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Welcome to Mobius Roleplay, an active and growing Sonic IRC RP.

Haven't been here before? Check out the Quick Start Guide. Or you can jump on in right now at the IRC room.

Or if you've been here before, feel free to log in and/or use the links on the left to find what you're looking for. If you have any site issues, make sure to inform Metal Man of them.

Site Info - Statistics
Roleplay founded: November 2002.
Old Site Founded: January 5, 2003.
Current Site Founded: January 9, 2008.

Check out the latest approved character bio, Honey the Cat.

Latest News
Regulations and Maintenance (July 15th, 2018 - 08:16 PM)

Few relevant updates:
  1. Registration now requires first visiting the IRC room. This is important as we have had many people just kind of... register, make bios, then vanish without ever coming by. There's no real point to that, this is about the IRC room, not a storage unit for random internet visitors.
  2. Note that the IRC room is quiet, so don't assume it's dead just because people didn't respond to you literally 20 seconds after you joined. A part of IRC is waiting around for people to show up--it's not an instant-on sort of thing.
  3. The rules / privacy policy were updated to comply with various regulations around the world. If you need your data deleted, just ask.
  4. The minimum age is now 17 to go along with those regulations and such. (Granted, the average age of Sonic fans seems to have increased anyways, so it's for the best if the age limit is increased.) Don't bother trying to register if you're too young.
  5. Some new plot is in the works, if you're just lurking around here and wondering whether to come by and are interested.
  6. Now and again I keep updating some things around the website, but most of the activity is in the IRC room, so don't waste your time staring at this message too much. :p

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