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Honey the Cat
Feature Character


Honey the Cat

Violet Primrose
Yellow (Fur), Black (Hair)
Neutral Neutral

This fashionable kitty sports well-kept yellow fur that puts other cats to shame! Her bright orange eyes are brought out by her long, jet-black hair arranged into two substantial ponytails. This is all held together by a red hairband and white laced barrettes. Her perfectly peach-coloured muzzle completes the look, and delivers many cutesy smiles and expressions.

But surely such a fashion diva would wear something befitting of her profession, no? You would be right! It just so happens that she's often spotted wearing a fancy yet surprisingly flexible red and black dress with matching boots. The wings on the back are just for decoration, silly! And the white gloves come with the territory, you know.
While amicable and cheerful, Honey is not one to pass on opportunities which will allow her or her business to succeed and grow. She is the type to get into something only if she can get something out of it, though this isn't borne by any nefarious desires. Rather, she is the type who will do the right thing, but will also have the right thing be handled in such a fashion that will pay dividends toward her or anything else she likes.

Confidence is the name of this kitty's game. No matter what lies ahead, she will gladly take it all on with a smile or even a grin, especially if the reward is something she wants. This confidence is not entirely misplaced though. As a businesswoman and fighter, she is quite the strategist and quick thinker, and will only take calculated risks.
Honey made her grand debut on the world stage by showing up as a contestant at a big fighting tournament alongside the Sonic Heroes. Nobody expected her to accomplish much considering the competition she faced, but she wooed crowds anyway by putting up a serious fight while looking as fashionable as possible. While she didn't win in the end, she left quite the impression; so much that her fledgling clothing company, Honey Clothing, became a household name a few weeks later.

She has become the founder and CEO of what's now a massive Mobius-wide clothing empire. The Honey Clothing label has the special distinction of having huge sections in retail stores dedicated specifically to its products. Honey is now one of the most successful business owners around. Simply by going out in public, she is making a statement. What better way to advertise one's new designs than to go out and wear them? Still, this does not mean that this success has made her complacent; she's always looking for new ways to expand Honey Clothing and to lure more customers in.

In fact, she's even taken more martial arts lessons in her free time in case there's another fighting tournament to join. Or even movies to star in which would be spiced up by some action scenes! During her training, she made use of her natural speed and reflexes to develop a new technique known as the Shadow Sneak.

She's now ready to take on the world again, and exponentially increase her business and fame. Will such an opportunity ever arrive...?
Honey lives in the classy penthouse atop her company's headquarters in Casinopolis. One could easily say she sleeps at the office!
Agility: Being a cat, and a trained and fit cat to boot, her natural agility and reflexes give her quite the edge in combat, whether it's about striking first or getting out of the danger zone.

Shadow Sneak: A natural result from combining her martial arts training with her refined agility and reflexes. By moving suddenly with extreme speed over very small distances, she can produce an afterimage of herself in order to evade attacks or confuse opponents.
+Good reflexes
+Always plans ahead
+Martial Arts training

-Can be manipulative
-Too preoccupied with success
-Not all risks pay off
-If agility or reflexes fail, her resistance to damage is paper-thin
-Hasn't learned to just take things easy, and turn her brain off
-Lavish lifestyle made her lose touch with the common mobian
Image taken from the Comics.

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