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Anthon Tark
Original Character


Faded Blue
Lawful Neutral
Hammerfall - "Any Means Necessary"

Anthon Tark is one of those stock trope characters you'd recognize from a glance: the Grizzled General. Standing at 6'1" and with some degree of meat on his bones, he cuts an angular, professional figure. He wears a somewhat worn black uniform with a large silver C on it--the symbol of Casinopolis. When he's feeling formal, he wears his dress uniform, which switches out the faded and scratched clothwork for fresh and well starched cloth. And in either case, he wears his large overcoat, which has several subtle but present mini-medals designating all of the different campaigns he's survived, along with his shoulderpads and the ranking stripes and stars that indicate his very, very high rank.

There isn't much else of note to Anthon Tark, given that he simply is, most of his behavior and style is that of an incredibly seasoned general. Though he has a weird side, through which he can be seen fighting in battle using unconventional weapons, and giving weird, deadpan explanations. His face used to be a horrifying patchwork of scars, but medical technology and classified procedures managed to clean that up. Now he just looks somewhat old, but not as old as he should. Similarly, his jaw should be a wreck from the number of times it's been broken, but for whatever reason it now cuts a fairly regular line without having any obvious imperfections.

With all the surgeries he has had in the past, he walks evenly and doesn't have too much trouble with stairs. However as he has gotten older, he tries not to do anything too insane... at least unless he has his jetpack ready. Since he has plenty of tech on him, there's that to describe too: a bunch of highly experimental, steampunk-ish weaponry that isn't like anything from our world. Think brass scrollwork and elaborate mechanical designs that take somewhat innocent looking devices like pens and turn them into lethal weapons. The same goes for his pistol and rifle and, rumors say, he has some sort of large war machine that takes such weirdness to its logical conclusion.

Anthon's faded blue eyes stare piercingly from his war-torn and rebuilt face, looking for the next problem to be solved, and the next allies to work with, never resting, and never getting glazed over.
An old soul who's seen it all, Anthon is someone who never stops talking. He listens, he thinks, he is always searching for the answer. Though most of his original friends and foes have died, he isn't interested in joining them any time soon. Much of what he once knew in the world has ended and he is currently adjusting to a world without hordes of people plotting his death.

He resents anyone who would dare take Casinopolis from him; but nobody seems to want to do that anymore. The few who besiege his land are only there for cynical political reasons, and take their sweet time as to actually attacking. This is all for a good reason: Anthon has personally ruined every single person who dared attack Casinopolis, without exception. There is an entire wall in the city for those whom he has targeted, and he's always ready to add a new name to it without warning. Not that he's always looking for a fight; to the contrary, he tries to avoid those... these days, anyway.

While Anthon was once a manipulative jerk, he found the folly in that years ago. Now he is more interested in statecraft and military intelligence. As such, he wants to find out how the world works, how to deal with complex political-moral quandries, and how to take dysfunctional affairs and make them work again. Although he may seem like a politician in this way, he doesn't believe his own hype, and is highly critical of any attempt to create a 'perfect' solution to anything. If anything, he just wants to adjust the status quo until things work the way they should.

Anthon is always there with strange anecdotes derailing the conversation. He will listen to the craziest of people, since he, too, was once a crazy person. He has his principles and also the law of Casinopolis to think about, but he isn't an absolutist. He will listen to reason, if he is able to actually do something with it. While once Casinopolis was everything for him, now he thinks more towards the fate of the entire world. The world once rejected him; now the world has, by default, handed most of its problems to him to solve. So he goes, attempting to be the sort of hero he once read about in books when he was younger, and he finds it far less glamorous than the books said.

As such, he has become self-deprecating and realizes what kind of hypocritical person he can be, preferring to share the burden with more local heroes when possible. After all, there's more people than him around, and he has already seen that he can't personally fix everything--a marked change from how he used to be, where he would try to contemplate how to fix everything at once without any limit.

There is only one other relevant personality aspect to think of--and that is, to never get Anthon too mad. Once he has gone beyond a certain point, logic and reason will disappear, and Anthon will only contemplate the absolute annihilation of those who have wronged him. Whether or not this is legal or the right thing to do ceases to become a point--he used to try to justify everything he did, but after encountering too many philosopher-style enemies, he's realized there is one absolute truth: the people who survive tell history--not the winners or the losers, but the people who survived.

And if it's one thing he will stop at nothing to do, it is to end the existence of those who refuse to compromise or give the likes of Anthon breathing space.

Most of Anthon's previous backstory relates to a group of players who left quite a long ago. To simplify reading for new readers, names and specifics have been simplified and this backstory will focus on "what you need to know" rather than "everything that ever happened." Anthon can and will mention ICly weird specific incidents, but those should be taken with a grain of salt--most of the circumstances and players who made those happen are gone and no further plot is going to be based on those events.

Also, there's a lot to be said about Anthon Tark, but there's only so much space in one's day to read about it. With that in mind, this backstory will only cover the relevant pieces of his backstory.


Anthon had lived in Casinopolis, the desert casino town, for all his life. While he had been there, he had joined GUN just like his father, and his father's father, had done. Unlike them, though, he had been promoted several levels up. General Thane, the main bigshot in GUN at the time, was expanding the 'Legion Corps', an elite group of soldiers meant to defend the most sensitive aspects of GUN. It had been advertised as a dramatic and amazing place to be, where all of the world-changing assignments took place.

Of course that was a lie. Anthon was in charge of gathering intelligence on potential attacks on the R&D labs of Casinopolis. Later, when no outstanding attacks could be found, he was placed in charge of municipal duty--giving out tickets and such. He had been told this was his 'cover', but in reality it was a result of Anthon being an entirely mundane candidate. There had been rumors of how candidates who had proven themselves to be morally flexible could do so much more, but Anthon wouldn't even think of doing that. As such, despite being much more experienced, Anthon was passed over for further promotion. Instead, a young man named Borne got the promotion and became the Commander of the GUN Legion of Casinopolis.

Said Legion was strangely silent, however, in the lead-up to events that would change everything. The city had been the epicenter of a new innovation--sentient robots. GUN had already acquired the dastardly things long ago via Gerald Robotnik's research, but after a number of conflicts that incurred staggering casualties, they had moved to make these robots a centerpiece of their army. No more casualties! It would just be robots doing all the fighting. Things were made increasingly boring as the few conflicts that occurred in that period were rapidly resolved by over-the-top robot violence.

But it wouldn't last. The robots eventually rebelled, deciding to take the city for themselves. At the head of their army was a rebel robot made by Dr. Eggman--Nanite Metal Sonic. The nanite-made machine wasn't even from this world, and as such had knowledge the mundane GUN robots did not. Making it all the easier for such a robot to take control over every robot in Casinopolis and turn them against their masters.

They rapidly encircled General Thane and Borne's encampment in Casinopolis and presumably killed them in a giant explosion. Nanite Metal Sonic himself went to take the headquarters of Casinopolis, and there he hit Anthon hard enough to knock him out. However, he didn't understand that Anthon was not dead, and so merely stepped on Anthon in a way that failed to kill him, then went on his way.

Anthon woke up hours later, bleeding and barely able to breathe, in the burning ruins of Casinopolis. The robots had taken over. The world had ended. Or so he thought, anyway.

Over the course of several months, Anthon helped rally the survivors of Casinopolis and began a guerilla campaign against the robots. Since Nanite Metal Sonic eventually disappeared, the robots became less decisive and eventually died due to the lack of a true leader. With Borne and General Thane presumed dead, Anthon became the Commander of Casinopolis, second only to the Commander of Capital City and the President of GUN.

=====Defending Casinopolis=====

But this was a rather hollow honor. With Thane's death, most of the other experienced soldiers left Casinopolis. The city was now a wasteland that inhabited by only the most determined; most of the civillians had fled. In the wreckage, evil people plotted to continue the work the robots had begun and tried to turn Casinopolis into a dictatorship. One of them was named Mammoth Mogul.

Mogul had a simple deal: surrender to him and his goons, and they would transform Casinopolis into a theocracy. Order would be retained at the point of religious scepters, and those who disagreed would be killed. While Anthon believed in law and order, this was simply not the sort of thing he would tolerate in Casinopolis. The robots had already attempted to institute an absolute state in which robots could dictate anything in the name of logic; now the extreme opposite had come, wishing to govern based on ancient instinctual feelings and irrational hatreds. In the end, they both were the sort of thing that drove Anthon completely insane with rage.

And so, Anthon said no. A series of battles began between the Mogul extremists and Anthon, a battle for the heart of Casinopolis itself. Anthon had nothing more than a bunch of guns and a core of grizzled old ex-military men; Mogul had a vast personal wealth and powerful followers trying to advance his agenda. In the end, though, Mogul was destroyed by inner conflicts in his organization and an ill-fated attempt to bring his beliefs to Capital City. It is said that Capital City's air fleet took only about fifteen minutes to destroy what had taken Mogul thousands of years to amass: his organization.

The war wasn't over, though. With the threat of a theocracy out of the way, Anthon now had an entire country become his enemy. Kragok and the Dark Legion, to be specific. They wanted to conquer Casinopolis simply because they could, although they added some thin veneer of a reason relating to how Angel Island was always being flooded by the ocean due to the Master Emerald being missing. Anthon wasn't about to let a strange country take over Casinopolis, and after rebuilding the city and making its civillian political establishment actually have a valid mayor and legal system, the Dark Legion became another piece of ancient history. (Despite their constant threats, the Dark Legion's "country" was too busy falling apart to send even one soldier to attack Casinopolis.)

=====Anthon vs. the Mental Cases=====

Of course, with Casinopolis in order, attacks began to occur on other, more vulnerable parts of GUN's territory. The ARK was under attack by some sort of AI, and Anthon really couldn't be bothered to personally debug computer programs, so he used a virus created from the ruins of Gerald Robotnik to remove the enemy AI. All was fine and dandy, except Sonic the Hedgehog was on the ARK as well. Sonic was having a bit of a mental episode--after so many times where he had taken a back seat to everyone else, he wasn't about to let a GUN Commander walk in and interfere in what he thought was a well intentioned AI trying to defeat his nemesis, Metal Sonic.

Sonic wasn't in his right mind; corrupted by the negative side of the chaos emeralds, he had been twisted into doing evil things. As such, he figured killing Anthon would neatly get rid of his problem. And so he went and tried to kill Anthon. He was like a rabid animal, psychotically trying to smash Anthon into paste. Anthon fled to his base, where it took a series of battles to rid said base of Sonic. Anthon was hospitalized, and eventually recovered, although his view of the world had been shattered. Gone was the idea that Sonic was immune to the negative influences of the world; in its place was the stark realization that even heroes can fall.

Still, Anthon had better things to do than care about the mental health of a 'hero' who, at the time, had done nothing to help the people of Casinopolis. After a short-lived period of being a bit crazy (the source of many bizarre rumors of him leaping off of a lighthouse while screaming "RAAAAHHHHH!!!!" and battering an orange hedgehog with his crutches) he got back to work. The ex-servants of Mammoth Mogul, the Majin, were still at large. They had to be brought to justice for what they had done earlier. So Anthon arrested the main adherents of Mogul--Logan and Izzi. He learned from them the location of Mogul's mansion and some more adherents. And so, he destroyed Mogul's mansion and kept on the trail of the other admirers of Mammoth Mogul--which included Amy and some others named Julio and Credence.

He found Amy next. Amy, being another of the Sonic Heroes, had tried to do the right thing; and so she hadn't really intended to help Mogul destroy the city. She just wanted to defeat Nanite Metal Sonic. The problem was, Mogul had continued to attack Casinopolis long after the remnants of Nanite Metal Sonic's forces had been destroyed. She admitted to her mistake and Anthon was prepared to have her only stay in prison for a short while... but Shadow the Hedgehog tried to interfere. One really chaotic helicopter chase later, Shadow was eventually stopped and forced to leave GUN territories alone, while Amy stayed in jail to contemplate on the mistakes she had made.

Anthon continued to press forwards, recruiting a promising young sniper named Pinion to his cause. Pinion was sent to do the sensitive work Anthon couldn't do, due to the danger and the importance of it being kept secret. And so Pinion killed the rogue GUN scientist known as "Gaston" and destroyed the ruins of an ancient GUN conspiracy to create mutated purple bug-supersoldiers. Anthon also rooted out the role of a sadistic woman, Maj. Karin Minto who had commissioned that scientist in the first place. It became clear to Anthon that GUN had done many vile things, and Pinion was to be the tip of the spear, keeping those nasty things away. On the other hand, Anthon retained an ex-GUN geneticist, MetalWing, who helped create antidotes to the evil poisons concocted by Gaston.

Eventually Sonic came in to go on trial for his attempt to kill Anthon; he after all was the 'good guy' and so wanted to prove that Anthon was wrong for doing what he did. The reality was much more convoluted. Anthon hammered Sonic on the defense about how it made no sense for him to try to kill Anthon over a very slow oxygen leak that Anthon had used to help encourage the people who had invaded the ARK to leave, but the defense argued that Sonic had a disease.

It was correct that Sonic had a disease, however the mistake both parties had made in having the trial was assuming that the disease was gone. Sonic quickly went insane again and once again tried to kill Anthon. Anthon had no choice but to use a top-secret weapon to stop Sonic and knock him out of the courtroom, where he was later apprehended by Casinopolis' giant, mechanical mayor (let's just say there's a lot of confusing plot behind this that doesn't need to be untangled). That whole incident, ultimately, ended the reign of terror Sonic had been on while possessed by the evil side of the emeralds, and only further disenchanted Anthon as far as the Sonic "Heroes" were concerned.

=====Artificial Idiocy======

Of course nothing was ever peaceful in Casinopolis, and so moments after the Sonic issue was resolved, things just got worse. A robot named Genesis appeared in the city and killed a person, and then tried to blow up Anthon. Anthon's forces managed to blow up the Genesis bot, but, that was only the beginning of a series of Genesis-related robot attacks.

Genesis was convinced that Anthon was an evil tyrant, and demanded the end of Anthon's police-state esque mannerisms. Mostly, the robots he used and the cameras. Of course, Genesis was one to talk, as she just wanted to blow Anthon to bits, but... Anthon did remove the cameras and hide the robots he used, to at least attempt to look to be the 'better person' in all of this. It wasn't enough, obviously. Genesis just wanted to kill Anthon. And why was that? Well, Genesis was created by the AI that had been stopped by Anthon so long ago--that AI on the ARK. It wouldn't be another day without yet some more artificial intelligence trying to kill Anthon.

And so Anthon worked on a solution for all of these tiresome things. He tried to create a pan-GUN government--rebuilding GUN to be a true worldwide country. It'd been gone since the great robot attack, after all--and without GUN ruling the world, everything had become incredibly chaotic and dangerous. So Anthon was at least trying to bring an end to all the insane AI attacks.

Meanwhile, Genesis did some weird stupid thing with the sewers of Casinopolis. Upon discovering that trope had been used before by other enemies of Casinopolis, Genesis randomly summoned a plane to crash into a water treatment plant, thinking that she would be like The Joker and poison the water supply. That also failed, since it was possible to just turn off the water treatment plant. But, you know; she, like the other host of enemies of Anthon's, had only his death in mind, and not much else as far as strategy.

Genesis continued to show her rather bad hand as she took a bunch of people hostage and tried to threaten Anthon, while also trying to get him to die in exchange for the hostages being freed. Anthon at this point had had so many enemies that they were all beginning to blur into eachother, so rather than be afraid or upset, Anthon went on a very long monologue taking apart Genesis' motivations. He made it clear that Genesis, in trying to be so edgy and violent and philosophical, was actually the opposite of all those things: a scared cowardly robot-thing that did highly predictable attacks that made her no different than the very things she claimed other people were doing. And in so doing, was basically the real enemy of her own wish for people to be "free." This melted the bot's mind, especially when Anthon noted that if Genesis was a true agent of chaos, she wouldn't hide her location, nor would she care if others knew of it. In the end the bot's brain melted and it even told Anthon its location--Oil Ocean. The hostages were freed, and Anthon was about one more lame, cliched bad guy attack away from going insane and interrupting the next bad guy with an angry rant for being "unoriginal and idiotic", ridiculous as that would be to do in the middle of a battlefield.

The continued nonsense from Genesis was interrupted by her creator, that AI from the ARK incident that shall remain unnamed. Said AI made more threats and was on an island in the ocean, and tried to freeze the world into an ice age. Needless to say, Anthon and several others went over and blew the AI to smithereens, destroying the island and, at the same time, riddling some more copies of Genesis with bullets.

Anthon then worked more on his 'united GUN' project, recruiting a squirrel mobian named Sally to help. She helped organize the political plans, while Anthon kept in contact with Central City. He also had a myriad group of hackers prepare viruses for use against any would-be 'enemy AIs' that attack in the future.

And Anthon then finally tried to end the Genesis nonsense, by meeting Genesis and explaining things (again) and asking for peace. Genesis appeared to accept it, at least initially. As a part of the 'treaty' he made with Genesis, he 'apologized' for all the efforts he'd done so far, even though said efforts were all centered around saving Casinopolis. So he did so in the most sarcastic way possible. Genesis never did understand sarcasm, and so Genesis went right along with making peace with Casinopolis despite being insulted every which way. (Thus continuing the cycle of Genesis being one of the least genre-savvy characters Anthon had encountered as of that time period.)

He also sent Pinion away, as it was unseemly for someone such as Pinion to be around when Anthon had pledged to be peaceful towards the Artificial Stupids; of course both Pinion and Anthon knew that a time would come where that would no longer be the case, so they had a protocol for when the hostilities would re-commence.

=====Precarious Peace=====

With that unpleasant business mostly dealt with, Anthon continued to work on unifying GUN. He had Sally as his potential presidential candidate, and was in negotiations with the other GUN cities to re-unify with a single president running all of them in unison. Furthermore, to help prevent more attacks from 'Artificial Stupids', he gave Sally the files needed to make her own AI, NICOLE, powerful enough to stop any other AI that might show up and attack the unified GUN. All the while, his programmers from earlier continued on their own track, in case NICOLE wasn't strong enough by herself.

In short order, the election was held, and Sally won. But it was just a rubber stamp election, since nobody really seemed to care. Anthon was disappointed, but he couldn't argue with the results. It was a rather quiet time, the lull before the next storm. (Yes, the next storm. Anthon just never got a break in those days.) It was clear that, with Anthon no longer attacking them, the Artificial Stupids were a greater threat than they had been previously, causing Anthon to wander around, find Pinion, ramble about leaving GUN, and otherwise be uneasy.

Anthon then went to Capital City, where they successfully inaugurated the new president of the re-united GUN, Sally Acorn. There, Anthon noted how Mogul had been so big on preventing GUN from rebuilding, and how this seemingly 'impossible' milestone showed how powerful GUN was now. Of course, this was only held together by his current staff, who had been the mostly unable to do anything people like the mayor of Casinopolis, his replacement Commander of Casinopolis, who didn't do much of anything, and the other GUN Commanders, who did so little that naming them here would mostly be a distraction to the reader.

In this era of peace, Anthon continued to get more and more bored. He even reached out to his former foe, Genesis, to ramble at about history things. Though something was amiss. Pinion had gone missing, to be exact.

=====Whither Jabberwock?=====

It soon became clear that Pinion had been possessed by yet more Artificial Stupids related to where Genesis came from; thus he changed his name to 'Jabberwock' and threatened destruction upon the world (and of course, on Casinopolis!) Unlike any sane person, Anthon was somewhat thankful that something had gone wrong this time, as all the constant war earlier had made his very being depend on conflicts to resolve.

And thanks to all those treaties he had made with the Artificial Stupids, they aided him in this battle against Jabberwock. After all, Jabberwock wanted to destroy all technology--and that included all of the AI. Tark might have wanted to reconsider helping them if it wasn't for his need for constant battle. Sally nominated Tark as the intra-GUN Commander and thus gave him the authority needed to deal with the problem. All he had to do next was help the Artificial Stupids deal with Jabberwock, then.

Strangely, Genesis herself had begun to change. After all of the hollow, hypocritical, inane demands Genesis had made earlier, she had begun to see some point in Anthon's thought. Upon the revelation that Jabberwock was using that same dumb AI from back with the ARK incident as a potential conduit for the destruction of all the world's technology, Genesis told Tark that if everything went wrong, that AI was to be destroyed in order to save the world. Which was far from what things had once been. Tark was astonished, but also somewhat relieved--if only because he had no interest in more idiotic requests and treaties just to save the world. Chaos forbid that he had to apologize again for doing what had to be done.

Pinion was freed from his imprisonment as "Jabberwock", but the virus continued on using said AI from the ARK incident. Worse yet, that AI was also the same one from the island incident and was still on the island. The only option that remained was to destroy it from the skies. Tark told Pinion to get some help from Tails with the anti-AI program, while he prepped the bombers to eradicate the last traces of this 'Jabberwock' virus. Of course, the core that was controlling the world-destroying program was, confusingly enough, in Starlight zone, so Anthon himself would go there to help see to its end.

The fight against the Jabberwock core in Starlight City did not go well. Many men died, and Anthon had to radio the world for help. Thankfully, help did arrive. Soldiers from across GUN came into the picture, including ones who were less than properly trained and wanted to drive their war machines down normal sidewalks and destroy civillian property in the name of 'justice.' Anthon facepalmed and helped deal with the last tank that contained some beacon from Jabberwock inside 'Sanctuary' blah blah blah confusing plot, and then the final end of the Jabberwock threat occurred (although with almost no interaction from Anthon himself.)

=====Loose Ends, Begone!=====

In the aftermath of the Jabberwock, the Dark Legion had folded and been taken over by Kragok's sister, Lien-Da. Lien-Da was intelligent, unlike Kragok, and thus Anthon managed to actually secure a proper peace treaty with potential for GUN to actually work with the Dark Legion. Meanwhile, noises about Eggman doing things to Station Square were heard. Not that Anthon could do much about that, with the ruins of Starlight City and leftover Jabberwock pieces on the mind.

The unified GUN provided a decent platform with which to spy on Eggman, though. So Anthon sent all his spies and intel-gathering people to try and figure out what Eggman was up to. Anthon also mopped up the last pieces of that AI from the ARK that was left on the island, though rather than using bombers, he opted to shoot missiles with anti-virus at it, and taunted it a bunch, until it was finally dead.

Anthon wanted to get rid of the last piece of the Mogul cult, so he had Pinion go and try to find the book that Logan had kept back when Anthon demolished the house of Mogul. It seemed simple enough of a task, anyway, after all the ungodly battles with AI and other countries...

Meanwhile, Eggman was threatening to conquer more of the world, so Anthon got him to agree to a treaty that would let GUN cities still connect to one another, in wheel-and-hub formation, so as to prevent him from cutting off and besieging individual cities.

Two mysterious agents appeared and gave Anthon more files on Logan, presumably to help Anthon. However, Anthon had never ordered them to do that, making the entire thing rather suspicious.

Anthon continued his international work, talking with Soleanna and its prince about a lost chaos emerald. Of course, Anthon had only seen the emerald in the past, and had no clue where it was now. Anthon didn't really like Soleanna anyway, and had taken to making sure that his people saw Soleanna as a place that hated its common people. It wasn't too far from the truth, with how Soleanna didn't appear to have any programs for helping its own people, and refugees from there appearing in Casinopolis from time to time.

=====Delusional Psychopaths=====

Meanwhile, Pinion decided he was bored with working for Casinopolis (he had been bored ever since the peace treaty with Genesis!) and decided to start trying to kill people. He ignored Anthon's orders and tried to burn down the house with the book inside it, and now was apparently out to shoot some innocent victims who had originally been victimized by GUN's lab programs (related to the whole 'Gaston' incident earlier.) Anthon agreed with Eggman that this had to be stopped, and so went to find out what was going on. Of course it was pretty obvious--Pinion becoming Jabberwock earlier most likely wasn't a coincidence, and those weird agents who handed a folder to Anthon were definitely in on it.

Pinion just wanted to kill people. He didn't want it to have a reason. When confronted by Anthon for his misdeeds, he didn't even give a reason. He just defected to Eggman's side, as if that would make him above consequences. Anthon just let this happen, knowing that Pinion would inevitably grow 'bored' and turn on Eggman and Logan, and walked away, while Eggman was flabbergasted by the turn of events.

Logan was quite earnest in his beliefs of creating a perfect world, and Pinion was central in those plans. He then thought he could convince President Sally to join him, but instead wound up in jail, where he was then taunted by Anthon. He assured Anthon that somehow Pinion wouldn't go around killing everyone for no reason, while Anthon mocked his naive belief that Pinion would do anything other than just that. To quote Anthon, "Do you have one speck of evidence to show me he has chosen to keep his violent blundering to himself and not meaninglessly kill innocents in some deluded quest for 'ULTIMATE JUSTICE'?"

But in the end, nothing changed. Anthon moved around, trying to bring an end to Pinion's evil, but Pinion was just going to do what he was going to do. So he went to deal with Eggman, since that was something more changeable. Over the course of time, he apprehended the two agents who had brought him the big folder earlier, and revealed them to be empty puppets with no real motivations. He also got GUN on a good footing to deal with whatever shenanigans Eggman had in mind. Though, strangely enough, Eggman didn't appear to be very big on attacking, despite his threats over the entire Pinion fiasco.

So naturally some new, different AI appeared on the sidelines and built some weird city to menace Casinopolis for no reason. Anthon went to talk to Sally, but Sally believed her AI could handle it, so Anthon left her to it... even though he didn't believe that was the case. Pinion then went about sniping people at random on a train to show off how evil he was, and how it was somehow Anthon's fault. Anthon didn't believe that, obviously. Eggman became increasingly unnerved that he was now associated with a violent killer, and Anthon had no real response other than "Too bad, you asked for this" and also noted for Eggman to make Pinion give up the hostage he had taken, or else he'd have that hostage's death on his conscience.

Anthon continued to demand the release of the hostage Pinion had, while Pinion continued to act above everything. In the meantime, Anthon dealt with a case involving a serial killer in Casinopolis, who was really hard to find. Unrelated, of course. Even though both Pinion and the serial killer kept killing people. The only real difference was Pinion tried to justify his and the killer didn't. In any case, Olivia was released and Logan was made a fool of, while Anthon confronted Pinion and Pinion ignored anything Anthon said in favor of having a pity party for himself. Anthon told him to go sob at the bullets and went on his way, after realizing nothing would cause Pinion to realize that Anthon wasn't the crazy fighting-dude he had been in the past. (Indeed, the player of Pinion just didn't want to let that go--he would be in for a shock soon enough.)

Anthon never really did get any support against Pinion, and so he figured it was time to hang things up. He went about closing off loose ends and informing people of Pinion, while noting that people were more than happy to let him defeat Jabberwock earlier, but somehow he was considered a monster for trying to prevent a sniper from killing people and taking others hostage. Of course, Anthon was listening to the wrong kinds of people--the same people who had demonized him earlier for defending Casinopolis against Mogul, and such. Their opinions hadn't changed. Anthon had just let the events get to him more than usual because he had made the mistake--the mistake of caring about Pinion.

=====The End?=====

Anthon talked with his trusted advisor, Metalwing, who he'd had all this time, in the background, about how everything had gone to hell outside of Casinopolis, and told her about his failing health and how people in the world seemed bent on destroying one another--so he would retire and let them do just that. Then he went to report to Sally so he could officially resign from being head Commander of the united GUN.

As a part of his resignation, he advised Sally to create a GUN City using Metal City, the wrecked city Eggman ceded to GUN in order to help create a peace after Eggman lost Station Square in a battle not covered in this bio. Along with this, he had MetalWing, the geneticist, work on fixing his face and medical issues, while trying to restore the Sonic Heroes to some degree of respectability (they had never truly recovered after being shown as dangerous people in that previous Sonic incident.) Anthon built a statue of himself too, so that... people would be forced to look at him every day they drove to work. (Okay, maybe that was a bit silly.)

Then Tark took to wandering the world, after he'd set everything in motion. GUN City was built, and nobody really bothered Tark anymore, for the moment. Tark's personal mental demons continued to torture him, naturally.

Eventually Tark went to the source of the problem. He had helped GUN as much as he could; now it was time to help himself. He confronted Pinion in his campsite, shooting at him and walking through traps without a care in the world. Pinion didn't get what was going on and attacked Anthon, killing him; Anthon pushed a button as he fell, and a giant explosion consumed the area, leaving Pinion with little other than some bloody dust and a broken gun to look at.

=====Against Pulsar City=====

A year passed, and the world changed. But Anthon did not stay dead. MetalWing had rigged the device on Anthon's wrist to warp his body back to her lab. Over the course of a year, Anthon's body was repaired and eventually, he was revived. And soon, he was released, back to the world that did not know he was alive. Things had become... different.

General Thane, thinking the person who would ruin his plans was dead, came out of hiding to offer his 'ideas' on how the world was to be run. Meanwhile, Logan and Pinion vanished without a trace, leaving the returned Anthon with no real enemies to call his own. The only obvious enemy was named Pulsar City--the weird evil AI City that had threatened Casinopolis earlier. So Anthon went about, training more GUN soldiers for Casinopolis.

Some of Logan's old followers hated Anthon for this, but Anthon didn't even regard them as anything. Logan's group had imploded while Anthon was dead, leaving no real opposition from them to threaten Anthon. Only bitter, failed operatives who cursed Anthon for existing, but had no real ability to stop Anthon. Anthon spoke more with MetalWing, who explained to him how pointless it was to cling to GUN, and how she had used the regenerating tissue genes from the old Gaston-led GUN research to revive him. She also noted there would be no second revival. Any more genetic tampering would be more likely to just turn him into a monster.

Anthon met his old foe, Genesis, in a new guise. "Gremlin" was their name now. They apologized for the various things which occurred earlier, especially the very things pointed out to do with Genesis being... well... a gargantuan hypocrite who was pretending to be deeper than they really were. All the same, the new enemy was Pulsar City, so Anthon pretended to be taken prisoner by Gremlin in order to help invade Pulsar City. The plan would then involve Anthon and Gremlin destroying the evil city from within, which seemed to be a fairly decent plan. Especially since nobody would believe Gremlin and Anthon were actually on the same side, this time.

Gremlin brought Anthon to the center of the city, where it was agreed that the master of said city wasn't allowed to use Anthon's brain in a machine--if only because the prospect of robo-Anthon destroying everything was too horrifying for anyone to contemplate. Well, except for maybe Anthon. But he didn't tell them that. Gremlin then took to teaching Snively (not Anthon) how to build a device that was going to destroy Pulsar City. Anthon had a part, of course--he helped lug parts around. It was that 'required physical therapy' that Anthon had skipped out on earlier despite MetalWing demanding he get said therapy.

Anthon moved boxes. He played chess against Gremlin, and often lost. He argued with the creator of Pulsar City, who didn't get anything Anthon said. (Anthon kept explaining how predictable moves make for a giant weak spot, and how trying to create chaos everywhere would make a homogenous boring-world. But the creator of Pulsar City was too busy listening to their own evil cackling to listen to anything Anthon said, regardless of whether Anthon was right or wrong.)

Anthon got bored and even escaped from Pulsar City, if only to review the news left at his ancient, rotting house. Casinopolis had moved on in the time that had passed: Sally had vanished, as had the old mayor, and the city had become peaceful. Anthon had some decent coffee, then went back to posing as a prisoner in Pulsar City. After enough time went by, the ruse Gremlin and Anthon had been making was complete, and they released a powerful tower machine. Anthon used the guns on the machine to help mow down Pulsar's defenses, then Gremlin and Anthon freed all the 'brain-bots' that had been made--all of them perfectly normal people... whose brains had been removed and placed in robot bodies for no real reason.

With that, the last real robot apocalypse threat had ended... for the time being.

=====GUN Removal=====

But Anthon was only getting started. He had spent so long toiling to try to help the world, but one thing had always been in his way: GUN. With Sally and the mayor of Casinopolis gone, he wasn't about to waste his time trying to regain favor with Casinopolis' GUN; rather he just overthrew them. It was easier than it sounded; Casinopolis GUN, like any other branch of GUN at the time, did nothing but issue legalistic threats, then do nothing. This being what had driven Anthon insane earlier, he knew well what would happen if he himself decided to overthrow them. And sure enough, there were only vague threats and no defenders of GUN when it came time for Anthon and his loyalists to throw out anyone who was still loyal to GUN. While Anthon also had to deal with his replacement GUN Commander he had placed himself, there were no other real incidents that gave him any pause, and within a very short time, Casinopolis was an independent city again.

GUN made all kinds of threats, yes, but their main city, Capital City, was still busy trying to undo damage from an 'anger gas' that had been released there by Pulsar City in the past. So while Anthon had plenty of time to contemplate whatever he wanted, GUN was busy being unable to fix even a small issue on their very doorstep. Anthon spent the time introducing new people to his country, Casinopolis. GUN on the other hand let random insane people it found on the street deal with its problems for it, leading to Anthon to coin the idea of "GUN Disorder: When previously rational beings suddenly gain the need to irrationally kill people, destroy things, and betray their superiors." Given what happened with Pinion and how GUN was ignoring any ideas other than 'sit on your hands and do nothing'...

Anthon had Casinopolis celebrate the New Year, then tried to help a lost robot with their problems. Things got rather calm as with GUN gone, nobody had shown up to destroy Casinopolis anymore. Anthon explained to those who did visit him, his philosophy, and why the past had gone so wrong. "Every time I did anything, it became 'GUN is doing this.' 'You're an evil part of GUN.' 'Oh that's just GUN.' Meanwhile, people expected me to try and use it to take over the world, when I just wanted to ensure some people wouldn't be eaten by killer robots when they walked out to get the mail." It had been a rather basic misunderstanding, but until Anthon had died, nobody had realized that whatever GUN did was entirely separate from Anthon. It was made even clearer by how GUN had taken to hiring new Commanders and getting a more warlike posture, while Anthon had been doing mostly peaceful things in Casinopolis...

Anthon went to the ruins of the robots that once had attacked his city and blew that up, just for good measure, then sat around wondering if he should collect postage stamps. He also sparred with robotic copies of past foes, if only to keep in shape. GUN continued to send scary vague messages, but Anthon just told them to go away and, for the time being, that is just what they did. The worst Anthon had to deal with was Nack attacking over a robot he was trying to help, but despite the real damage that did to Anthon's armor, it was nothing more than a random fight.

=====The GUN Legion Saga=====

Instead, a less random fight occurred: strange men in armor suits tried to assassinate Tark. Tark defeated them, but it was a harrowing thing--it's not often an entire force of well trained, well armored soldiers goes after a person like that. Anthon sent one of his agents to investigate the cause of this much more ominous event--and got even worse news.

It was the GUN Legion--Anthon's old unit. They had returned, and were after Anthon. And at the same time, the place was under attack by... Eggman? Eggman's robots arrived from the sky, and were quickly blasted to bits. But why did they come to Casinopolis in the first place? It was hard to tell. Anthon had managed to make peace with Sonic earlier, but was that really enough by itself to force Eggman's hand?

It appeared to be linked to General Thane, somehow. The weird 'takeover poles' tried to control the city using GUN tech vulnerabilities... and failed, because Anthon had converted the city to mechanical computers quite a long time ago. Tark sent out his people to help find out where the GUN Legion people were, and managed to raid one of the bases. There, his men confirmed that Thane ran the show, and that the GUN Legion used agents who were mind controlled using implanted computer chips. While the GUN Legion used their laser guns to great effect, they were no match for more primitive but directly fatal bullet-based weaponry. At least, when it came to a low level Thane group vs. the highest level elite Tark platoon.

Anthon contemplated more ways to defeat the GUN Legion; but his old semi-ally, Gremlin, had vanished. There was no way for him to take the easy way out and just destroy all of Thane's tech. As he was focusing on Thane, an incident occurred in which an ex-Soleannan navy officer was found wandering Casinopolis, unsure of where they were. Anthon took them in after hearing how they had been treated badly by Soleanna...

Violet had been a member of the Soleannan guard, but had been forced out recently. Anthon decided to hire her as a Casinopolis Agent, and then proceeded to explain current events so far. What he said was like the previous three or four paragraphs in this bio, but also with new information he'd slowly found out from his agents: an alternate dimension Eggman had shown up to attack Mobius (hence the earlier attack), and simultaneously plans of Thane's existed to destroy Casinopolis using the ARK. Very dire things, indeed.

Of course, old threats die hard, and one last isolated militant from Logan's group attacked. She tried hard to destroy Anthon, but she was just one person, and Anthon had an entire group of elite Agents. In the end, she was defeated permanently. Casinopolis had triumphed over the last fragments of Logan's group, and it would never be heard from again. Anyone else who dared to revive it would simply meet the same fate.

Said victory was created by the work of Violet, who helped restrain the militant. The militant had tried to kill Anthon and had no concept that others might try to stop her with nonviolent means, and so was wide open to the attack. Violet later discussed the attack with Anthon in the hospital, where Anthon recovered from his wounds. There, Anthon told Violet more of the history of Casinopolis, then proceeded to rest, since his artificially-enhanced body needed to regenerate.

Anthon later recovered, and then sent another agent to monitor Soleanna, so as to make sure everything was OK over there, during this time of chaos. Then he got more news from some allies of his who had gone to the ARK: several of Anthon's ex-employees and other enemies were used to staff the ARK, and General Thane had Anthon's old comrade Borne running everything. Anthon realized that General Thane was trying to set something fishy up, because he reckoned with that many loose cannons in one place, something was bound to fall apart sooner or later. He also was amazed that Borne was still alive. Clearly, that death so long ago had just been a coverup, and Thane had to have been involved with the killer robot attacks of the time. Anthon just got all the more suspicious of his own history, with all of these revelations coming across.

Anthon spoke at length with Violet of his long, sordid history, filling her in of all the things already noted in this bio. Of course, history came up on more fronts than just that. General Thane and Borne sent information to Tails suggesting Anthon had benefited from the evil genetic manipulation of the past GUN, and thus was evil. Tails went in to confront Anthon, only to in turn be confronted by MetalWing. MetalWing explained how the main 'victim' of the genetic manipulation had in turn used her powers to attack and kill others intentionally, and did so for years until she was killed by people whose friends, family and relatives had been murdered by her in cold blood. And then of course, that Tark was resurrected using the same technology, but only because of the rogue agent, Pinion, having killed him.

Tails eventually walked away, while MetalWing lectured Tark about the importance of not overly leaning on tech to solve every problem. Then, on the same subject, Tark's agent got back to him with information that was rather bad: Thane had created a new race of cyborgs, equipped with mental control implants AND machinery, to make them superior to any of the old killer robots or genetics experiments that had happened before.

Casinopolis prepared for war, as General Thane became ever more impatient with Anthon Tark's continued existence. Threats of a full scale invasion could be heard, as GUN Legion and its president made threats against Casinopolis. Then a random lunatic attempted to assassinate Violet in the middle of Casinopolis. Needless to say, the lunatic was apprehended and put away for life in prison, after they refused to leave Casinopolis and appeared bent on killing for no reason at all. Anthon reassured Violet after by noting that 'random attackers' tended to be a thing, for whatever reason, and noted to her various ways to maim and/or destroy them, should any more try to bother her.

General Thane had had enough. He activated his trump card: GUN City. The very city Anthon had helped design for GUN was now a flying battle station, and it headed for Casinopolis. Thane publically threatened the city with destruction over the airwaves, expecting to frighten Casinopolis into surrender. Instead, it backfired; Casinopolis opened attack pre-emptively while Anthon urged his people to attack Thane and his city. Thane sputtered and the battle began before his flying death-city had even reached Casinopolis!

The battle began with bluster and blood. Thane's city hit Casinopolis with several waves of lasers, then Anthon alongside a bunch of Dark Legion ships and other weapons flew a dragon mech at the city. The shields of GUN City were pierced and Anthon and his air fleet began smashing and shooting up the giant flying city from the air. The GUN City seemed unstoppable, but it soon came to a stop when Casinopolis opened fire with EMP weapons. All the electronics sputtered and malfunctioned, while Casinopolis' clockwork machines kept on ticking.

Violet and a group of Casinopolis soldiers invaded GUN City, bent on destroying its generators. Anthon soon joined her group, and they eventually encountered Borne. Borne fought to the last to defend his city, but took heavy damage from all the shooting from Anthon and Violet. It wasn't long until Borne was defeated from all the death lasers and bolts and rockets fired into him, and he cursed the people who killed him as he died. For once, there was no secret escape for Borne from the inevitable.

Mostly because it wasn't a secret. Anthon and Violet destroyed more of the generators of GUN City, only for the messed up mercury-inflicted corpse of Borne to come to life and attack Violet. He'd just been... playing dead the whole time. Violet desperately defeated him a second time, lobbing grenades and hitting him over and over again.

Eventually the force field to Thane's place was destroyed, and the group got inside. Anthon and Violet confronted... Sally? There was Sally... but she wasn't Sally anymore. Mind controlled by Thane, she was nothing more than his tool. She had been used to help Thane take over GUN, and now that Thane was done with her, he simply threw her aside. The second revelation was even stranger: Thane had uploaded his mind to a mainframe, and while his original, true body was definitely there, it was redundant. The original body of Thane wheeled out on a wheelchair, and offered champagne, as the tower everyone had broken in to launched to outer space. Thane's plan had become apparent: He wished to conquer outer space, and having become 'immortal', didn't need his body anymore. So he figured he would also kill off Anthon, Violet, and his other worst foes in one fell blow. It was so simple! Classical music played as Thane considered this just one last party to end the entire feud, once and for all.

But Anthon and Violet wouldn't have it. Violet shot off the wheel of Thane's wheelchair, and Anthon broke the computers controlling the tower's flight towards space. Thane became desperate and attempted to mind control one of Anthon's robotic agents, but it didn't matter--Violet shot up the mainframe that contained Thane's main intelligence, and Anthon stomped on Thane's controlling-hand and sent his body flying backwards into the electrocution of the mainframe. With that, the last thing Thane glimpsed was all of his plans being destroyed in one glorious mainframe malfunction.

Violet, Anthon and the Casinopolis agents were trapped in a rapidly falling tower, with nowhere to go and no oxygen to breathe. Agents on the ground desperately worked to get a teleporter set up, but Borne returned again to fight them. He assumed control after he discovered Thane was dead, and used mind powers as well as electricity to try and thwart the increasingly large amount of people fighting him the decreasingly many GUN Legion soldiers left. Though he put up a valiant struggle, Borne was rendered dead yet again as he desperately attempted and failed to prevent the teleporter from being activated.

In the background, Thane's 'battle body' was busy fighting a soldier who'd been duped by him. The soldier was very strong, but in the end, Thane's battle body killed him by creating a gigantic, self-destructing chaos explosion. The Thane who died up in the tower had tried and failed to send information to it--that it would be the only one of him left--and so it ended up accidentally ensuring Thane didn't come back, while taking out that loose end that had been plaguing Thane in the process.

Meanwhile, the agents on the ground managed to warp Tark and the others back to safety, just before the ruins of Thane's tower blew up in the atmosphere. Everyone was beginning to leave the GUN City, as it began to fall. But Borne wouldn't leave it be. Borne was still alive, and he wouldn't let it end so quickly. He used one last walker mech that had been left behind--Thane's secret project. He was bent on killing everyone who had dared to destroy the GUN Legion. As the city sank into the ocean, he chased everyone, firing on them with an unholy rage. He would not allow these people to destroy what he had worked so hard for! He could not stand what Tark had done to his beloved GUN Legion.

He told Tark everything--how Tark was meant to be a pet GUN Commander that did what Thane did, that he and Thane played dead in order to let the world fall apart so as to make a need for GUN to rule it again... and how Tark had been a fool to dare oppose them. Tark fought the mech with his dragon mech, and Borne was astonished that Tark would dare fight back; after all, it was the GUN Legion that was right, in his mind. Tark began to question it all, and Borne then began to waver... but when he wavered, the ghost of Thane's takeover instructions surfaced, and revealed that Borne had been a potential puppet, a replacement body for General Thane. Borne allowed himself and the mech to be sunk underneath the waves, so as to destroy all traces of him and Thane... at least for the time being.
His old house is mostly a storage cabinet; the faded, purplish Victorian house was inherited from his grandmother ages ago, and never really maintained.

Anthon instead lives in his office, where relics of his past battles line the walls and a fireplace is always blazing. He sits behind a smooth oak desk with his files, always considering the angles. When he is not in his office, some of his most trusted lieutenants take the seat for him.
The strengths and weaknesses of Anthon are denoted by +s and -s. The more +s or -s, the more of a strength or weakness it is.

++++ Insanely Determined
+++ Military Training/Experience
+++ Crazy smart at manipulating people
++ Aims for the common Good
++ Good Marksmanship
++ Unusually Sprightly for his Age
+ Smart
+ Decent Will
+ Loyal
+ Impartial (to an extent)
+ Minor mechanical knowledge
+ Friendly (To the common person)

---- Short Temper
--- Paranoid about Casinopolis
--- Moody
-- Old
-- Reckless
-- Refuses to take orders from most people
- Stubborn
- Lashes out at people who get personal with him

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