposed to much of the major events in recent Mobian history. To supplement his rather dull life working as a logger, he voraciously read history and anthropology, and always made sure to be the first to hear of Sonic the Hedgehog's exploits. He hungered for adventure, and longed of a day when he could escape the mountains and prove himself to the world.

This thinking lead him into a bit of trouble. The local law enforcement spent many a day mounting search-and-rescue operations when Sky would wander off too far from the village and get lost in a cave. Sky himself spent many a day running off into the wilderness or slinking to the local gambling hall to dodge his arch-nemesis, his school's truancy officer, who had enough citations to retire.

In Sky's late-teens, he found his first opportunity to move beyond his small village: being a mail pilot. He quickly learned to fly from the only other pilot in the village; an old man who was looking for an apprentice. Soon enough, Sky was taking his rusty, old biplane into the rough mountain winds to deliver letters and packages to nearby towns. Sky worked in this capacity until the age of 19, when he was of age and had enough money saved to strike out on his own.

So, with nothing but a biplane, a revolver, and his thirst for greatness, he took off from his village and never looked back. He's mostly stayed away from the major areas of Mobius so far, staying on the farther, less populated frontier.
Sky does not have a permanent residence. Such is the life of an adventurer. However, his parents' home is always open to him when he ventures back into the mountains.
Sky is not a fighter. He knows how to shoot a gun and throw a punch, but he truly excels in the sky. He's had several run-ins with Eggman's aerial forces during his travels, and fights like a demon in the cockpit.
-Amazing pilot. Experienced in dogfighting and rough-weather flying.
-Vast knowledge of history and foreign cultures.
-Skilled gambler.
-Skilled survivalist. Perfectly comfortable in the wilderness.
-Decent cooking skills.

-Below-average hand-to-hand combatant.
-Quick tongue. Leads to many altercations.
-Not in the best shape. Hates intense physical exercise.
-Not very tactical. Horrible at coming up with plans. Prefers to charge at threats and hit them as hard as he can.
-Very prideful. May not ask for help when he needs it.
-Old, rusty biplane with single nose-mounted machine gun. Bullet holes scattered across fuselage. Passenger seat behind pilot, with plenty of room for others to ride on the wings. Blue paint scheme.
-Large caliber revolver.
-Dark aviator-style sunglasses.
-Small pocket knife.
-Chrome zippo-style lighter.
I was having difficulty absorbing the history. Sorry, not the sharpest knife in the crayon box! So I made Sky live extremely far away in an isolated village where most of the events wouldn't have affected him.

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