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She's a mobian catgirl, taller than average, about 4ft, with brown fur with blue hair. Her hair is styled in such a way that it hides the right side of her face. She has blue eyes, her right eye is artificial.
She also has a pair of bat-like wings, partly cybernetic, partly organic. Where the bones would be is instead a metal frame, but the wing membrane is organic. She has a series of 3 scars going over her face, from upper right to lower left.
She also has a fake left leg she made herself, having lost the old one after a failed attack on Robotnik, though this leg is kept hidden by her pants. She is also missing part of her right ear, like the top of it has been sliced off.
As she no longer works for GUN anymore, she no longer wears one of their uniforms, instead going back to her old look of black pants and black boots. She wears a dark grey t-shirt, with black hoodie over that. There are holes in both shirts to allow her wings their freedom, as well as in the trench coat she wears over the shirts.
She no longer has her shades, so her good eye is visible. As her artificial eye was destroyed, the right eye socket is little more than a empty hole. She keeps this hidden with an eye patch.
She also no longer wears gloves, so her fake hand can be seen, yet she tries to keep her hair in such a way that it hides the right side of her face.
She still uses an artificial leg, this one she got after she re-joined G.U.N. for awhile, although with her own modifications.
This is a feline that has been through much, but still keeps going on. Walking on the street, she seems like anyone else, just wanting to get from one place to another, but if there is someone that seriously needs help, like someone getting mugged, she will help them. Even with this side of her, there is a darker side. With all that's gone with her, another personality developed in her mind, one she calls Wing. While Metal is willing to help someone really needing it, Wing is just as quick to cause mayhem. She has learned how to control this personality however, using Wing's tendencies and personality to see things in ways she normally wouldn't herself.
Born in a large litter, she grew up with many brothers and sisters, so she learned to fend for herself quickly, which helped her, because she thought her parents didn't care for her. Because of this, she ran from home and hid out in the streets for a few days. She got extremely lucky that nothing happened to her, except getting found by GUN.
They were looking for people who could be of use to them when they found her sleeping and thought that, because it was pretty clear she was a run away, she could be taken into GUN and was. They thought though that, of course the family would be looking for her, and they could be a risk if she ever wanted to go back to them, so GUN killed her entire family, making it look like a gang hit. With no family left, she stayed with GUN, and they trained her, and taught her.
She excelled in hand to hand combat, with decent marks in marksmanship, but she's no crack shot. In schooling, excelled in chemistry and biology. She ended up doing for GUN stuff like Gerald did, but the difference was that, at the time, she was loyal. She worked for them for awhile, and her wings were in fact the result of some of her experimenting in making developments for enhancing GUN soldiers.
She worked for GUN for quite awhile, till it came to a slow time, she had no projects running, and none planned, so she was doing scouting missions. One of those missions took her out over Robotropolis, on a day Robotnik was testing out a new security system, which she got caught by. She got shot out of the sky and came down in Robotroplis where she was then found and brought to Robotnik. He, seeing the value in GUN training, decided to hang onto her as she was, instead of killing her. One of the first things he did was to graft a metallic wing frame to her wings, considering her bones there were pretty much destroyed by the guns. From that point on, about the only thing he did to her was torture her, just to keep her under his control, except for the few times he sent her on missions.
It went like that for awhile, up till Robotnik used all 7 DCE's, she escaping soon after. Since then, Robotnik has been after her, even almost killing her with the last bot he sent after her. She, getting tired of these bot attacks, decided to go after Robotnik himself, and manages to get herself onto the Death Egg. She fought numerous bots, getting very hurt in the process, but was still able to reach the madman. Though as she went to deliver what she thought would be the killing blow, the robot he was in turned out to be empty, save for a Robotnik copy. As she was finding this fact out, Robotnik more or less dropped her out of the Death Egg. She "hotwired" the mech, to use it in an attempt to survive the inevitable crash, and she did, but not without -major- damage. She was near death when found, and if it wasn't for Tails, she would probably be dead. She did end up loosing a leg, but has since replaced it.
After Metal's near suicidal lone attack on him before the Death Egg was brought down, he's since left her alone. He figured that, someone who would fight as she did just to get him, would not be one to attempt to recapture, and force to work for him again. Recently, she has been working for GUN, after being captured by them, having been defeated by Swiss Mouse, who actually had been sent to capture her.
During her time for GUN, she had various projects going on. For one of these, she would simply attack people on the street and inject some various compound that would cause changes in the person. During one of these incidents, her victim got away from her and got to the hospital. He was helped by a nurse named Bo, and as he was being helped, Metal showed up with a few GUN soldiers to take the guy into custody. Bo made the unfortunate mistake of getting in Metal's way. For her trouble, Metal gave Bo an injection that put her through terrible pain for a very short period of time every hour.
A bit after this incident however, Metal made a bet with someone and ended up loosing. Since she lost, she agreed to make an antidote for what she injected into the nurse. Whether or not the nurse took the antidote, Metal doesn't know.
Another experiment she had going on was an adaptation of one of the artificial Chaos', one that could absorb the abilities of individuals. This creature, named Glovid, had gotten abilities from various sources, including Sonic and Tails.
Another incident Metal was a part of, was the first MOOD riot, and in fact may have started it, as she was piloting one of the GUN bots that was there. Whether or not she was the one that had fired on the echidna that led MOOD is hard to tell however.
Her time working for GUN came to and end one night, when she actually merged with Glovid. This transformed her into a 10ft tall monster. This merging occurred when the drugs GUN had been giving her and finally pushed her completely over the edge. In this form, she caused much damage and destruction, to both buildings and people around. Two people, Izzi and Bolt, came up to try and stop her, but had very little effect. They however were able to keep her occupied enough for Debt to arrive. They got into a gigantic battle, with Debt becoming the eventual victor, even destroying Glovid, but not without getting very hurt herself.
Metal came out the worse of it tho, and spent a good deal of time in the hospital. During this time, she apologized to Izzi for what she had done when she was merged with Glovid, and apologized to Bo for what she had done to her.
She has since quit GUN completely, and is surviving on her own, having even gotten a job at the hospital. For the most part, things have gotten at least a little bit peaceful for her, with that peace being broken a couple times. First off was when Four was taken by The Orange Bird, who was attempting to use Four's ability to amplify energy put through her system, to make a massive weapon. Metal fought with Bo and Goemon, to free Four and defeat TOB. Things went back to normal for a bit after this, untill she encountered the robotic Genevieve. Metal was defeated by the large bot, and brought to Dongle, who turned her into a "bot". During the short time she was under his control, she had caused major damage and injuries, even taking down the police HQ. This "Mecha Metal" was not around long, as Metal was freed of the bot suit after Dongle was defeated.
Metal has since tried to get back into a "normal" routine.
That attempt had somewhat backfired however, as the events from the "Mecha Metal" incident, combined with what happened before and during the Glovid incident, left her with a rather messed up mind. Se was seeming to carry out a fairly normal life most of the time, but now and then she would go out at night, and brutally attack people, for no real reason at all. She was tracked down, and discovered by Debt one night, when she was on one of her "runs" and the two got into a fight, with Debt coming out the victor. She gave Metal a choice, either turn herself in on her own choice, or Debt would turn her in. Metal went on her own choice, and ended up in a mental institution for a short time, getting out when Killer manages to pull a few strings. During that time, it was discovered that she developed a split personality. One side is her "normal" personality, the other personality however, is the one to watch out for. Extremely violent and sadistic, this other personality would like nothing more than to take her claws and shred the nearest person to shreds. Metal has taken to calling this other side of herself Wing, and will on occasion get into internal arguments with Wing.
Since that time in the mental institution, she had gotten a bit of order into her life. She is working for GUN once again, espiceally now that the corruption seems to be gone from the organization. She's even managed to get back into her old position, devoting more research into that which would help people, than to developing some sort of super solider, or anything like that.
That's not to say that her life has been quiet however. She's had her life threatened by Prognosis at least twice, and unknown to her, Metallix is also after her, believing she is part of a project to clone Metallix.
Recently, in an attempt to stop a bank robbery, she got badly hurt, and was found by Greg, who took her to Tails' place, instead of the hospital. She still recovered however, even assisting Tails with things. Since recovering however, she's gone back to her own place, and a routine of working and so on. She does take time when she can to head back to Tails'.
Her time after that has been rather quiet, for which she is grateful, giving her the chance to simply enjoy herself without having to worry about whether or not someone is trying to kill her. She also started some of her own projects, using some stuff she got from G.U.N. when she last left them. Some of these projects were in food bioengineering, she simply applying her DNA manipulation knowledge to plants. She's now managed to make herself a good bit of money selling the seeds and so on through an old contact of hers, doing it this way is an attempt to keep her privacy.
With help from an old friend, she acquired a small island not too far off of Emerald Coast. It's big enough for her to have a house, a lab, and a small garden and greenhouse she uses for growing what she develops.
Her melee weapon, when she's not using her feet or hands, is a sort of electro katana. Not quite like a beam blade weapon, but yet not an actual katana, it is instead carried around in an inactive mode, about the shape of an average katana hilt. When activated though, a thin, yet amazingly strong pole shoots about 3 feet in length from one side of the hilt. Once the pole extends to it's full length, the "blade" seems to shimmer into existence. This "blade" is incredibly sharp, and never looses it's edge.
She also carries an energy gun weapon, powered by smaller, portable chaos drives. She can change the type of shot fired by putting in a different chaos drive, and can make a shot stronger by powering it up for 10 seconds, but that would drain the drive faster. Because of this weapon, she carries around a few of the different types of chaos drives. The shots also tend to take the color of the chaos drive powering it.
Listing of color and type of shot
Yellow - Average energy shot, normally seen as a thin beam of short length. Does mostly low damage. Powered up, the beam is longer and thicker, and does medium to high damage. Low power drain on the chaos drive. Can last for roughly 400 shots in normal mode, and 200 in charged up mode.
Purple - "Wave" beam. The shot is a thin edged, expanding crescent, the closer the target is, the more damage done, ranging from low to medium damage. Powered up, the beam is thicker, and moves faster. Damage done is medium to high. Medium power drain on the chaos drive. Roughly 100 shots in normal mode, and 50 shots charged up.
Green - Rapid fire. Fires small, round shots, at a very high rate. A single shot does very low damage, but as the mode is rapid fire, the one shot is very likely to be followed by more. Does about medium damage. Powered up shots are slightly bigger, and fire in -very- fast moving groups of 5. Does between medium and high damage. Low, but fast power drain. Lasts for roughly 5 minuets constant fire on normal mode, yet 2 minuets charged up mode.
Red - "Grenade" mode. Fires a large, somewhat slow moving shot, exploding on contact with target. High damage. Charged up shot is a very large, slower moving shot, causing an even bigger explosion, causing very high damage. A powered up shot of this mode uses an entire chaos drive. High drain on the chaos drive. Only lasts for 10 shots in normal mode, and charged up mode -must- have a full chaos drive.
Her artificial leg has various compartments in it, allowing her to hide a variety of items in it, while her hand holds a small laser in it. There's not much power to it, she using it more for cutting things. A person getting hit by the beam would get their skin burned by the beam, but for it to kill them, they'd have to stand there a long time. We're not talking a lethal weapon here.
During the time GUN was still experimenting with Chaos Drive solution, a theory was put forward to drench a person in the solution, rather than injecting them with it. Metal volunteered for that, and after being drenched with the solution, it absorbed into her, giving her senses, strength, speed, and healing a boost. Anything else this might have done is as yet unknown.

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